Day 186 & 187: Pimba

Day 186: 10am

Lake Hart, in the late afternoon I was hoping the sun set would change the lakes color. – Noonie

Day 186: 2pm

Getting back into the walk again it is hard on my leg because of resting for a bit. But sooner or later my leg well get use to it again and I be doing the long walk like no tomorrow. No matter what I have never cheated on my walk I make sure my feet touch the ground on this great land and make sure I do not miss a area so that I know I walk it all the way to Canberra. It is the only way I can make the history book and people can talk about the walk in years to come.

Day 186

At camp, a bus pulled up we had a good talk to them.- Noonie

Day 186: 5pm

The must amazing think I have notest ever seen I began this walk for justice is the support i been getting from my people and from everyone else. The support I being getting is unbelievable and amazing. Every where I go people pull up ask if i’m o.k, if i needed any help or if I needed some where to stay to sleep people our there a welling to give a helping hand

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who help me on my walk from donating, helping organizing think for me or with me and those for give me a helping hand when I needed it. I don’t have any sponsors and no sponsors don’t what to sponsor me and I don’t know why is that maybe because i stand against the government by who know. To me who care  I get my support from my family, friend, my people and from those who love what I’m doing and what me to finish the walk of and get justice. Thank you all

Day 186: 10pm

The sun set. – Noonie

Day 187: 7.30am

I don’t know what it is but I can feel change in the air slowly. Maybe because now back at home we have a new government in power. But I think to my self not to rush into thing thinking real change is going to happen. I still worry about if labour well do a great job or not. My thinking make me wonder about what going on with the closer of community, what they going to do for the homeless and how we going to get our state out of 40 billion dollars in debts.

The real question is why would labour what to spend more tax payer money on a new train line when they need to do first is start getting our state our of debts with our spacing more money. The fight for change is only getting started because we still need to ask question about the force closer of community, treaty with my people, the homeless, elders on pension who not well look after, education, job, welfare cards if it good or not, looking after the land without freaking it because they mute use a exusse to say we need to mining the land to create jobs, remove of child, death in custody, stronger law against crimes who do crimes, how they going to get us out of debts with out spending more money to put us in debts and many more other issue

The last time labour was in power back at home i remember they put western Australia in debts 40 billion dollars and the only way they paid it of was that they sell off Telstra who was Australia own to foreign country to get us out of debts. When we should know Telstra should stay Australia own. No matter what happen we must realise not to jump in so fast thinking change is coming. When we know labour and library are the same when it come to the people vote and trust to elected them telling people to vote for me and we do a better job than them. But when they are in power well real change happen or stay the same.

I think about my people community, the homeless and the future for my state back at home. So there for I’m not going to jump in thinking change going to happen. But watch and see how this play out back at home. I well continued and never stop my walk onto Canberra to get justice and I well never stop until justice is service for my people and the Australia people against this corporate government. We still must fight for our right and for change against a system who play like they the good guys when they are not. The good fight continued.

Day 187: 10am

I be going live today speak about my family community swan valley that was close down and other by Barnett. The question I be talking about is this new government is going to reopen community already been close down by Barnet. Half of my family die on the street ever seen our community was close down. We what our community swan valley to be reopen some my other half of my family can go home and so we can start fresh and start over again. We just want to go home. That why I was walking for my community and other that are close down and for my people and other who are homeless.

Day 187: 12pm

I feel angry and piss off today i think i need to chill and relax for a bit. Let my mind go back to the happy side again. So i’m just enjoy the view why I can and just setting down loving every moment of it before getting back into the walk again. I’m thinking about home, family, friends and everyone else back at home. So today I giving my elders a call to talk to them about something and they have told me to keep punishing on and get to Canberra to get justice for them and everyone else to. So no more games and no more playing around it time to start speaking to truth it the only way to make this happen and get justice for everyone.

Day 187: 2pm

Finley find a tree to set for a bit and have a drink of water before walking again. It unbelievable there not march stuff out here or tree’s. But you do see a lot of animal out here in the open.

Day 187: 4pm

This probably works underground. – Garry

Day 187: 5.30pm

A valley view to the salt lake, you have to walk out of the car park towards the lake then you see this view. – Noonie

Day 187: 7pm

Let talk real talk and how we can make think better for us all.

Day 187: 7.30pm

On the way to Pimba, leaving the sand hills with trees, up the hill on to the plato and not a lot of trees, but a lot of rocks. – Noonie

Author: Clintonswalkforjustice

I’m a Wajuk, Balardung, Kija and a Yulparitja man from the West of Australia. I will be walking across country from Matagarup/Heirrison Island in Perth to Parliament House in Canberra, following songlines and visiting communities along the way, where I will eventually be seeking audience with the Prime Minister and address the many injustices against the First Nations people of this land.

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  1. Hey Clinton, thanks for doing this for us. Don’t worry so much about government debt. 🙂 The government likes to scare us with big numbers, but the affect on most people is negligible. The best outcomes for regional communities will not be tied to government budget surplus – it means nothing. Stay strong! 😀

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