Day 22: Rest Day – Coolgardie


“Good morning all I be rest up today at Coolgardie town before I make the walk to Kalgoorlie tomorrow morning and set camp at Elijah memorial to spend the weekend with elder and the local in Kalgoorlie. Before I start the walk out to the desert way.”


14484916_696552003828605_5116141192206914356_n“Thank you Sylvia and Steve for coming up to Kalgoorlie and have a talk with us for the last two days. Also coming with us to Elijah memorial to see want we need to do to make think better for this country. Thank you so much for given us food to help us for the desert area to. So thank you Sylvia and Steve”


14441174_1864872200402634_7090310653586106778_n“Proud man dancing with pride and honour. When we dance. We know that our ancestor dance with us in spirit on a sacred ground. That one spot that one spot on that sacred ground 60,000 year of dancing of proud people. When i dance on a sacred ground. I know my father, my grandfather, my grand grandfather and my family before me are dancing next to me on a sacred ground in spirit. That how proud we are of our culture and who we are. So that why we never stop fighting until our culture is safe for the future generation. 60,000 year of culture cannot go away without people like me and other a well to keep it a live.”


14484988_1864903173732870_6401068647810566061_n“Finley we got the car back. She fix up and ready to go for the desert area trip 🙂 it cost me 600 dollar to get it fix. But as long she ready for the trip and help us finish the walk off to Canberra. This car well go up in a museum telling people she did her part by carting all our equipment and other think we need to Canberra.”


14433141_696616947155444_786301151038518200_n“This why I don’t touch gold. We are at the super pit in Kalgoorlie. When well people learn that your already have a none you don’t need to be greeted for money by selling gold. The more we mining the land the more the land get sick. Mother nature well take it revenge by earth quake and rain to tell us to stop mining the land.”


14449005_696676700482802_7258781413422362743_n“Doing this walk for justice sometime drag me out. That I need to go and have a afternoon sleeps when it is rest day. I need to let my body to recharge itself and power my body back up. So every rest day I have a good few hours of sleep in the afternoon 🙂 Than the next day I’m recharge and ready to go again :)”


11182202_481507961999678_4167696125672343603_n (1)“People need to understand that I’m doing this walk for Justice as a homeless man. Why I said I’m doing it as a homeless man because I give up my house an move out by storing all my stuff in storage. So I have no home to go back to but start from the bottom after this walk. I taking one year off from work and only got three week of pay. But happen to know that I have a job to go back to and start over again. On top of that the only money I have is from the Crowd funding and I notes that only low class people have help and donates from the bottom of they heart thank you guys 🙂

No sponsors don’t want to sponsor my walk and i don’t know why because maybe I’m standing up for the low class people up against the rich and also I being complete ignored by the main stream media like channel 7 and channel 9 I don’t know why. But channel 7 copy and paste what I said to Allan Clarke who written my story why I’m doing this walk for justice. I like to thank channel SBS , NITV and people who want to do a story on my journey and what I’m doing by covering it.

So that why I’m doing this walk and say i’m a homeless man. I doing this walk as a homeless person to show that if I’m homeless and I’m standing up to the rich. Than you should too and help me by walking with me when I reach Canberra, share my post or donate to help me get there. I’m doing this as well because the love I have for my people, my country and this world. I believe the world we live in can be better than want it is now.


All I ask from people is not to get angry on my Facebook page and show some respect. If you don’t want to show respect I well block you because I don’t have time to read uneducated people when they don’t know that when I finish this walk it well show a new way for my people, for my country and for this world. So let come together and work on building this world and make it better for all o.k

Thank you Peace 🙂 🙂 :)”

Author: Clintonswalkforjustice

I’m a Wajuk, Balardung, Kija and a Yulparitja man from the West of Australia. I will be walking across country from Matagarup/Heirrison Island in Perth to Parliament House in Canberra, following songlines and visiting communities along the way, where I will eventually be seeking audience with the Prime Minister and address the many injustices against the First Nations people of this land.

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