Days 259 & 260: Ararat & Beaufort

Day 259: 1.30pm

(You never know what you going to learn when your doing something amazing. All that matter is learn wile you can on it.)

Day 259: 6pm

We are at Ararat for the day, so I went for a little walk to the main street to have a look around. – Noonie

Day 260: 8.30am

Day 260: 10.30am

On our way out of Ararat. – Noonie

Day 260: 11am

On our way towards Ballarat town now. We be getting into Ballarat by tomorrow night. I have talk with the council group of Ballarat to help us by doing a welcome to country on Wednesday morning around 10am an to help out with donation, food voucher and fuel voucher on top accommodation for me and my team.

I trying to organize and look at where in Ballarat to do welcome to country from the council group and a location where everyone can come to meet us to. So I waiting on the council group to give me a call back tomorrow. Once I have a location I put it up on Facebook letting people know where to meet for the welcome to country.

If people from organization or from group what to help out in some way or help donate please commit your name, number and who you with or who you work for please commit or message me so i can call you to organize think with you over the phone.

Day 260

On our way to a lunch break. – Noonie

Day 260: 8pm

Cartoon by Cathy Wilcox, shared by Garry

Day 260

From lunch time and after changing a tyre on the buggie, we made it into Beaufort with some night walking. – Noonie

Author: Clintonswalkforjustice

I’m a Wajuk, Balardung, Kija and a Yulparitja man from the West of Australia. I will be walking across country from Matagarup/Heirrison Island in Perth to Parliament House in Canberra, following songlines and visiting communities along the way, where I will eventually be seeking audience with the Prime Minister and address the many injustices against the First Nations people of this land.

4 thoughts on “Days 259 & 260: Ararat & Beaufort”

  1. Dear Clinton

    You need to get a Commonwealth “Red Ensign” to replace the Australia Inc. “Blue Ensign” on your box trailer. The Red Ensign and Blue Ensign were both adopted in the Flag Act 1901 and both are theoretically of Equal Sovereignty (Terra Nullius Incognito = none) however according to Governor General at the Time Blue Flag was the “Flag of Government” (Federal Executive Cabinet – a precedent) and not even State Governments could use it before the Flag Act 1953 when Prime Minister Bob Menzies gave General Public Licence to use the Blue Flag which I presume now has a Washington DC Patent so Commonwealth in name only. Menzies argued that the Red Flag with Butcher’s Apron could somehow be mistaken for the Communist Flags on the battlefield where we had illegally invaded Korea.

    The Red Flag was known as the Civic Flag and was the Flag of the Common People of Commonwealth and Australian Soldiers fought both World Wars under it – After 1953 it was mainly used as the “Merchant Flag” by “Merchant Navy” shipping where it cannot be mistaken for New Zealand’s Flag.

    In the “1885 Pacific Islander Act” written after the Maori War that was Started by opportunistic NSW “RedCoats” after the bankruptcy of the Dutch New Zealand Corporation that resulted in the Waitangi Treaty Queen Victoria acknowledged the Sovereignty of the People of the Pacific Islands and that included the whole of Australia and Formerly Dutch Van Siemens Land (Tasmania).

    Like Bass and Flinders and his First Nations guides who provided them with Bush Tukka who circumnavigate Australia rowing their long boat the “Tom Thumb” you have proved that we are living on what are Pacific Islands as Queen Victoria described – This will be the case when you reach Warrant (Sydney) where you should walk across the Coathanger (on the Warringah Freeway) To Warringah (“Wave-Sea-Rain” – Best Farmland and home to the “Saltwater People” the Garigal and Gai-Marigal Tribes”.

    You should walk up to Karangal (North Head) where you can look out to the North East over the Pacific where you can swear on both the Commonwealth Red Ensign and the Aboriginal Flag to confirm that Queen Victoria’s words remain true and the Common People of Australia are not Slaves and the words Terra Nullius Incognito that were added to the Constitution in 1900 (And struck out by High Court Mabo Decision) were never true and cannot be used to give Sovereignty to the CROWN TEMPLE CITY OF LONDON CORPORATION under Roman Probate Law on the presumption (incognito) that all Australian First Nations died out between 1885 and 1900 for them to inherit it.

    Leitenant James Cook claimed the East Coast Sea Lanes of Australia up to the High Tide for the King of England except for areas already claimed by Holland = WA and Van Siemens Land/Tamania at Posession Island Near Cairns on August 23,1770.

    Leitenant Cook never tried to claim that Australia’s First Nations were not here, he wrote of seeing the smoke rising onshore from there cooking fires, The First Natons People of Cooktown he described as “Friendly” as they helped him find a tree to replace the mast on his dismasted ship.

    However Cook was killed soon after in what is now US occupied Hawaii and Cooks Boat the HMS Barq Endeavour was sunk on the bottom of Boston Harbour during the US war of Independence 1776 and hardly anyone had read his writings. The US could no longer export there impoverished Convicts to the United States then created an uproar when they wanted to turn Namibia which was well known to be Populated into a Penal/Slave colony so as alternative the “First Fleet” was sent to Botony Bay whilst Public knowledge of Australia’s First Nations was suppressed in England – However the French and New Zealanders were soon to complain. The Spanish also Complained and reportedly sent out an Armada in 1792 to Find Australia which they claimed as Defacto Spanish war booty being a (defeated) Inca Colony supposedly in the Wwestern Hemisphere after the Treaty with the Arabs at the End of the Crusades which made the Western Hemisphere the Domain of the Vatican and the Eastern Hemisphere the Domain of Allah (God of All Arabs And Muslims).

    Without Sovereignty the Australian Constitution remains bunkum and as an Anglo Saxon Australian I have nothing to lose by supporting Sovereign Treaties – in fact I would be gaining 50/50 Sovereignty in a Waitangi style Treaty instead of my Sovereignty being a German Lady called Betty Von Battenberg who lives in LONDON.

    Tony Backhouse

    Allambie (Resting Place) NSW

    Warringah Pacific Islands


  2. Clinton,
    So proud of what you and your team have achieved already – and you are almost in Melbourne!!! I’ve, followed every post and I stand in awe of your extraordinary accomplishments.
    With loving good wishes and thunderous applause!
    May the wind be in your back and may the road rise to meet you and you get the most fantastic welcomes in all the towns and cities as you go.
    Jo Wynter,
    Cooktown FNQ

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