Days 90-92: Uluru & Mutitjulu

Day 90: 9am

15326326_1817709728485095_1949020547599903617_nBreakfast this morning Garry has a quick way of cooking eggs, leaving them on the back window the day before, in the sun! Then reheating the next morning. Saving power and time. – Noonie

Day 90: 10.30am

15338659_1903214239901763_7421410261393391290_n-1We are just at the Camel farm today. This little camel name is earneay, he about 8 week old. They find he out in the bush all alone.The local call the camel farm to go out and rescue him. So now he here and being well look after bye the camel farm and he made some friends.

Day 90: 11am

At Uluru camel farm we enjoyed it very much. – Noonie

Day 90: 12pm

15380446_1817782235144511_5545298749511627028_nUluru. – Noonie

Day 90: 3pm

Day 90: 3.30pm

15355684_1817867825135952_7115009671499204044_nA few photos as we travel around Uluru, it is impressive. – Noonie

Day 91: 12.30pm

Day 91: 4.30pm

15337515_1904156589807528_1117718161790041024_nWith traditional own of Uluru Reggie Uluru. He the number man and the boss of Uluru, the boss of the heart land. I had a talk with him today about getting support from the heart land mob for the walk for justice movement. He told me that the heart land mob support the movement and behind it. I ask him why you support the walk for justice. Him told me that I doing this for everyone and everyone need to get behind you on this, if we ever going to get justice for everyone.

Tomorrow I be going in with them to have a meeting with the central land councils because i being told by the heart land mob that they are not doing they job looking after the people in the Northern territory. But doing every think what the government know what best for them.

I have also ask Reggie Uluru about if it o.k for me to leave Uluru painted up in traditional way with the kangaroo skin. He said it best to save it and wear it when you get to Canberra and paint your self up as well. It because the kangaroo is they dreaming. So it mean when I get closer to Canberra than it o.k to paint my self up in traditional way with the kangaroo skin.

Day 91: 6.30pm

15326378_1904217386468115_2303563748778056879_nWe just hit 10,000 follower yyyyyyeeeee. Please keep on sharing this page to your Facebook page and invited all your family and friends to like our page. Clinton’s Walk for Justice!

Day 92: 7.30am

15420953_1904566386433215_3219175137687703897_nThis is all the community name in the Northern Territory. So I hope today we can organized a meeting with the central land council in Alice Springs when I get there within a week of abit. To try and get the support from all the community in Northern Territory to support the walk for justice movement.

Day 92: 2.30pm

15380829_1194841540606948_4244494126391295026_nMe with Selina and her painting. – Garry

Day 92: 3pm

15338867_741787415971730_2781250398040855084_nWelcome to Mutitjulu community. Where the traditional owner’s of Uluru live. – Noonie

Day 92: 4.30pm

15443145_1904783506411503_3875231526836665162_oTraditional elder Reggie Uluru healing up my spirit and making me strong again. So be ready for the next part of the walk and be strong all the way to Canberra like a warrior.

Day 92: 5pm

15338607_1819287101660691_1900149636943684637_nMe and Cassidy Uluru. – Garry

Day 92: 6pm

15400304_1819287058327362_8970044632681468020_nReggie Uluru afternoon out to see his brother Cassidy Uluru with Jake Kitson. Jake Kitson takes us around Mutitjulu community, on the hill at the back we had this view over the community to Uluru thank you Jake Kitson. – Noonie


Day 92: 7pm

15541290_1819117428344325_4871142240669778670_nReggie Uluru, his family is the traditional owner of Uluru, gives his blessing to Clinton on his walk to Canberra, with a small piece of Uluru. – Noonie

Day 92: 8pm

15442218_1904834886406365_3630078111096795285_nThis afternoon traditional owner Reggie Uluru what to give me one more gift before we headed back to the community and before I leave Uluru tomorrow. We when for a ride to Uluru and he told me to take a piece of Uluru with me. He said It to look after me and when ever I go some where or gone around the world just remember you well always know you have the heart land with me. You only need to look at it.

15355800_1904834879739699_4383906090169554637_nHe also said that this piece of Uluru the rock. That I giving you is my blessing, it to give you straight, to give you protection, to give you wisdom, to give you healing and most of all to make you become the man that god and the old people what you to be for our people and for this world.

I have never know I was going to get this as a gift. This is a big think for me known I have a piece of Uluru with me. I well look after it and take good care of it. This piece well stay with me until I die and well be buried with me because the piece is very secret. I always wanted to come to Uluru as a children, but walk it there as a young man and now I have a piece of Uluru with me. I well love this give for the rest of my life.

Author: Clintonswalkforjustice

I’m a Wajuk, Balardung, Kija and a Yulparitja man from the West of Australia. I will be walking across country from Matagarup/Heirrison Island in Perth to Parliament House in Canberra, following songlines and visiting communities along the way, where I will eventually be seeking audience with the Prime Minister and address the many injustices against the First Nations people of this land.

5 thoughts on “Days 90-92: Uluru & Mutitjulu”

  1. Hello Clinton. I am so amazed by you and what you are doing for your people, the country and in part, for the world. You are truly an incredible young man and this country both black and white should be proud of what you are trying to do. I personally believe that there will be two very special people who will unite our country – one young black person and the other a young white person. We need both to bring unity and peace to our country.

    Just before I saw and read your incredible story I had just sent out an email inviting friends and people I know and anyone else that may be interested, that on the 1st of January 2017 I will be holding a meditation to bring Wisdom & Compassion into our country.

    There has been quite a few who have respond and have said they will be involved with this. I am going to pass onto them your information and what you are trying to do.
    Be strong and know that there are many who support you in your journey. I believe that eventually you will have the country behind you.

    I may not have an aboriginal heritage but your have made me proud to be called Australian and for all the right reasons!

    Bless you Clinton you are an amazing young man.

  2. Bless you, Clinton on your journey. What you are doing is bringing hope to the world.

    I’m not Aboriginal either, but I strongly believe that the indigenous cultures have the answers to our world’s problems.

    I know you will succeed in your journey, wherever you may go.

    God bless you.


  3. support from France, congratulation for your action, this walk will change you for ever and bring hope on your way, your people can be proud of you, be strong

  4. Thankyou for updates; been to Uluru twice; thanks to the traditional owners for allowing me to walk around such a significant site, Hopefully you and your brothers efforts will also have an effect on the rest of Australian society.
    all the best, mark (8th generation Australian, lucky to be born here but ashamed of what my ancestors did to the traditional owners).

  5. Hi Clinton,
    Hope you are well.
    Great to be on your emailing list.
    I have been trying to contact your site and Donation section.

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