Day 139: One Day…in Coober Pedy

Day 139: 6am

A peaceful Saturday morning here at Coober Pedy, listening to the birds see the sun coming up waving at flys and smacking mosquitoes just like been home on Matagarup, just no City of Perth, Ranges and Police coming through and stealing everything and not giving it back. But now they believe they can because Matargarup (Heirisson Island) has been de-registered now from the 8th of September 2016. Now they think can legally steal on Matagarup but, befor that date of the 8th of September 2016 they were Stealing from Matargarup and breaking there own laws to Steal, keep and not return what was stolen. They are criminal and use this system to protect their right to steal. Like the WA Government they need votes. – Noonie

Day 139: 11.30am

For Jacinta Price to endorsed that our people have to many problems to live in society, then she is supporting the corporation. That we are all fighting rather than supporting a cause to bring everyone together. By doing this she is Turing her back on our own people and helping this corporate government control everyone. Unity is the key to our future free choice is what we seek. If you choose to believe people like Jacinta Price who only a tool being used by the government to cause unrest amongst ourselves and while we are continually fighting, making it harder to further our united freedom.

To unite the people is to free the people and remove this illegal government. They know this so Jacinta price and many other are in place to cause confusion and unrest and allows the lies to be truth and the truth to be hidden. I have decided to share the advice more from those with the knowledge required to help not only our people but everyone to enjoy and live a better future and bring unity to one and all so that the corporation government can no longer control us.

We must all spread the word to stop listing to these lies from controlled puppets of the government that are in place. To trick us in to believing the deceitful government lies just because they are of the same blood a culture dose not always mean what they say is true. Find out by talking about what is being said and you will see that they are only dividing us all further apart and this is the truth. We must not listing to them and start bring unity forward so we all can live together in harmony. So please don’t listen what they are saying and Jacinta Prince is one of them.

Day 139: 1pm

Some pics from Admin Gee of the smoking ceremony at Walyalup (the roundhouse in Fremantle) this morning.

Day 139: 6.30pm

Have a look as this, a rock water hole, trees and a great land scapes. Near Coober Pedy.

Day 139: 6.30pm

Today I went for a walk to be more in touch with the ancestors and spirits of the great land to ask of them the words I need to unite the people of they great land. The message that they given to me is that the people are ready and when they see that their brother a sister are also ready as to are their family a friends. So with their ideas and everyone else idea we can make our country turn back into the land of the free as it was always mean to be.

So there fore what would like to put to one and all is that you consider what I have proposed by way of unity the time is right, the people are ready. Alone we are not acknowledge together as we are unstoppable now standup with me people with no one leading but the people standing and belonging together as one.

All around I look and what I see is many different group all with their own agendas this is a great thing but while we continue in our small group we are not big enough to really make the change that needed a required. If you are a group leader and want your idea supported by every person in Australia unity is the answer.

Unity will make us strong.
Unity will bring the people close.
Unity will demand that they all stand down.
Unity will allow us all to start over.
Unity will give us the power.
Unity will let us fix all that has broken.
Unity will allow us all to live as one.

To all the false people out there who run down their own people and culture need to wake up and realise they are only puppets of the government. That the government find weak enough to explore to use them to turn their own people against themselves. To divided us and to create diversion that blind us and make us fight with ourselves. This must stop we must unite. We ask everyone to please contact us to unity the people as one.

Also it is justice that we want.
Justice is what we all seek.
Justice for past crimes.
Justice for current crimes.
Justice for future crimes.

Our government do not mind who they upset to get the end goal. All people are treated the same when it comes to the ways of the government and all the in just way an crimes that have been committed by the same criminal corporate group. We are all wanting the same end result a better future for our children. To get that the people need to unite now once and for all for all humanity so that together as one people united here in Australia is the base ingredient to, than untie the world and all of humanity will now live in Peace as was intended. Not as slaves that we are at the moment. But free living people living as one everywhere.

Day 139: 7pm

A trip to The Breakaways near Coober Pedy far from a flat Country with no trees or water. Once again local people once again show the beautiful land and were the water is. Thankyou Dean Walker. – Noonie

Day 139: 9pm

Just now Coober Pedy – Garry

Author: Clintonswalkforjustice

I’m a Wajuk, Balardung, Kija and a Yulparitja man from the West of Australia. I will be walking across country from Matagarup/Heirrison Island in Perth to Parliament House in Canberra, following songlines and visiting communities along the way, where I will eventually be seeking audience with the Prime Minister and address the many injustices against the First Nations people of this land.

3 thoughts on “Day 139: One Day…in Coober Pedy”

  1. Be Aware

    Death’s fragment is our inheritance,

    Bashed through time from bard to preacher,

    Seldom does our raga of hate weaken

    In this snivelling watered-down version of

    Living, we take on board as something precious,

    Defend with armies; fighting since the first

    Erected cross, stained the last bleeding hill.

    I wonder and I wonder, as the stars must wonder

    Why they gravel the universe in such prolific

    Design, or the crab wonders as his wounded meat

    Smarts, too polluted to eat, he can only scuttle

    And remain infertile in less cluttered company.

    It’s not hard to slip into despair, forget the reason

    Why we are here and substitute our own ideas,

    Intricate laws, too intricate to maintain; they are

    Changed and changed, but who do they really

    Protect, and what has been protected?

    The one-winged bird cannot perfect its flight,

    Nor the half-tailed fish its style, as we perfect ours

    While wrecking the ball, slack-jawed when the big

    Mushroom spores; be aware of that thief in the night.

    CD Hunter

  2. Three Types

    There are three types of people,
    Those who sit, those who work
    Around the edges, and those who
    Dive right in.

    CD Hunter

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