Day 23: Coolgardie to Kalgoorlie


Quick update. We getting ready to leave Coolgardie town this morning at 8:30am. Then we make our way to Kalgoorlie where we be setting up camp at Elijah memorial at 3:00pm today. Also I just wanted to say thank you to Sylvia Tucker at Coolgardie town for helping us by letting us stay at her other house and resting up. Thank you Sylvia for helping us out for letting us have a shower at your house and showing us where was the funeral being held for Elijah on Tuesdays.


14502876_697022097114929_6362702166272688255_nI’m on my way to Kalgoorlie now. The team well catch up within a hour wild I’m walking. So I be walking a lone for 1 hour because the team need to finish packing up everything. So that mean I need to watch both side of the road car’s coming in front of me and behind me because I walking in to a town that has full of hatred and full of racism.


I just wanted to say thank you to Sarah Vasey from GWN 7 news for coming out this morning and doing a interview with me 🙂 guys watch GWN 7news tonight if you want to see the interview today.

14502943_697079683775837_8903613856293583069_n 14479770_697080350442437_8662745938725078719_n


Hey guys quick update just letting you know we made it to Kalgoorlie and we are now at Elijah memorial setting up camp. But we here for the weekend to spread time with the elders and the locals in Kalgoorlie. Everyone is welcome to come down and set around the fire with us and welcome to join us tonight

Day 22: Rest Day – Coolgardie


“Good morning all I be rest up today at Coolgardie town before I make the walk to Kalgoorlie tomorrow morning and set camp at Elijah memorial to spend the weekend with elder and the local in Kalgoorlie. Before I start the walk out to the desert way.”


14484916_696552003828605_5116141192206914356_n“Thank you Sylvia and Steve for coming up to Kalgoorlie and have a talk with us for the last two days. Also coming with us to Elijah memorial to see want we need to do to make think better for this country. Thank you so much for given us food to help us for the desert area to. So thank you Sylvia and Steve”


14441174_1864872200402634_7090310653586106778_n“Proud man dancing with pride and honour. When we dance. We know that our ancestor dance with us in spirit on a sacred ground. That one spot that one spot on that sacred ground 60,000 year of dancing of proud people. When i dance on a sacred ground. I know my father, my grandfather, my grand grandfather and my family before me are dancing next to me on a sacred ground in spirit. That how proud we are of our culture and who we are. So that why we never stop fighting until our culture is safe for the future generation. 60,000 year of culture cannot go away without people like me and other a well to keep it a live.”


14484988_1864903173732870_6401068647810566061_n“Finley we got the car back. She fix up and ready to go for the desert area trip 🙂 it cost me 600 dollar to get it fix. But as long she ready for the trip and help us finish the walk off to Canberra. This car well go up in a museum telling people she did her part by carting all our equipment and other think we need to Canberra.”


14433141_696616947155444_786301151038518200_n“This why I don’t touch gold. We are at the super pit in Kalgoorlie. When well people learn that your already have a none you don’t need to be greeted for money by selling gold. The more we mining the land the more the land get sick. Mother nature well take it revenge by earth quake and rain to tell us to stop mining the land.”


14449005_696676700482802_7258781413422362743_n“Doing this walk for justice sometime drag me out. That I need to go and have a afternoon sleeps when it is rest day. I need to let my body to recharge itself and power my body back up. So every rest day I have a good few hours of sleep in the afternoon 🙂 Than the next day I’m recharge and ready to go again :)”


11182202_481507961999678_4167696125672343603_n (1)“People need to understand that I’m doing this walk for Justice as a homeless man. Why I said I’m doing it as a homeless man because I give up my house an move out by storing all my stuff in storage. So I have no home to go back to but start from the bottom after this walk. I taking one year off from work and only got three week of pay. But happen to know that I have a job to go back to and start over again. On top of that the only money I have is from the Crowd funding and I notes that only low class people have help and donates from the bottom of they heart thank you guys 🙂

No sponsors don’t want to sponsor my walk and i don’t know why because maybe I’m standing up for the low class people up against the rich and also I being complete ignored by the main stream media like channel 7 and channel 9 I don’t know why. But channel 7 copy and paste what I said to Allan Clarke who written my story why I’m doing this walk for justice. I like to thank channel SBS , NITV and people who want to do a story on my journey and what I’m doing by covering it.

So that why I’m doing this walk and say i’m a homeless man. I doing this walk as a homeless person to show that if I’m homeless and I’m standing up to the rich. Than you should too and help me by walking with me when I reach Canberra, share my post or donate to help me get there. I’m doing this as well because the love I have for my people, my country and this world. I believe the world we live in can be better than want it is now.


All I ask from people is not to get angry on my Facebook page and show some respect. If you don’t want to show respect I well block you because I don’t have time to read uneducated people when they don’t know that when I finish this walk it well show a new way for my people, for my country and for this world. So let come together and work on building this world and make it better for all o.k

Thank you Peace 🙂 🙂 :)”

Day 21: Coolgardie


14495324_1116715008419602_5244579149877866048_n“Update guy’s I’m starting the walk again where the support team pick me up yesterday and I about 40km out from Coolgardie town. I well reach Coolgardie about 4:00pm. Then I well rest up all day tomorrow to start the walk to Kalgoorlie town on Friday morning and I well get to Kalgoorlie in the afternoon around 3:00pm to set up camp at Elijah memorial to spent sometime with the Kalgoorlie mob over the weekends. Also to speak with the elders and the local around Kalgoorlie town.”

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“Nyoongar elder Uncle Ben Taylor walking with Clinton and Noonie.

Laura and I caught up with Uncle Ben in Southern Cross on our way back to Perth on the weekend before young Elijah’s funeral, he bought some chocolates for Clinton and Noonie to keep their energy and spirits up. Good to see him join the walk.

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Day 20: Trip to Kalgoorlie – Elijah


14425289_10209841918220361_4366980430104208544_o (1)“Hey guys I’m asking if anyone from Kalgoorlie town can help us out by towing the car in to Kalgoorlie. Out car broken down and we need help. I well pay for fuel if anyone can help us out. We about 40km out from Coolgardie and our car wont start. Please message me on Facebook.”


“Hey guys quick update. The car broking down but it won’t stop us still doing the walk. The car only need to get service because one of the wire pull out and we don’t know what it is. So like I said we have to deal with think like this and we over come it.”


14222336_10154549523389721_8934259248303607356_n“Hey guys good news the car finely started. We on our way to Coolgardie town to see the elder and have a shower to get ready for the funeral today. We not going to turn off the car until we reach Kalgoorlie town to see want wrong with it and get it fix. Wild we are at the funeral to day 🙂 thank you to who ever watching over us “


14517354_695652007251938_3424904020515248769_n“Today was the hardest day so far of the walk for justice. I have seen so much hurt and pain in my people eyes today at the funeral. The pain of no justice for young Elijah. It make me understand that I need to finish this walk to get justice for my people and young Elijah.

14199165_680982385385567_6166808663298451094_nAfter the funeral I went for a ride to the site where Elijah was run over and lost his life. When we went to the memorial it was like a ghost town and you can feel a bad vibe because you can see why the people left because it got to do with fear, racism and hatred. I well be camping in Coolgardie tonight to start the walk about 20km out from Coolgardie before I make the walk to Kalgoorlie on Thursday morning.

When we get to Kalgoorlie on Thursday afternoon we well be camping at the memorial to show my people not to be a feared no more. I well fight for you all my people in Kalgoorlie and i well never stop until I get justice for young Elijah and everyone else in this country. It is time we get our justice and take back what was our from this government and this company who trying to rule us. Racism and hatred must be stop in this world. It time we stand together and fight for justice for all.”


[ADMIN] We here on the Support Team send our deepest condolences to our brothers and sisters in Kalgoorlie and we stand with you in calling for justice for Young Elijah. Vale.


Day 19: Walking the pipeline… to Coolgardie


14440731_694840803999725_3182531924168813280_n“Good morning all a other day of walking. I have gotten up early today this morning at 5:30am to start the walk at 6:00am. So it going to be a 12 hour walk today. But other than that I hope you all have amazing day for a Monday”


“Today I be walking thought the bush and following the purpline to catch with time and also catch with Km today.”


14468584_10209841905740049_3090709904894985064_o“If I ever come a cross gold when I’m walking. I well never touch it or take it. I said to my self before I started this walk that i’m doing this for my people, for my country and this world we live in. I do this walk for the love I have for the people and wild life. That live homeless, that live in poverty, that live in wars, people who don’t eat at night in three world country and wild life home a being destroy by the greed of man who choose money more than the world we live on.

I believed that this world we live in can come better that want it is now. But we a run by people who want to control us by the way we live and control the world as well. So I doing this walk to stand for the people land the mother natural it self up against the government and company. But we only well win if we stand together as one people.”


Day 18: Leaving Boorabbin



14462768_1862855360604318_2430568468609058299_n“Say hello to our new friend this morning. He came down from the tree and sat with us around the fire. So I got up and given he some bread to eat. Nature it self know want I’m doing because I well stand up for the land and the wild life to protect them from mining company that chooses to destroy they home for money. Look after the land and the land well look after you.”



Day 17: Boorabbin


14457282_1780060372250031_2592504689899886651_n“Good morning guys quick update. Me and the team are still on the road walking to Kalgoorlie town. It being amazing so far and that the land out here is so beautiful. Also the air out here is nice and fresh. We all doing great and if you wanted know where we are just look on the side of the road from southern cross to Kalgoorlie you see us walking heading to Kalgoorlie”


14479540_693772217439917_1924110324926981300_n“We settled up camp in side a old house. Complete run down to the amazing but it keep us all warm from the cold lastnight. The house was build back in 1940 and no no ghost didn’t come to the house to scarier us of haha lol But the house is amazing and old. Now we on the road again towards all.”14440929_693772317439907_4855404114377746283_n (1)


14355714_1862437230646131_4640218284873453016_n“Far a way in those descent land, I walk this land proud and free, far a way from home, searching high and low. Far a way from homeeeee.

Song by Archie roach the movie tracker.”


“Hey guys quick update and also we on t.v tonight on SBS world new at 6:30pm today on channel 3 or channel 30 please watch it.”

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Day 16: Southern Cross on the way to Boorabbin


“Good morning quick update. We on our way to Kalgoorlie now. It will take us 4 day but you mob in Kalgoorlie we on our way now 🙂 to see you 🙂. Also the other day the Australia government is on the move to push for this recognised think and try get it done quicker. While we on the other hand are on the move for our treaty. So it a race for a treaty or recognised.”


14355690_693310877486051_1198986042235669817_n“We are now leaving southern cross and on our way to Kalgoorlie. We well be off Facebook for about 4 days until I reach Kalgoorlie. Until than I seen you in 4 days guys :)”


“Now I’m entering the desert people area. The view up here is beautiful and amazing looking at the desert country. Also I realize that there town next to the road going to Kalgoorlie. So that mean I well still have signal for my phone.”


Day 15: Rest Day – Southern Cross


14369883_1778541189068616_5760486858253312747_n“Goodmoring all just letting you all know that my left leg has heal up and I ready to go to start the walk on to Kalgoorlie. I well be leaving Southern Cross tomorrow morning around 8:00am to start the walk to Coolgardie town, then Kalgoorlie. It well take me about four days to get to Kalgoorlie. Also that mean I well be out of signal for 4 day until I get close to Coolgardie town than Kalgoorlie.

On top of that then I well start the walk from Kalgoorlie on to Leonora town and that well take other 3 to 4 days of walking. Before I go on to Laverton town where the biggest test of my life start there. Laverton town well be the last town I well see. Then I well be walking on thought the central desert road for about 14 day’s out in the desert before reaching Warburton town. That mean I well be out of signal for about 14 day out in the desert. The elders out there well walk with us to make sure I reach Warburton safety more or less lorn mob I need to walk though the desert area because I need to get they message stick and the story from the elder from the community out in goldfields mob.

After I leave Warburton then I well start the walk on to Kaltukatjara community in the N.T next to the board of western Australia and north territory before walking on to Uluru Mutitjulu the heart land people. The biggest test of my walk well be the desert area and no one has Never walk that road seen the old time. If I walk that road it well show this country and the world that I well not stop until I reach Canberra to see the prime minster to get justice for my people.”

Kal to Kat - Simpson Desert Leg
The Gibson Desert leg of the walk!


14344131_1861489937407527_7384568635867017134_n“Also just want to thank Jum, Garry’s brother for lending me his Kangaroo skin. So I can wear it when I reach Parliament house in Canberra”


14446220_692744720876000_7607893445524789277_n“We just changing trailer because of the other one is to small. So we changing to a big one. Thank to Jum Gum an Garry making this work. We at Garry brother place working on the new trailer.”


“Please have a read. Why I’m pushing for a treaty for my people and walking for justice for my people.”


Why Treaty?
Did you know that Australia is the only Commonwealth nation that doesn’t have a treaty with its Indigenous people? This is a major concern for many Indigenous people. But why?

What is meant by a ‘treaty’ in Australia?
Calls for a treaty in Australia refer to a formal agreement between the government and Indigenous people that would have legal outcomes. A treaty in Australia could recognise Indigenous people’s history and prior occupation of this land, as well as the injustices many have endured. It could also offer a platform for addressing those injustices and help to establish a path forward based upon mutual goals, rather than ones imposed upon Indigenous people.

Treaties are accepted around the world as a way of reaching a settlement between Indigenous people and those who have colonised their lands. New Zealand, for example, has the Treaty of Waitangi, an agreement signed in 1840 between the British Crown and over 500 Maori chiefs, while Canada and the United States have hundreds of treaties dating back as far as the 1600s.

cropped-Untitled-1.jpgAustralia has never entered into negotiations with Indigenous people about the taking of their lands or their place in the new nation. And yet, the idea of a treaty in Australia goes back many years. In 1832 the Governor of Van Diemen’s Land remarked that it was “a fatal error…that a treaty was not entered into” with the Tasmanian Aboriginal people. In recent times, Prime Minister Bob Hawke promised to deliver a treaty by 1990. However, the controversial term raised alarm and was changed to a ‘document of reconciliation’, Makarrata* or compact. These discussions were eventually replaced by the push for Constitutional recognition.

* Makarrata is a word in the Yolngu language meaning ‘the resumption of normal relations after a period of hostilities’. Some people preferred the word Makaratta because they felt the word treaty was too divisive and more often describes agreements between countries rather than within countries between different parts of the population.


Why’s treaty important?
A treaty could provide, among other things:
– a symbolic recognition of Indigenous sovereignty and prior occupation of this land
– a redefinition and restructuring of the relationship between Indigenous people and wider Australia
– better protection of Indigenous rights
– a basis for regional self-government
– guidelines for local or regional treaties
– structures and systems for local and regional decision-making processes.

What is sovereignty and what does it have to do with treaty?
Many Indigenous people base their calls for treaty on claims to Indigenous sovereignty. The word sovereignty is usually used to describe the independence of nation states. It refers to a nation’s ultimate authority to govern its own affairs without interference from other countries.

13537784_650454155105057_7611794165838566636_nMany Indigenous people in Australia claim sovereignty on the grounds that Indigenous people have never surrendered to the government. Therefore, they claim that their sovereignty, their authority to govern their own lives, has never been extinguished.
Sovereignty is a means for Indigenous people to seek greater control over their lives and limited government interference in Indigenous affairs. Indigenous sovereignty in Australia includes concepts such as self-government, autonomy and the recognition of cultural distinctiveness, though not the creation of a new country.

Supporters of a treaty generally agree that a treaty must acknowledge Indigenous sovereignty. However, previous governments have claimed that recognising Indigenous sovereignty in Australia would fracture the nation. For example, Prime Minister John Howard said that “[a] nation … does not make a treaty with itself”. Today the issue of sovereignty continues to underlie calls for, and opposition to, treaty.

How is treaty different from Constitutional recognition?

13902672_671438296339976_4073562378637682314_nCalls for a treaty and proposals to recognise Indigenous people in the Australian Constitution are two related but separate issues. Treaties and constitutions serve two different purposes; a treaty is a contract between two sovereign parties, while a Constitution is a set of governing laws (7). These initiatives are not mutually exclusive, and can even complement each other.
There are concerns among some groups that Constitutional recognition would effectively negate Indigenous sovereignty, making future attempts at a treaty impossible. However, legal experts state that none of the current proposals to change the Constitution do anything to undermine claims to Indigenous sovereignty.


Day 14: Rest Day – Southern Cross



14333820_692331514250654_6723152059263098918_n14446142_692331664250639_2195948780496996846_n“When for a ride today out to the Rabbit Proof Fence again to have a read and set out there just for a bit. On my own and have a think about how this three strong women run away from moore river mission. I didn’t had time to read everything about it because of the walk and I need to get to the next camping spot. But today was a good day to go back out there to have a read and i have a think. Also think about the walk for justice I’m doing.”



14322397_692332624250543_3569496040545498491_n“I know I well never be a lone. I know my people and this country are watching me want I’m doing. Mainly those who has pass on and the old people watching me.I only want my people to have they treaty so think can get better for them. But must of all I want to see my country that have the live of all different culture people living here to come together as one people to build a better world for all who live on earth.”


14364721_692407524243053_5011918157948647167_n“Me at Heirisson Island Matargarup protecting for the forced closure of remote community and for the homeless in western Australia. Talk about having a big smile on my face.”