Important Update!


Just need to let everyone know that I won’t be leaving this Friday on September the 1st to start the walk a cross Australia yet.I be starting the walk on September the 8th next week on Heirisson Island Matagarup Thursday morning at 10:30 am. I have some thing I need to do first and One of them is that one of my family member that look after me seen I was 7 year old and put me on the right path to help me become the man I’m today. Is going to Royal Perth hospital to have Surgery on her. She been on a Machine for the last couple year with no kidney’s because we have diabetes and heart attack runs in our family. So I going to the hospital on September 1st to make sure she o.k and make sure my younger brother and sister is o.k because she look after my younger brother and sister.

On top I want to go out to the Cemetery to see my mother and father grave yard to put some flower on they grave and have a bit of peace with them before I do my walking across this country. It being 2 year seen I been out there to put flower on my parents grave yard. So I going next week to see them before I go on my journey. Sometime you have to take care of your self and learn to be strong and grow up on your own. That want I did.



Wandjinas are sacred.

kimberley_mapWandjinas are only found in the Kimberley region (north-eastern Western Australia), nowhere else in Australia.

They are deeply spiritual to the people of this area, the Mowanjum people, who comprise three language groups, the Worrorra, Ngarinyin and Wunumbal.

To these people, the Wandjina is the supreme Creator and a symbol of fertility and rain. Their ancestors have been painting Wandjina (also spelled wanjina) and Gyorn Gyorn (also called Gwion Gwion) figures in rock art sites scattered throughout the western Kimberley for millennia. This is the oldest continuous sacred painting movement on the planet.

Three Wandjina figures next to each other. Three Wandjinas painted by a contemporary artist of the Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre. Image used with kind permission.

Unique to the Mowanjum people, Wandjinas (pronounced ‘wannias’) have large eyes, like the eye of a storm, but no mouth. It is said they have no mouth because that would make them too powerful. They are often depicted with elaborate headdresses, indicating different types of storms.

To the Mowanjum people, the elegant, elongated figures of the Gyorn Gyorn depict their long-ago ancestors, before the Wandjinas brought the law. Gyorn Gyorn paintings in rock art sites have been dated at 20,000 years and are often over-painted with Wandjinas and other imagery. These figures are sometimes known as Bradshaws.

– Clinton

Heirisson Island…

I remember this picture I took with Uncle Herbert Kenneth Bropho doing a press release. We told them we going to rebuild, stand and not move after the city of Perth and the police none stop keep on raiding us. This fight is just beginning and was just getting warm up. Soon we be back on Heirisson Island to rebuild the Matagarup camp once again.

But still waiting for the federal court to call the law to let her know when we go back in for our injunction. we stood on Matagarup for over 16 month for the force closer of community and the homeless and we not going give up that easily. You can not beat a family who strong and proud for doing the right thing.