Days 200 & 201: Port Augusta – Officially!

Day 200: 12.30pm

They say when you doing a big walk it call walkabout. There meaning to why people do a walkabout is in our culture the day or a time in life that when think are hard in your life or think are hard in life for your people something need to be done to make it right and save the people.

The spirit of the land and our old people come down from the sky an land to seek someone to lead the way of a new began for his people and culture. When I walk this great land, when I talk with elders in the desert community they told me your dreaming and old people visit you when you was on the island sitting around the spirit fire and the dreaming spirit told you to get up and go on a journey across this great land to find the truth and find a new way.

(I say yes to the elders, when I was setting around the spirit fire on the island and look into the fire, thinking how can I help my people, how can we save our culture my old people please show me the way of making a change in this time of age. So I sat there thinking steering at the spirit fire thinking and thinking than a visions was showing in the mind and in the spirit fire. It show me walking across this country, a new way of something new that I did not know why it was showing. That when i realise to my self to chance it and make it happen or just let it pass by, I made the choose to chance it and than on would I started to tell everyone that i’m going to walk across this great land to make a stand for everyone I told the elders in desert community)

They told me that you and those who are with you have been choose for reason. But they choose you, this why your here today walking now. Your doing a big walk about not just for the people but to find your self to. Your not just know as Clinton Pryor put also know as a spirit walker, i said a spirit walk the elders said yes your a spirit walker who out to find the truth and to save the people in this hard time right now.

That when i realise why i when on this walk I’m a spirit walker, but i hope not to be the last spirit walker. A spirit walker who follow the song line that been walk on since traditional time.

Day 200: 7.30pm

When I walk this great land, when I talk with elders in the desert community they told me your dreaming and old people visit you when i was on the island sitting around the spirit fire and the dreaming spirit told you to get up and go on a journey across this great land to find the truth and find a new way.

Day 201: 8am

Good morning, it reads 8 degree, it feels like 8, the last two morning my feet and hands have been cold, not a cloud in the sky today at the moment, good sun rise, magpies singing and a trail from a plane that shows up quit well with the sun shining under it. Starting to feel the warm sun now. I quit enjoy the warmth of the sun on a cool morning, the sounds of the birds singing around me, I guess they are welcoming the sun as well. It is a good start to the day. – Noonie

Day 201: 11.30am

The drop off point heading in, the range on our left some hills to our right, good landscape still on the way to Canberra. – Noonie

Day 201: 2pm

Just setting here enjoying the last bit of desert landscape. It been 4 month we walk this desert land scape thought summer and I’m going to miss it because after Port Augusta on would we going start seeing the land changing again where there going to be more tree, more water, more civilization and less wild life. But now it time we make our way towards our first big city after 5 month of walking.

Day 201: 3.30pm

Finely the walk has made it into Port Augusta yyyyeeeee Β We be leaving Port Augusta tomorrow from the foreshore at 9:00am. It well take us two days walk to get to the next town. People are welcome to join us tomorrow if you like to say fair well or do a bit of walking with me. Adelaide mob the walk for justice is on it way. I be going live tonight to give everyone a update cheer

Day 201: 7pm

Lots to see along this stretch of the road to lunch. – Noonie

Day 201: 7.30pm

Port Augusta – Noonie

Day 199: Last Stretch into Port Augusta!

Day 199: 8.30am

Amandla Awethu – Power to the people by Nelson Mandela’s

Day 199: 10.30am

It is a amazing how you can meet amazing people on this walk for justice. I just meet this guy name Armando on the road today. He his riding his bike around the world. He started his journey from Italy and has ride his bike around Asia.

Now he is here riding his bike from Darwin to Melbourne. When he finish riding his bike from Darwin to Melbourne. Then he well catch a plane to America where he start his next journey from east coast to West coast traveling down route 66 hwy.

Than after America he well catch a fly from America into Europe where he well ride back home to Italy. He has travel about over 1.2 million kms so far. It you see him please say hello or give him a helping hand. It was nice to meet you Armando travel safe on your bike where ever you go mate. It is amazing how you meet amazing people on this walk.

Day 199: 11am

Photos from yesterday and this morning on the walk. – Noonie

Day 199: 1pm

It time for a lunch break πŸ”πŸŽπŸŠβ˜• and set down for a bit. Before getting back into the walk again 🚢to do some more kms. I never realize how healthy I lookπŸ’ͺ. This walk has giving me back my health ways again and that good

Day 199: 5.30pm

Hey guys quick update just letting you know that tomorrow we finish our journey into Port Augusta. We only got 32km to go so tomorrow we finely get into Port Augusta yyyyeeeee about time πŸ™† hahah lolπŸ˜€. We going be resting on Friday and resupply our self for the big journey south towards Adelaide. We be leaving Port Augusta on Saturday in the morning this week and it well take us about 14 days walk towards Adelaide. So Adelaide mob here we come walk for justice is on it way to Adelaide.

Day 199: 8.30pm
At the end of the day, we also meet a bike rider Armando, 70 years young and still going on his trips around the world on his bike, he said he is happy, the people you meet along this journey is great, they are here to enjoy what ever they do, just like me. – Noonie

Day 198: Ranges View Rest Stop

Day 198: 8am

Day 198: 9am

Back in the walk again today but still feeling unwell with the cold. So I’m going to take it easy today and try do 40km walk so i can get half way closer to Port Augusta. So when tomorrow come I only need to do 45km and we made it into Port Augusta. Than we start getting ready to head south towards Adelaide way than.

Day 198: 12pm

On the road to Port Augusta about 85ks out. – Noonie

Day 198: 3pm

The one thing I have notest since leaving from Perth to now is that every day when I’m walking I have seen a lot of cross on the side of the road. So much people this days have been losing they life from crashing they car. I have come a cross about over 500 to 600 cross ever since being on this walk.

I just wanted to let people know if your driving please drive safe , follow the rule on the road and always wear your set belts because your self belt could save your life. So remember don’t drink and drive, don’t drive tired or do drug when your driving. Cheer πŸ‘!!!

Day 198: 5.30pm

Stop for a feed at the Ranges View rest area. – Noonie

Day 197: Reminiscing

Day 197: 8.30am

Having breakfast I miss the sun coming up because of the clouds, so I waited for the sun rise over the clouds. – Noonie

Day 197: 4pm

Day 197: 5pm

Always believe, have Faith and hope because the better days are not far. My straight is coming back and my sickens is going away because of the healing from my ancients. That i’m getting stronger and tomorrow I should get back into the walk and finish this walk of to Canberra.

I believe from the start of the walk i can do this and it has gotten me this far. I should believe once again to finish this walk off and stand in front of Canberra with my people, with my friends, with Australia people and with my ancients an god him self. That we shell get justice for all .

Day 197: 6.30pm

I’m just thinking about the most amazing thing that happen on the walk and I got to say it would be the part from Docker River to Uluru where I got to meet the dockey on the road that came out from the Bush. It was Strage that when I left docker river and just walking out from the community onto the road i look up to look down the road and there was this dockey just standing there in the middle of the road looking at me.

But what amaze me was when I was walking out from Docker River when the dockey was standing in the middle of the road The sun was just rising half way over the hill and it shine a little light on the dockey when it was standing there It feel like my ancients wanted me to ride the dockey into Uluru.

But I decided not to ride the dockey and told the spirit of the land and old people I must do this journey on foot If I choice the dockey I be riding a dockey onto Canberra and that be something to see But Im happy that I made the choice to walk into uluru and the rest of the way to Canberra.

Day 197: 7pm

The photo that gotten me famous all over social media back in 2015 for forced closure of community before starting of the walk for justice in 2016 and 2017.

Days 193 – 196: Schools in Port Augusta

Day 193: 7.30pm

The sun rise at Port Augusta the hill behind has a golden look at sun rise, clouds moving over the hill top. A lookout over looking Port Augusta, a good view over Port Augusta and a sun set to end the day. – Noonie

Day 194: 8.30am

None thing more proud than I can be is telling story to kids about the walk I’m doing. The most amazing think when you tell kids a story about what your doing and about how they can do it to is that when i tell my story. I ask the kids what they want to be and what they dream when they grow up. The kids tell me they story and what they want to be. I tell them how they can do it and how they can have they dream to. The walk inspired kids who I have see and make them think if he can do it I can do it to

Day 195: 12pm

At the youth centre with the high school children. – Noonie

Day 196: 10am

Caught only 1 pan size,talked to a old local guy he Say’s don’t get much big fish here now because the prawn trawlers down port perie way dragging every thing. – Garry

[pic by Noonie from the other side of the bridge]

Day 196: 6.30am

Good morning all !! I’ve meant to be walking today to finish the walk of into port Augusta. But I woke up yesterday morning with a sore neck, block nose and a headache. So it mean I’m getting a cold 😷 so today i’m resting until I get better 😞 I hope I feel better tomorrow so I can finish the walk of into port Augusta.

Day 196: 12pm

The sun was setting so I climb a hill to go up in the lookout for the photos, this was Saturday. – Noonie

Day 196: 4pm

I was wondering why this boat skeleton was here. It was left when is was finished with. The Port Augusta Shire had an offer of $100.00 if it is there you can come and get it for $100.00. No rushing ok. – Noonie

Day 192: Harmony Day

Day 192: 10am

Well today it going be busy again after seeing the kids at Carlton primary school at 12:30pm to1:30pm. Than after 1:30pm I be meeting up with state minister of indigenous affairs for a cup of coffee. He what to meet up and have a talk with me. Yes we going to play it cool and see what he going to say about this treaty he trying to push thought for South Australia Mob.

But at the same time I going to give him a bit of a hard time asking him question about this treaty they trying to push though and have a look at this paper work they organizing this treaty between south Australia government and the first nation people of south Australia.

Day 192: 2pm

Just setting here with the state Minister of indigenous affair Maher from south Australia. I have been asking him question about this treaty the south Australia government is offering the south Australia people. He have told me there going to be 40treaty all up that going to be done in south Australia. But the treaty that going to be written down are all different for each different country group.

I have ask him is this treaty has been written down and can i have a look at it. He told me that the south Australia government has not yet written down this treaty because none of them don’t know how this treaty going to be written down and how the first nation mob in South Australia and state government going to agree on with each other on how this treaty going to be written down. They only starting of this treaty work. But treaty work has not be start yet.

I have told him up front that you need to invited the grass root mob, people from the APYL and other country area who live in south Australia that has the right to be a part of this treaty agreement in south Australia. Also told him that it cannot be all the time blackfulla who are in government and those who are sell out when it come to aboriginal affairs can speak for us and agreed on think for us when they don’t speak for us or don’t have the power to agreed on think for us. I said you must have the grass root mob there, APLY mob and other country group there to because they have the right to have a say to and need to be party of this treaty agreement.

I have told him that are you black fulla and him said yes well other think to our people do not what this recognise think that this federal government trying to push though. We do not what this recognise because it take away our sovereignty right. He look at me and agreement with on that to. But he said it the federal issue not state issue. I said o.k mate.

But I told the minister to keep up the amazing job he doing for South Australia people. We well meet again when I’m in Adelaide to talk more about this treaty stuff that they going to do for south Australia people. I well make sure that he have to go and see all the traditional own of south Australia.

Day 192: 4pm

At Carlton School today at Port Augusta. Another good day with children. – Noonie

Day 191: Still walking!

Day 191: 5.30am

Good morning all time to get up it is anther beautiful day guys. Get up you need to take your kids to school, get to work or do your personal thing but get up and don’t sleep in. I’m up early and ready to get into the walk. So that i can get back down to Port Augusta fast as I can. P.S I love my big bushy hair

Day 191: 12pm

Just letting everyone know that I’m glad to be here on Clinton’s walk for Justice, thanks to Clinton for asking me to come along with him and Garry and most of all, the people that support Clinton on his walk to Canberra. I get to thank everyone. I truly Thankyou everyone. – Noonie

Day 191: 2.30pm

Hey all quick update just letting you know we made it not far from ranger view 85km out from Port Augusta. As you may know that tomorrow at 12:30pm I have to be at Carlton primary school to see the kids and they parents for Harmony Day. So today because we only 85km out from Port Augusta. We going to drive in so we can set up camp, to have a rest and have a shower to fresh up. That when it come tomorrow we be at the school all day for the afternoon with the kids and they parent’s.

But when it come to Thursday the next day we going to head back out to do other 50 to 60km walk so I can knock it down to 25km out from Port Augusta. Than Friday come we mute be going to see anther primary school to see the kids. That when it come to Saturday it rest day, than Sunday come we finish the walk of into Port Augusta yyyyeeeeee After Sunday finishing the walk of into Port Augusta. We going to rest until Thursday and resupply our self for the long journey down south towards Adelaide way. So next week on Thursday we leave Port Augusta to head towards Adelaide.

It well take us about 14 days top to get to Adelaide way because Adelaide is only 309km from port Augusta. I can do 40, 50 or 60km walk a day. But why I said 14 days is because I need to have some days of rest. So i can rest my body and mind cheers !!!

Day 191: 8.30pm

We are going to a Wednesday so this is from from the morning to the drive into Port Augusta. – Noonie

Day 190: South of Pimba

Day 190: 6am

Day 190: 6.30am

Leaving Pimba yesterday morning. – Noonie

Day 190: 10.30am

No more walking on the road for a bit. Time to catch up on some km by walking a cross country. None thing more better than walking on country with the old people and wildlife. I can see tree, water and wildlife in the distance yyyyeeeee I love been back out here

Day 190: 11am

The landscapes on the 19th March, morning up to lunch time. – Noonie

Day 190: 11am

[Admin Toby] Shirts are on their way from the factory for postage! Apologies this lot has taken a long time – the orders must reach over 30 for manufacture to begin. Unfortunately we cannot keep a range on stock for immediate purchase – so they must be pre-ordered.

People in Adelaide will have them before Clinton arrives πŸ˜„πŸ‘£

Day 190: 11.30am

Morning to camp, the Country changes from open space to bush, good Country. – Noonie

Day 190: 5.30pm

It is amazing and unbeliever 😊 can’t walk no where without someone knowing who I’m. The first think people do when they see me walking or see me in they area. They yel 😱 out the word it the walker 🚢and I’m like hello πŸ‘πŸ˜€people look at me like i’m a celebrate and hero because of the walk I’m doingπŸ˜‘. But I what to let people know I’m not a celebrate or a hero. πŸ˜€ I’m some one who just what to help out by making a stand for justice and making a stand for change in this time of ageβœŠπŸ‘Š

Day 190: 9.30pm

I have come to far to back down now, I well fight for justice for my people and for everyone else. I well fight, fight and keep on fighting for my people treaty, to get think done right and to get think done right for everyone else who live here. These man who are in power may have the money and the power to change people mind. But what I have that they don’t and that is the love from my people, from my old people and from everyone else.

I walk this land in the foot step of my old people and may be the last traditional man to walk across seen traditional time. But as long there is breath in my lung and straight in my body i well never give up the fight knowing we can win this. I hope I do not stand alone in Canberra that my people and everyone else in Australia well stand with me for justice and for change.

Day 188 & 189: Leaving Pimba

Day 188: 7.30am

It is a other beautiful day of walking. Good morning all Β we made it to Pimba. So today we start walking our way down to Port Augusta. It well take us 4 to 5 days of walking. The km from Pimba to Port Augusta is about 175km. SoI hoping to be back in Port Augusta by Tuesdays. We only going to be in Port Augusta for 1 week because we be invited to see the kids at some of the primary school in Port Augusta and also see they partners.

Than when it come to next week on Monday. We start making our journey towards Adelaide. Adelaide is going to be the first city we going to hit after 6month of walk. It well take us about 2 week to get to Adelaide when we leave Port Augusta next week on Monday. I just giving you Adelaide’s mob a head’s up o.k You all have a good day and a lovely weekends cheer

Day 188: 8.30am

Before we left today in Pimba. I got the chance to meet this guys. The Australian Defeat’s Force so today before leaving Pimba i was talking with the command office about what they was up to and how they been. He told me they been good and they are traveling back up north to Darwin after two week of training in port Augusta army base.

I told the commanding officer you guys do great a job protecting the country and it is a honor to meet you guys out here and i shake his hands. It great to meet this guys and great to have a chance to shake hand with high rating commanding office who job to keep his man in line. The commanding officer giving me the o.k to take this photo of they vehicle

Day 188: 10am

Few Emu’s – Garry

Day 188: 10.30am

Just now Pimba road house, won’t be any food left in the roadhouse. – Garry

Day 189: 10.30am

As I walk though the valley of the shadow of death. I fear no evil but god and my ancients them self. That he and my old people shall give me straight and courage to push though this hard bit of this harsh land i walk on. I ask from him and my ancients to give me wind to help us though this hot heat we walk in today. We are not far from seeing tree, water and life once again.

A manπŸ™!!!

Day 189: 10am

At Woomera air force base – Garry


Day 186 & 187: Pimba

Day 186: 10am

Lake Hart, in the late afternoon I was hoping the sun set would change the lakes color. – Noonie

Day 186: 2pm

Getting back into the walk again it is hard on my leg because of resting for a bit. But sooner or later my leg well get use to it again and I be doing the long walk like no tomorrow. No matter what I have never cheated on my walk I make sure my feet touch the ground on this great land and make sure I do not miss a area so that I know I walk it all the way to Canberra. It is the only way I can make the history book and people can talk about the walk in years to come.

Day 186

At camp, a bus pulled up we had a good talk to them.- Noonie

Day 186: 5pm

The must amazing think I have notest ever seen I began this walk for justice is the support i been getting from my people and from everyone else. The support I being getting is unbelievable and amazing. Every where I go people pull up ask if i’m o.k, if i needed any help or if I needed some where to stay to sleep people our there a welling to give a helping hand

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who help me on my walk from donating, helping organizing think for me or with me and those for give me a helping hand when I needed it. I don’t have any sponsors and no sponsors don’t what to sponsor me and I don’t know why is that maybe because i stand against the government by who know. To me who care Β I get my support from my family, friend, my people and from those who love what I’m doing and what me to finish the walk of and get justice. Thank you all

Day 186: 10pm

The sun set. – Noonie

Day 187: 7.30am

I don’t know what it is but I can feel change in the air slowly. Maybe because now back at home we have a new government in power. But I think to my self not to rush into thing thinking real change is going to happen. I still worry about if labour well do a great job or not. My thinking make me wonder about what going on with the closer of community, what they going to do for the homeless and how we going to get our state out of 40 billion dollars in debts.

The real question is why would labour what to spend more tax payer money on a new train line when they need to do first is start getting our state our of debts with our spacing more money. The fight for change is only getting started because we still need to ask question about the force closer of community, treaty with my people, the homeless, elders on pension who not well look after, education, job, welfare cards if it good or not, looking after the land without freaking it because they mute use a exusse to say we need to mining the land to create jobs, remove of child, death in custody, stronger law against crimes who do crimes, how they going to get us out of debts with out spending more money to put us in debts and many more other issue

The last time labour was in power back at home i remember they put western Australia in debts 40 billion dollars and the only way they paid it of was that they sell off Telstra who was Australia own to foreign country to get us out of debts. When we should know Telstra should stay Australia own. No matter what happen we must realise not to jump in so fast thinking change is coming. When we know labour and library are the same when it come to the people vote and trust to elected them telling people to vote for me and we do a better job than them. But when they are in power well real change happen or stay the same.

I think about my people community, the homeless and the future for my state back at home. So there for I’m not going to jump in thinking change going to happen. But watch and see how this play out back at home. I well continued and never stop my walk onto Canberra to get justice and I well never stop until justice is service for my people and the Australia people against this corporate government. We still must fight for our right and for change against a system who play like they the good guys when they are not. The good fight continued.

Day 187: 10am

I be going live today speak about my family community swan valley that was close down and other by Barnett. The question I be talking about is this new government is going to reopen community already been close down by Barnet. Half of my family die on the street ever seen our community was close down. We what our community swan valley to be reopen some my other half of my family can go home and so we can start fresh and start over again. We just want to go home. That why I was walking for my community and other that are close down and for my people and other who are homeless.

Day 187: 12pm

I feel angry and piss off today i think i need to chill and relax for a bit. Let my mind go back to the happy side again. So i’m just enjoy the view why I can and just setting down loving every moment of it before getting back into the walk again. I’m thinking about home, family, friends and everyone else back at home. So today I giving my elders a call to talk to them about something and they have told me to keep punishing on and get to Canberra to get justice for them and everyone else to. So no more games and no more playing around it time to start speaking to truth it the only way to make this happen and get justice for everyone.

Day 187: 2pm

Finley find a tree to set for a bit and have a drink of water before walking again. It unbelievable there not march stuff out here or tree’s. But you do see a lot of animal out here in the open.

Day 187: 4pm

This probably works underground. – Garry

Day 187: 5.30pm

A valley view to the salt lake, you have to walk out of the car park towards the lake then you see this view. – Noonie

Day 187: 7pm

Let talk real talk and how we can make think better for us all.

Day 187: 7.30pm

On the way to Pimba, leaving the sand hills with trees, up the hill on to the plato and not a lot of trees, but a lot of rocks. – Noonie