Day 130: Back to Marla

Day 130: 8am

“Somewhere I read of the freedom of Assembly, somewhere I read of the freedom of speech, somewhere I read of freedom of oppression, somewhere I read that the greatness of America is the right to protest for rights.”

We are not going let any police, dogs or any corporate government turn us around, we not going let any government turn us around to fought for our rights for better Australia it self.

Day 130: 9am

Day 130: 12.30pm

Now heading down south more, Cadney Park than onto Coober Pedy. Coober Pedy they say is one of the hottest area in Australia. I need to get past Coober Pedy for it start cooling down for us. I been walking none stop thought this summer heat and i’m not going to let the hottest area in Australia stop me marching on to Port Augusta, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney than Canberra. This summer heat well not hold me up or stop me walking down south where think can start happen for this walk for justice.

Day 130: 2pm

Gone from Marla, stopped at a train station to have a look and a train came pass. On our way south. – Noonie

Day 130: 6.30pm

That was a quick trip south. Garry’s car was running ruff and we are back at Marla. It is a good call, we do not need to be broken down on the side of the road up here in the heat. – Noonie

Author: Clintonswalkforjustice

I’m a Wajuk, Balardung, Kija and a Yulparitja man from the West of Australia. I will be walking across country from Matagarup/Heirrison Island in Perth to Parliament House in Canberra, following songlines and visiting communities along the way, where I will eventually be seeking audience with the Prime Minister and address the many injustices against the First Nations people of this land.

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