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So here we go ~ You are bidding for a custom designed pair of trainers or boots designed and painted by the wonderful Trent Duffy – ArtisticOne for the WINNER! The only pair like it in the world, designed for you.

The photo shown is an example only of Trent’s work, please visit his page for more ideas

How To Bid –

1) Simply comment on the photo the price you are prepared to pay to own a pair of custom designed shoes.

2) Reserve price starts at $20

3) Bidding closes in 3 days. Friday 3rd Feb 2017 at exactly 12pm Australian Western Standard time

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5) Once the design has been chosen, please allow 2 weeks for Trent to paint and ship your shoes.

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Day 142: Leaving Coober Pedy

Day 142: 7am

[Admin Luke] On my way to the Fremantle Magistrates Court to face two charges I incurred while sitting peacefully (and then laying down) in a piece of Native bushland in an effort to defend the Beeliar Wetlands.

This is my first time facing any sort of charge in the courts but I’m not really nervous. I couldn’t be more sure of the decision I made that morning. I did the right thing.

I am a person of good character who by and large has good relationships with the police both in my local community and at a broader community level – and I’m likely about to get a fair trial under the law.

This morning I’m thinking deeply about my privilege. About how lucky I am to be facing a fair trial and not just being shut away as an enemy of the state as many of my friends overseas have been for similar acts of civil resistance.

About how glad I am that even in my exhaustion last year I found the energy to step up when the time came to #ProtectPeacefulProtest. I knew then that Barnett was planning to use those laws to crush any resistance to Roe 8, and I’m so very very glad we crushed his proposed laws instead.

Even for trespass the max penalty is 12 months in jail and a huge fine. The penalties and costs would have been exorbitant if Barnett’s anti-protest laws had gone ahead. WE are EXACTLY the people Barnett was targetting with those laws. Everyday citizens who stand up against unjust and unsupported government decisions. People willing to put their body on the line peacefully, to stop work at projects like Roe 8. This very project in fact.

So here’s to you Perth, for kicking some fucking ass and holding onto our rights, our pride and our determination to stand for what’s right.

Court starts at 8:30am, Fremantle Magistrates Court. Lots of other wetlands protectors will be having their morning in court today also.

I’m a privileged white man. I’m unlikely to receive unfair punishment at the hands of the courts today. Gotta thank everyone who came before me for that, because I can not stop thinking about my friends locked up (and often far worse) over in Egypt, in Bahrain, in Iraq and so many other places.

What ever the outcome this morning, I’ll be right, and right back into it.

Keep fighting friends.

#SaveBeeliarWetlands #noWAsharkcull #ProtectPeacefulProtest

Day 142: 2.30pm

A few photos of the sun rise this morning. – Noonie

Day 142: 3.30pm

On the road food stops to lunchtime. – Noonie

Day 142: 4pm

Tomorrow we leave Coober Pedy and start our journey making our way south towards Port Augusta. It well take us 2 week to get to Port Augusta. We being on the walk for the last four month walking thought summer and visiting community and town. Coober Pedy well be the last hottest and hardest spot on this journey, but we still got a other month or two before it start cooling down. But now we head south tomorrow.

Port Augusta here we come. It time we start heading back into big town like Port Augusta to start getting think happening for this walk for justice and start making action on this walk like rally and march thought town and city. When we head Port Augusta we be there for a week to spend time with the elders, family and see the kids at school or any one else who like to meet me. When we a in Port Augusta as well I will be stepping think up by contacting media group for interview so we can get this walk back on the news to let everyone know about this walk and why people should join me on this walk, but manly to lead this corporate government know we a coming.

In Port Augusta think a going to happen the a going to be group and I be contacting people to start organizing Marches and rally when we a coming thought your way and to also spread the word about the walk for justice. Than after Port Augusta that when we hit our first city after four month of walking Adelaide. I never being to Adelaide and it be my first time in Adelaide. But I well say we will not know what it going to be like when we hit our first city and march thought it. But we do know it going to be big when we walk thought our first city. Let do this and march for justice for all who live here.

Day 142: 4pm

This size tree it was a first along this stretch of road. The height of this tree is unusual around here. – Noonie

Day 142: 5pm

Today’s landscape. – Noonie

Day 142: 5.30pm

– Noonie


Days 140 & 141: Finishing the walk into Coober Pedy

Day 140: 10am

From the top of the Lookout Cave here at Coober Pedy. – Noonie

Day 140: 1pm

I just loading up some of my photo from the pass that I added speech to them so please have a read thought them.

Day 140: 4.30pm

Today everyone i would like to talk to you about what unity a justice is going to do for you. Now what i would like is for as many of you that want to have their say now is that time! Add to this thread all your view a opinions on how you would run this country and how you would deal with it.
Child protection-
Country Growth-
Expanding the outback to grow the country-
New Constitution-
Public holiday such a culture memorial day-
Anzac Day-
Australia Day-
And all other areas that you wish to comment on?

We have policy’s that can be port in place and improve the country. But we would rather have your input on think. The think is about being a leader is about listing, understanding and what the people want. It is not about what you think you know what best for the people and for the country. But about listening and learning from people voice and what they want. So please put down your view and what you think how this country can be run.

Day 140: 6pm

Hey all good morning well I be getting back into the walk today. We still have to do other 50km walk to make our way in Coober Pedy before heading to Port Augusta. I decided three days ago before coming into Coober Pedy was to rest up and the team to rest up so we drive in. But we needed to do other 50km to walk into Coober Pedy before we can start making our way towards Port Augusta.

So today we going back our to the spot where we stop and get back into it. It seem to me that the weather today is going to be 46 degree in our area and that good I like a bit of a challenge. Beside before leaving Coober Pedy without know the real heat of this area well be unfair to know it. So today I have decided to challenge this heat and walk in it finish the last leg walk into Coober Pedy. Before resting tomorrow and Wednesday starting the walking again to make our way towards Port Augusta. So let do this and challenge this heat out.

Day 141: 1.30pm

[Admin Lisa] Auction Update.

As you know, through the wonderful generosity of Trent Duffy – ArtisticOne we are holding our first ever Auction tomorrow. Trent is the first artist to approach us with this offer and has started a bit of a trend.
Over the next few weeks we will be auctioning off several special items that have been donated by Artists that believe in Clinton and want to help us raise much needed funds for Clinton’s Walk for Justice.

If you haven’t already liked and followed our page, please do so, this will ensure that you get all our updates.

The Auctions starts tomorrow 12:00 pm Australian Western Standard Time. You will be auctioning for a custom designed pair of sneakers or footie boots. Your choice. So, remember to check in tomorrow, all funds raised go to Clinton and his support team.

Day 141: 4pm

We walk today from the place we stop when the thunder hit, so I tock off to find the pool I had videoed before to check out the water level their, found it and videoed it again some more photos up to the start point of today. – Noonie

Day 141: 5pm

Not so wet today but I can show you on some photos. A lot of water come from that thunder storm. This is at Pootnoura Creek channel 2. This is what water can do. – Noonie

Day 141: 6.30pm

Mean while out in South Australia in Coober Pedy with Clinton. I just walking in this 46 degree heat and not worrying about nothing Why because I know how this heat is and I just waiting for the right time until I get to Port Augusta that when think going to happen. Justice is coming and I now know what need to be done to fought for everyone here in this country and make this country move forward together.

Day 141: 7pm

– Garry

Day 139: One Day…in Coober Pedy

Day 139: 6am

A peaceful Saturday morning here at Coober Pedy, listening to the birds see the sun coming up waving at flys and smacking mosquitoes just like been home on Matagarup, just no City of Perth, Ranges and Police coming through and stealing everything and not giving it back. But now they believe they can because Matargarup (Heirisson Island) has been de-registered now from the 8th of September 2016. Now they think can legally steal on Matagarup but, befor that date of the 8th of September 2016 they were Stealing from Matargarup and breaking there own laws to Steal, keep and not return what was stolen. They are criminal and use this system to protect their right to steal. Like the WA Government they need votes. – Noonie

Day 139: 11.30am

For Jacinta Price to endorsed that our people have to many problems to live in society, then she is supporting the corporation. That we are all fighting rather than supporting a cause to bring everyone together. By doing this she is Turing her back on our own people and helping this corporate government control everyone. Unity is the key to our future free choice is what we seek. If you choose to believe people like Jacinta Price who only a tool being used by the government to cause unrest amongst ourselves and while we are continually fighting, making it harder to further our united freedom.

To unite the people is to free the people and remove this illegal government. They know this so Jacinta price and many other are in place to cause confusion and unrest and allows the lies to be truth and the truth to be hidden. I have decided to share the advice more from those with the knowledge required to help not only our people but everyone to enjoy and live a better future and bring unity to one and all so that the corporation government can no longer control us.

We must all spread the word to stop listing to these lies from controlled puppets of the government that are in place. To trick us in to believing the deceitful government lies just because they are of the same blood a culture dose not always mean what they say is true. Find out by talking about what is being said and you will see that they are only dividing us all further apart and this is the truth. We must not listing to them and start bring unity forward so we all can live together in harmony. So please don’t listen what they are saying and Jacinta Prince is one of them.

Day 139: 1pm

Some pics from Admin Gee of the smoking ceremony at Walyalup (the roundhouse in Fremantle) this morning.

Day 139: 6.30pm

Have a look as this, a rock water hole, trees and a great land scapes. Near Coober Pedy.

Day 139: 6.30pm

Today I went for a walk to be more in touch with the ancestors and spirits of the great land to ask of them the words I need to unite the people of they great land. The message that they given to me is that the people are ready and when they see that their brother a sister are also ready as to are their family a friends. So with their ideas and everyone else idea we can make our country turn back into the land of the free as it was always mean to be.

So there fore what would like to put to one and all is that you consider what I have proposed by way of unity the time is right, the people are ready. Alone we are not acknowledge together as we are unstoppable now standup with me people with no one leading but the people standing and belonging together as one.

All around I look and what I see is many different group all with their own agendas this is a great thing but while we continue in our small group we are not big enough to really make the change that needed a required. If you are a group leader and want your idea supported by every person in Australia unity is the answer.

Unity will make us strong.
Unity will bring the people close.
Unity will demand that they all stand down.
Unity will allow us all to start over.
Unity will give us the power.
Unity will let us fix all that has broken.
Unity will allow us all to live as one.

To all the false people out there who run down their own people and culture need to wake up and realise they are only puppets of the government. That the government find weak enough to explore to use them to turn their own people against themselves. To divided us and to create diversion that blind us and make us fight with ourselves. This must stop we must unite. We ask everyone to please contact us to unity the people as one.

Also it is justice that we want.
Justice is what we all seek.
Justice for past crimes.
Justice for current crimes.
Justice for future crimes.

Our government do not mind who they upset to get the end goal. All people are treated the same when it comes to the ways of the government and all the in just way an crimes that have been committed by the same criminal corporate group. We are all wanting the same end result a better future for our children. To get that the people need to unite now once and for all for all humanity so that together as one people united here in Australia is the base ingredient to, than untie the world and all of humanity will now live in Peace as was intended. Not as slaves that we are at the moment. But free living people living as one everywhere.

Day 139: 7pm

A trip to The Breakaways near Coober Pedy far from a flat Country with no trees or water. Once again local people once again show the beautiful land and were the water is. Thankyou Dean Walker. – Noonie

Day 139: 9pm

Just now Coober Pedy – Garry

Day 138: Coober Pedy Arrival

Day 138: 8am

To the world of humanity and Humanity within it. powerful words to think about. Undoubtedly one of the greatest speech of all times..!! Charlie Chaplin speak like a true honourable man that know we must change our way. Man and women within century to come can listen and understand that we must bring out our greater good within our self to bring a better world we live in.

Day 138: 10am

Today been driving around with Constable Deano Walker from Coober Pedy. He being here ever seen he was born. So he a local around Coober Pedy town. Well today constable Deano Walker has being showing me about the town, the Town story of it pass, taking me to see elders from this country area, taking me see all the aboriginal works who work at the hospital and health center. Now we going for a drive to the school to see the kids and have a talk with them about my walk I’m doing. It so cool driving around the town in a police car. I’m a very important person in Coober Pedy right now

Day 138: 11.30am

In Coober Pedy youth center talking with the kids about my walk and how far I have walk from Perth to Coober Pedy. Also on top getting photo with the kids and telling them if you got a dream go and get it. Don’t let no one tell you can’t do none thing with your life. It feel like it going to be a good day today.

Day 138: 12pm

At Coober Pedy the Youth Shed welcome the Walk for Justice team and happy to talk to Clinton. A sun set at Coober Pedy. – Noonie

Day 138: 4pm

I think we found where the aliens live Coober Pedy – Garry

Day 138: 5pm

We had a look at a dugout house this afternoon, the view and a little bit of of the birds after water. – Noonie

white plumed honeyeaters

Day 138: 6pm

[Admin] Some of the Admin Team will be attending this tomorrow morning before One Day in Fremantle!

Day 136 & 137: January 26th

Day 136: 7.30am

This would have been a rough ride solid rubber tires and chain driven MT Willoughby station. – Garry

Day 136: 8am

The Juice Media did how it is well done. #changethedate

Day 136: 8am

– Garry

Day 136: 6pm

Well tomorrow it going to be Australia day. I hope to see all my people and none indigenous people tomorrow marching on the street and standing up for what right. I be watching tomorrow and I hope everyone who think Australia day should be change will join the rally tomorrow. Me on the other hand cannot wait to get to port August to start making action for this walk for justice and start kicking think up by march over the bridge to stop the vehicle in they place to get this hole country eyes on this movement. It is time for change and justice to be served this country is ready for it.

Day 136: 9am

Garry’s Flashback Gallery

Day 136: 10.30pm

It may look like I’m walking a lone in this photo. But my culture walk within me and over 1 billion of my ancient from the pass are walking with me in spirit to Canberra because they only want one think and that is to save my culture and stand up to keep it a live so the next generation know about they culture and who they are.

Day 137: 5am

Today don’t be shame of marching on the street on invasion day. Walk with proud and honor for your ancients it time for the date to be change to other day. Revolution has come forward Go strong my people who are marching today a none is a none we stand with the straight of our ancient to march for this day to be change to a other day.

[Admin Gee]

Bit of a flashback to Invasion Day 2015 when Clinton’s Walk For Justice was just an idea! Clinton lead the march. Admin Luke, Gee, Jake and Lisa were all present on this day. This was the beginning of the walk!

Day 137: 12.30pm

– Garry

Day 137: 5pm

There no other place I would be right now than setting with my ancient in a cave where they live and draw painting on the wall telling story’s about the land and the wild life. It also place I like to go to set down with elders and listing to they story about they ancient and why they old people draw on the wall telling story about the dream time. The place of healing, a place of learning and a place where you can understand this story why our ancients painted this painted for.

PS I got permission from the ranger who look after this place of knowledge to take this photo.

Days 134 & 135: Mount Willoughby Station

Day 134: 7.30am

After leaving the homestead yesterday, we stop in at Mount Willoughby Station. Once again the people we meet are good and friendly. We sit around a table and talk, we hear how the children were taken to the missions, and again hear of similar treatment, sorrow, the lifes work to comeback to the place of birth, the journey of a life to reconnect to country. Then to here that how their Lore is coming back here on country. The fulfillment of a Cultural man’s life and struggling, working hard to bring his family and his Culture back together as one again on his country. It never left his heart, he now lives it. The British Empire is not here but its laws it left behind in 1901, 1905, do not belong in our modern times, the governments of today model itself on and around a old and out dated system, they have done very little or nothing about to fix it. Culture and Cultural people have and still live on country today, there connection to their history of thousands and thousands of years lives today as strong as it was when the British come to this continent. With the British came death and destruction to these people. Today with what is going on in the middle East, with the death and destruction going on there, Australia should start getting it right here at home. All the people on this Continent are my people, think about who do you think are your people? Most people who come here have come to live a better life or have fled persecution in another country. Do you belong in the last century or do you wish to live in peace this century. This century we have to get it right here at home and stop persecuting the First Nations People on there land in there Country.

Perhaps we should ask the Australian Government for help, after all they are helping in the Middle East. To activity peace in our lifetime we have to start here in out own backyard. If you don’t think so, you are on the wrong Continent or in the wrong Century. Or you can go for government and drink a toast in order, to God, Queen and Country. We need to start getting it right at home no matter were we live.

I am standing on the ground here at this moment. I ask you to go outside and stand on the ground where you are, I ask you are we standing on the same planet we call earth our home. Welcome to my home. – Noonie

Day 134: 8am

It amazing walking at night. When I was walking at night just about 50meter from the team by my self walking a head. There was two white owl fly up to me and hover around me and i was like aye never send this before, They was just hovering there looking at me and then they fly away.

That when i realize the spirit was just making sure I alright and letting me know we watching over you. I never seen that before seeing two white owl hovering there looking at me. Walking at night in the middle of no where out in the bush doing 50km walking in birch black darkness with the star are out and the moon shining it amazing making understand more how my old people and ancient walk around all night because it a hole new different world walking at night.

Day 134: 6pm

Got a bit wet last night. – Garry

Day 134

– Garry

Day 135: 2pm

We are heading South after leaving Mt Willoughby a warm day, trees are becoming smaller and less of them, water is still here in places, it became hotter later in the afternoon. – Noonie

Day 135: 3pm

We stop for a feed, this thunder storm was in the West, moving N East, it changed direction and started moving S East, the main storm past to the West of us, dumping lots of water along the way we are to walk. We had to stay here the night. Today overcast light rain most of the time to moderate rain. (sounds like a weather report) The heavy rain was last night, I think we could have been washed of the road.

Day 135: 3.30pm

Hey all just letting you know we made it to Coober Pedy town we staying in Coober for about 3 day before we make our way towards Port Augusta. After thee days in Coober Pedy it well take us about 14 days to Port Augusta. They was saying Coober Pedy was the hottest place in Australia and I was like yes I’m ready for this challenge, but nooooo I big Storm come over us last night from the west and made it rain all day on us talk about be soaked all day and I was up for the hot heat. But that o.k thank you to the ancient for doing that for us and cover us with a Storm to block out the sun. I cannot wait to get to Port Augusta that when think a going to start happen.

Day 135: 7pm

[Admin Gee] Hey guys! Event pages for those wanting to greet Clinton in Adelaide!

Day 135: 9pm

One think I learn about life is no matter how hard think get when you a fighting for something is to never give up on it, no matter what happens even if it get to hard for you because sooner or later you win in the end. It will show you how strong of a person you are and how strong your spirit is. This why i when on this walk for justice and i know I will reach Canberra and served justice for all who what justice to be served to this Corporate government.

That how strong I’m and not a feared of standing up for the truth because I believed in my self that I can make a difference and for all who live here. I’m proud to be a original person of this land we stand on and proud to be apart of a people who live here for over 100,000 year and i willing stand up for my people and for my culture survival.

Day 133: Night Walk

Day 133: 8am

The trip south was cool, a lot of water on the side, green and the land opening up with lest trees. – Noonie

Day 133: 10am

[Admin Gee] Thanks to long time supporter Janette for making this awesome poster to help support Clinton and the team! Share share peeps!

Day 133: 5pm

Photo from a lady name Jane-Spider Fawke in United States of America wearing the Clinton’s Walk for Justice T-Shirt.

Why she wearing it: I am proudly wearing Clinton’s shirt at the 1 Million Women’s march in Los Angeles today, in honor of the struggle of Indigenous peoples all over the world.

Day 133: 8pm

The night walk. – Noonie

Day 133: 9.30pm

Arriving at Cadney Homestead. The family was heading to Darwin to live there. – Noonie

– Garry

Days 131 & 132: Leaving Marla

Day 131: 12pm

Dr King amazing speech, I don’t fear no man on this earth, but the lord him self.

– Garry

Day 131: 1.30am

We are about to have another go at leaving Marla Roadhouse. Raining this morning, still warm and overcast, good for a walk. People at the road house are good and friendly. – Noonie

Day 132: 1pm

[Admin Lisa] The Admin Team are really excited to let you know that we have a brilliant fundraiser coming up.

As you know from Admin Luke’s appeal for funds this week, Clinton’s Walk for Justice will not continue without your support. We had a great response with donations and we have more things in the pipeline.

In the next few days we are going to run our first auction. We have been contacted by a very talented artist and he is offering to custom design a pair of shoes or boots to the highest bidder.

We want to thank Trent for his incredible generosity, if you pop over to his page you can see his designs and maybe start to plan your own .

Keep checking in our Facebook page, this is one auction worth bidding in.

Day 132: 1.30pm

I march and march my way down south towards Port Augusta. I’m going to shake think right up when I march my way thought Port Augusta, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. This corporate government better be ready when I head Port Augusta because I’m coming with the truth and going to shake this country right up to bring unity for the people of down under. It time we make a stand for what right and stand for the future of our land down under. We are now in Cadney Park. We leave tomorrow to make our way towards Coober Pedy. It well take us about three day walk to get to Coober.

– Garry

Day 130: Back to Marla

Day 130: 8am

“Somewhere I read of the freedom of Assembly, somewhere I read of the freedom of speech, somewhere I read of freedom of oppression, somewhere I read that the greatness of America is the right to protest for rights.”

We are not going let any police, dogs or any corporate government turn us around, we not going let any government turn us around to fought for our rights for better Australia it self.

Day 130: 9am

Day 130: 12.30pm

Now heading down south more, Cadney Park than onto Coober Pedy. Coober Pedy they say is one of the hottest area in Australia. I need to get past Coober Pedy for it start cooling down for us. I been walking none stop thought this summer heat and i’m not going to let the hottest area in Australia stop me marching on to Port Augusta, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney than Canberra. This summer heat well not hold me up or stop me walking down south where think can start happen for this walk for justice.

Day 130: 2pm

Gone from Marla, stopped at a train station to have a look and a train came pass. On our way south. – Noonie

Day 130: 6.30pm

That was a quick trip south. Garry’s car was running ruff and we are back at Marla. It is a good call, we do not need to be broken down on the side of the road up here in the heat. – Noonie