Day 34: (Rest Day) Leonora


elijahWe just read this morning. We are rock by this from Leonora town. A other family member taking her life at Elijah memorial yesterday. Please please to my people and other do not think of taking your life. You was born in this world for a reason to do something with your life. Please do not think there no hope my people and other because hope is coming for us and for everyone else. If you think of taking your life please think before you do and the people you may leave behind on this earth that love you so much. There also on ABC page a hotline if you think you need to talk with some one.

If you, or anyone you know needs help:


Quick update from Leonora town about the suicide by a mother who leave three children behind. We being hit hard in Leonora town this morning. Leonora town not long ago has bury a young women who taking her life at the age of 26year old and that we are going to have a meeting with the elders, local, children and family member about suicide and how can we stop it as a people of a community in Leonora town.


14572410_1787010394888362_6997199956764648367_nI knew this road was going to be hard. But I chosen to do it because it need to be done. To become Wise, strong and a leader I must go though this to get where I need to be. But the biggest it will be that it well made this country come together as one. It well happen when I’m a live or go from this earth. All I want is think to get better for my people and for this country. It is time for the sovereign Australia to come together as one to build a better Australia for all who live here with us. The time has come and we can do it together as the people on this earth and in this country.


Author: Clintonswalkforjustice

I’m a Wajuk, Balardung, Kija and a Yulparitja man from the West of Australia. I will be walking across country from Matagarup/Heirrison Island in Perth to Parliament House in Canberra, following songlines and visiting communities along the way, where I will eventually be seeking audience with the Prime Minister and address the many injustices against the First Nations people of this land.

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