13625397_682451321905340_7719371378164232728_nCheck this out I turn my back Packer bag into a 30L water bag. Where I be carrying 30L of water on my back when I walking thought the centre Desert area. I moving out of my place this Monday and staying with a friend until Thursday when I start the walk. That going to come with me on this walk by helping me with using his car. Until the 21st September. Then the second car well join us once I get close to the center desert area. All people are welcome to walk with me in each community, town and city that I cross.


14183744_1851779721711882_8742064521394929263_nTool need to bring. The spear that was giving to me from the heart land people when I was on Matagarup protesting for the for the forced closure of community. The walking sticks that look like are snake the woggle who was giving to me by a amazing elder who does amazing thing for our people and for other on back to country. The boomerang that made from a good friend house who should me how to make boomerang. The last item the message stick that was giving to me by a elder who make the message stick. The kangaroo skin I be getting that on my way of walking.

Also I was giving three Crystal stones that I’m not allowed to show that was giving to me by elders and people I know for the walk to give me courage, wisdom and healing when my spirit is down. Each crystal is for certain parts of the walk when I need them to help me.

Last the most important items when I leave next week on Thursday. I be giving to me Ochre paint that being collected from a secret site that I only need to paint my self when I doing hunting or when I walking on this walk and most painted up when I reach Parliament house to meeting the prime minister.

I cannot wait to start this walk across Australia for Justice and why I doing this walk. It is for the mistreatment of my people in this country, the forced closure of community and walk for Change. Each community, town and city people are all welcome to join me on this walk.