Day 271: Bubup Wilam & Homeless of Melbourne

Day 271: 9.30am

Good morning guys yesterday the team and I when to visited the Bubup Wilam day care center to see the kids. We when in to see the kids at the age of 4 year old and 5 year old to talk to them about the walk and I was showing them how far I have walked and i was telling them how they can chance they dream.

The little once at Bubup Wilam giving me think to take with me to tell the prime minister of what they want done for our people. We did a little march and a little protect together  So decided in returned to give them a gift of a pair of my shoes I walk in and I give other gift.

I what to thank Lisa from the day care center of Bubup Wilam for invited us and thank the little ones for seeing us

[Admin] Bubup Wilam:

Day 271: 12pm

Last year this young Gunditjmarra warrior and supporter of Clinton’s Walk, Isiah, spent all his saved up moneybox money – $140 of his own pocket money – to put on a feed for homeless mob in Fitzroy.

This year, Isiah saved his money and used it to buy a new pair of boots for Clinton to wear the walk to Canberra. What a little legend!

After learning this story, we thought it only right to help the young fella continue his tradition of helping the homeless.

And so on Sunday afternoon, we will be co-hosting a public event with Democracy in Colour in honour of Isiah. The event will be held at Victoria Trades Hall and will provide free food for those in need.

This is also an opportunity for homeless folk and supporters to come along and get a chance to meet with Clinton.

Catering is being generously provided by Lentil As Anything.

Come along and support a great kid, have a great feed and meet with Clinton and the Walk For Justice team before they leave Naarm.

Day 271: 12.30pm

We visited Bubup Wilam for Early Learning, this is for 4 year old kids and up, they are well looked after here and they do their best, the kids liked Clinton’s visit, they are following Clinton’s walk, this encourages them to be involved and engaging the education side of following on the map of were Clinton has been and going. It is great for the children. – Noonie

Day 271: 1.30pm

Some of the children, photos from the front can not be taken, but they are involved in this walk.

Today we moved to another place to stay for a few days, went to see some kids, that are having a hard time in their lives at this young age and we seen them been engaged in this walk. Went and seen the Indigenous affairs that are engaged with the present for our future. We all need to learn what is going on with the Government and the word Treaty. When talking with and about the people that lived here on this Great Land, that after the Empire came here, named it Australia.

Today we are talking about our future, on this Continent, about the Lands, of many Nations on their Countries, with no Treaty today with them. Think about the word Treaty, it is in peace today, that our future can be made to last as long as we chose. The knowledge of the Earth, of the people that lived here today and befor the Empire came here, is needed to make Mother Earth health again. They know their lands, they are better for the Earth and they should lead the way. The word Treaty, is what the government needs. The word Treaty is what the people need to live on Countries in peace and in harmony with the lands and with the people’s of this their Earth, their Earth ( that word Treaty again ). The future is our future to choose. Or the Government will take us were ! 

These grownups their photos can be taken from the front and they are also involved in our present, our future and we all need to learn out pass, so today we can all have our photos taken from the front and make our future what is best for us all, not to let the government continue with it’s agenda for us. It is our future, to get it right and to address the wrongdoing of the pass, make the future ours, it is time to stand up. – Noonie

Day 271: 4.30pm

Day 271: 5pm

Just here tonight in Melbourne street with the homeless mob talking with them and seening how they are an what it like living on the street of Melbourne.

Day 271: 8pm

Day 271: 9pm

We went to the peanut farm, a rehabilitation center, Clinton had an invite, another good day. – Noonie

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I’m a Wajuk, Balardung, Kija and a Yulparitja man from the West of Australia. I will be walking across country from Matagarup/Heirrison Island in Perth to Parliament House in Canberra, following songlines and visiting communities along the way, where I will eventually be seeking audience with the Prime Minister and address the many injustices against the First Nations people of this land.

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