Day 20: Trip to Kalgoorlie – Elijah


14425289_10209841918220361_4366980430104208544_o (1)“Hey guys I’m asking if anyone from Kalgoorlie town can help us out by towing the car in to Kalgoorlie. Out car broken down and we need help. I well pay for fuel if anyone can help us out. We about 40km out from Coolgardie and our car wont start. Please message me on Facebook.”


“Hey guys quick update. The car broking down but it won’t stop us still doing the walk. The car only need to get service because one of the wire pull out and we don’t know what it is. So like I said we have to deal with think like this and we over come it.”


14222336_10154549523389721_8934259248303607356_n“Hey guys good news the car finely started. We on our way to Coolgardie town to see the elder and have a shower to get ready for the funeral today. We not going to turn off the car until we reach Kalgoorlie town to see want wrong with it and get it fix. Wild we are at the funeral to day 🙂 thank you to who ever watching over us “


14517354_695652007251938_3424904020515248769_n“Today was the hardest day so far of the walk for justice. I have seen so much hurt and pain in my people eyes today at the funeral. The pain of no justice for young Elijah. It make me understand that I need to finish this walk to get justice for my people and young Elijah.

14199165_680982385385567_6166808663298451094_nAfter the funeral I went for a ride to the site where Elijah was run over and lost his life. When we went to the memorial it was like a ghost town and you can feel a bad vibe because you can see why the people left because it got to do with fear, racism and hatred. I well be camping in Coolgardie tonight to start the walk about 20km out from Coolgardie before I make the walk to Kalgoorlie on Thursday morning.

When we get to Kalgoorlie on Thursday afternoon we well be camping at the memorial to show my people not to be a feared no more. I well fight for you all my people in Kalgoorlie and i well never stop until I get justice for young Elijah and everyone else in this country. It is time we get our justice and take back what was our from this government and this company who trying to rule us. Racism and hatred must be stop in this world. It time we stand together and fight for justice for all.”


[ADMIN] We here on the Support Team send our deepest condolences to our brothers and sisters in Kalgoorlie and we stand with you in calling for justice for Young Elijah. Vale.


Author: Clintonswalkforjustice

I’m a Wajuk, Balardung, Kija and a Yulparitja man from the West of Australia. I will be walking across country from Matagarup/Heirrison Island in Perth to Parliament House in Canberra, following songlines and visiting communities along the way, where I will eventually be seeking audience with the Prime Minister and address the many injustices against the First Nations people of this land.

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  1. Hello Clinton, I’m the cyclist from Perth to Kalgoorlie who stopped to talk with you about 30 kms from Boorabbin. I’m not sure how to donate to your walk, but I’ll find out.
    It seems to me that you are walking not only for Aboriginal people but also for all people who are decent and who want a future in which Nature is respected and no one hurts anyone. Best wishes.

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