Day 9: Rest Day – Merredin



14370354_1858650781024776_6618987865517439206_n“It is a beautiful start today with the elders and the local kids in Merredin town🙂 Now I off to the high school to speak with over 100kids there and tell them want I’m doing.”


14333763_689893187827820_6965690121328988562_n 14364770_689893147827824_5373494170617535880_n“At Merredin College right now talking to the kids about my walk i’m doing. I like to Thank Mick Hayden for organizing this”


“Dr King back 1963 walk for justice in American and walk 54km to fight for the African American people to vote in America.

Ghandi back in1930 walk for justice in India and walk 240km call the salt march to fight for Indian to be come independent country an break away from the ruling England.

Clinton Pryor in 2016 his walking for justice in Australia and going to walk 6,700km to fight for his people treaty an push for Australia to come together as one people. Also be the first person in human history to walk across a hold country for justice.

I well make the history book when this walk is finished.”

Author: Clintonswalkforjustice

I’m a Wajuk, Balardung, Kija and a Yulparitja man from the West of Australia. I will be walking across country from Matagarup/Heirrison Island in Perth to Parliament House in Canberra, following songlines and visiting communities along the way, where I will eventually be seeking audience with the Prime Minister and address the many injustices against the First Nations people of this land.

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