Day 13: Moorine Rock to Southern Cross


14358671_1860689564154231_8432506251324703305_n“Hey guys just letting you know i’m 10km out from Southern Cross well be there this afternoon to see elder and the local. We be camping in Southern Cross for two days. Then we well go on to Kalgoorlie town. I have decided to rest for two day because i’m going to see the doctor in Southern Cross to check my leg before I start the walk on to Kalgoorlie on Friday morning I need to rest my left leg and let it heal up.

Also I turn off my phone of because EVER time I log on to face book it turns it self off all the time. It mute be because of the cold last night got in on my phone that why it keep turning it self off. I well be getting a new phone when I get to Southern cross. I well still have the same simcard number so people can still call the same number on my phone. Other than that the walk is going great :)”


14390690_691856000964872_5583723772409332588_n“Hey guys quick update. I’m in Southern Cross and now going to rest for two days the doctor said so. I well leave Southern Cross on Friday morning to go on to Kalgoorlie town. I have seen the doctor at Southern Cross and he said my left leg is o.k and my body is 100% healthy. Only need to rest it and let my left leg heal up. I also got a need phone and still have the same simcard number. I only changing phone because my old one going on stick and protecting because it won’t let me go on Facebook by turn it self of haha lol I well be back on Facebook to night to go over message and return phone call.”


Having some nice cold beer at the Southern Cross pub. After 12 days of walking. It about time I get to have a beer
Having some nice cold beer at the Southern Cross pub. After 12 days of walking. It about time I get to have a beer

Day 12: Moorine Rock on the way to Southern Cross


14370121_1860060684217119_9181991976641494800_n14322298_1860060617550459_1383119325187431460_n“Goodmorning all from the team and I. It going to be a other beautiful day of walking. We about two days out from southern cross town. Everyone is welcome to join us if you see us walking and you a welcome to walk with us. Also I hope you guys have a good day today for a Monday.”


14322298_1860063314216856_2932772855916334686_n“When I get to Southern Cross town. I well be going to the doctor to get some tablets for my sore leg. What has happen is that when I walk we realise the road is build like a camber and I been putting more weight on my left leg than my right leg and it has build up flawed. So I’m o.k I well walk until I get to Southern Cross than get some table for my left leg to get ride of the flaw. Than I well walk on to Kalgoorlie town.”


14370302_1860205847535936_4142209759102426237_n“Hey guys I have no reception out here. I’m still walking. But i’m not far from Moorine Rock town. If I’m of Facebook because of the reception from my phone. I hope when I get close to Moorine Rock Town. I well have reception and be back on Facebook.”


14316980_1860244777532043_616491299645267351_n“Pain well not stop me walking to Canberra for my people justice. The only think we’ll stop me if I choose to give up and let them win. The government know I’m coming and they fear me because I stand for the truth and only the truth well make them fall.”

[Admin: Map Update!]

Moorine Rock
Heirrisson Island to Moorine Rock: 339kms! You can see Southern Cross just to the right, followed by Boorabbin, Coolgardie, and Boulder!

Day 11: Merredin heading towards Southern Cross


14359011_1859599187596602_5276232742380000648_n“I have made to the fence that ever one see a movie of three strong and courage girls. Who escape from a mission call Moore River. It based on a true story call the Rabbit Proof Fence. I like to pay my respects to this amazing women and that is Molly, Daisy and they course Gracie who sadly didn’t make it back to Jigalong country. The Moore river was a place where they talking alote of Aboriginal kids from they parents more less our elders and taking them to the Moore river back in the old days. Moore river is only one missionary place. There where a lot other place our elders when to. When they was taking from they country and from they parnest. If you like to know more. Please look it up on the computer and do some histroy. Also it well educated you more about the country history pass. For know I’m going to the Rabbit Proof Fence and feel the story behind this three story and courage girls who run away from Moore river.”









14317411_690962577720881_2147202426681250457_n“Hey guys just letting you know I’m now setting up camp. The team and I decided to set camp up early for the afternoon. It been a very good day of walking today and it was good to see Rabbit Proof Fence that was base on a true story of three strong and courage Girls. I well make it to southern cross town within two day. I well be on Facebook until 8:00pm. Then I’m off to bed. Until then i well go through message and friends request from people.”



Day 10: Rest Day – Merredin


14292271_1859129710976883_6639302683880167435_n“With elder Douglas Hayden and Uncle Mick Hayden at the old reserve where all the Aboriginal people around in Merredin use to camp back in the old day. I just here listen with the elder
Douglas Hayden and I have talking a message stick from elder Douglas Hayden and want he what said to the prime minister. Also he told me a story about the old reserve. The reserved is a old memory Memorial for all the old people who live here. I feel sad listen to this story. But it must be done for our people and keep a live for the future generations.”



14355716_1859148987641622_7965045002935377550_n“Uncle Mick Hayden passing me a message stick to take with me to Canberra from the people of Merredin. Also asking the ancient of Merredin to look after us when we walk across the country. The message stick is made by Marcus Hayden-Kickett thank you brother. This message stick well be keep safely for you guy from Merredin and travel with me to Canberra. To speak on your behalf. They also did a welcome to they country to. So thank you to the people of Merredin. It time to start the journey on to the Southern Cross.”


Day 9: Rest Day – Merredin



14370354_1858650781024776_6618987865517439206_n“It is a beautiful start today with the elders and the local kids in Merredin town🙂 Now I off to the high school to speak with over 100kids there and tell them want I’m doing.”


14333763_689893187827820_6965690121328988562_n 14364770_689893147827824_5373494170617535880_n“At Merredin College right now talking to the kids about my walk i’m doing. I like to Thank Mick Hayden for organizing this”


“Dr King back 1963 walk for justice in American and walk 54km to fight for the African American people to vote in America.

Ghandi back in1930 walk for justice in India and walk 240km call the salt march to fight for Indian to be come independent country an break away from the ruling England.

Clinton Pryor in 2016 his walking for justice in Australia and going to walk 6,700km to fight for his people treaty an push for Australia to come together as one people. Also be the first person in human history to walk across a hold country for justice.

I well make the history book when this walk is finished.”

Day 8: Kellerberrin to Merredin


14344972_1857946647761856_33862772208222752_n“I well go the hell and back to fight for my people free. The love I have for my people and the love I have for my people land. Well give me the power to keep on going until I reach Canberra to fight for justice for them. I know I’m the first of my people to walk across all different country. But I hope I won’t be the last of my people to walk across on our ancestor land.”

14352484_1858052267751294_1633787788810430483_o“I have come to the beginning of the Swan river. This is call Lake Boandi. This is catchment that go all the way back to Perth swan river. It is one of the song long where the great spirit wargyl travel and rest’s. So I come here to talk with the ancients and the great spirit the wargyl by putting in my hand and feeling of my ancients by asking them to give me strength and healing because I have a long way to go before I reach the other side of the country. The second song line well start when I reach closer to Merredin town.”


“Hey all just letting you know I’m 21km out from Merredin town. I well be camping in Merredin for two days. When I get in to Merredin I don’t know where we going to set camp up. But when I know where we setting camp up I well let you know asap. So people of Merredin can come down to the camp for a talk and also i want have a talk with some of the elders in Merredin to. Another thing NITV news, ABC news and SBS news well be camping for the night with us in Merredin to talk about the walk and why I’m walking to Canberra for my justice for my people.”


14264959_1858281191061735_6509910646373057086_n“Well you look at this the people from Merredin town doing welcome to country for me. The kid did a poster say welcome Clinton 🙂 also I be going to the high school and primary school with the elders in Merredin to talk with all the kids”



krudd“I be getting a very special call tomorrow at 9:00am from the former prime minister Kevin Rudd. We want to gratulate me for want I’m doing for my people an support me all the way. I well tell Kevin Rudd that my people want to thank him for apologize to our elder when the stole generation was happening. Also he want to have a talk with and help me get my voice out there for my people justice. He well than share my story to 1.8 million people who follow he on Twitter. It time for the Australia Government to give my people what they want. We want out treaty and think to start going well for our people and our ancester land. Also think to change in this country.”

Timesheets: 15th – 23rd September (Estimates)

14330044_10154105986872800_5720828681497079114_nHey guys,

Lots of you have been asking where Clinton is at the moment, where he plans to walk to next and what the route he’s taking is. I’ve put together these timesheets for the next week and am working on adding an updated full route post for you ASAP.

As most of you know, the dates on the original Timesheet Post have been pushed back one week.

Please note that dates and places are at our best guestimation and may not be accurate and are subject to change. Clinton may decide to stop early at a different town or spend a day resting up somewhere. We will endeavour to keep you updated via the Facebook Group and I will try and do a new weekly schedule each week for you to track his progress.

Thanks for all your messages of support, we all really enjoy reading them! Keep em coming!

The Route So Far

Perth to Kellerberrin
Matargarup to Kellerberrin is 199kms in one week!

Matargarup to Kellerberrin timesheet

Next Week…

Merredin to Kalgoorlie
Kellerberrin to Kalgoorlie is 389kms! That’s almost double week one!

As you can see, we’ve been extremely generous for the next week or so and it is most likely that this will take longer than we think. Please stay tuned for updates!

– Admin Gee

Day 7: Tammin to Kellerberrin


14322734_688724764611329_1063934325790583255_n“Goodmorning all it other beautiful day of walking. I well be leaving early this morning to start the walk to the next town soon
It is beautiful morning out in country. Tammin town have beautiful people and are a amazing people”



“I have left Tammin town and now on my way to Kellerberrin town. I well get to Kellerberrin by 2:00pm. Everyone is welcome to walk with me. I have being collecting message and listen to story from elders. Everything I have listen to and message from elders are being written down in a secret book and put away. Now I must get to the next town and get more message stick and listen to story from more elders. Also I’m all must at the border of the southwest and now soon be entering the west central desert people. This walk has being amazing so far”

Day 6: Meckering to Tammin


Clinton having a yarn with accompanying driver, Gary.

“Goodmorning all it is going to be a other beautiful day of walking. I leave Meckering town at 8:30am to walk towards Tammin town. We be making Tammin town by sundown because the walk is about 44 km. People are welcome to walk with me. But first need to have some breakfast and get my energy up for the walk :)”


14291822_688246741325798_1249043319608926027_n“I left Meckering town and now walking to the next town Tammin town. But well be stop at the next town before Tammin for some lunch.
I have been walking on this one road and being looking as far I can see and the car that coming up the road look like ants before they get closer 🙂 also people are welcome to join me on this walk i’m doing. Beside that people when you message me I only can send a message back when i have stop and is setting up camp o.k”


Dougie’s Roadhouse, Cunderdin, WA.

“I’m now on my lunch break in the next town and wanted to say thank you to Jannelle Cugley who works at Dougie’s Road House. who offered us free lunch thank you so much for that 🙂

Also I wanted to say thank you to the guy in Northam who giving me some free shoes too.

[ADMIN] Huge thanks to John on the Facebook group for making this map of Clinton’s Walk so far. From Perth to Tammin that is about 180kms (112miles for those non-metrics).


5pm  "I'm still walking and all most in Tammin town."
“I’m still walking and all most in Tammin town.”

(Admin Post) StartSomeGood funds much needed equipment!

DSCN0134A warm welcome to all our new followers and a huge thank you to everyone that has messaged, shared and donated. We really appreciate this support.

Things are starting to get serious now for Clinton and his Walk for Justice. The fundraising project was carefully budgeted to ensure that we can have all that is required to keep Clinton and the support crew safe, dry, warm, fed and watered.

7-779Behind the scenes we have a small team responding to queries, keeping The Website and Facebook updated and generating the amazing support that you are all offering but now we need your help.

It wont be long before Clinton is out of phone range and we are very keen to purchase a satellite phone to ensure that we are able to communicate with Clinton at all times. As you can imagine, knowing they are all safe and well is vital.

Our target is $6500 and we have been pledged $4030, which is absolutely amazing and we thank you !!!

This painting is for sale! Check the StartSomeGood fundraiser if you're interested in buying it!
This painting is for sale! Check the StartSomeGood fundraiser if you’re interested in buying it!

If you haven’t already, please consider donating, even $5 takes us that bit closer to achieving our target. Take a look at the StartSomeGood and see what rewards you can get for your donation. Most of us have our eye on Clinton’s incredible painting, it wont be long before that one is snapped up.

Many thanks again, keep cheering Clinton on, keep sharing, keep up the support, we are so grateful 🙂

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