Day 35: (Rest Day) Leonora


14701001_1871563389733515_2110598595674445316_oOne of the things we love about Clintons Walk for Justice, is that its a community supported effort, we just couldn’t do it without you.

This amazing woman collected some donated trainers and hand delivered them to Clinton 🙂

Thanks Keesha for driving and delivering and thanks to Portia for donating some shoes.

– Admin Lisa 🙂


14681668_704015289748943_5486237069383031871_nWe just at Jill Adams Ashwin house resting up in Leonora town and getting think ready for our run to Wiluna tomorrow to kill more time before the crowd funding money to come through. Also to see the elders and local in Wiluna before coming back to Leonora on Sunday afternoon to start the walk to Laverton town on Tuesday morning. I just wanted to thank Jill Adams Ashwin for letting us rest at her place.


Looking good and healthy. It must be because of the walking making me more health and I look different that 1 month ago.


14364754_1199413616781845_5567417311141135005_nEveryone need to know with out Garry Ashwin, Jum Ashwin and Noonie Raymond. I would be still on the island or only made it half way. Without this three amazing and good man I wouldn’t made it to Leonora town. This walk is not about me and it not a one man army. This walk is a team effort and we are going to finish this walk as a team. This three amazing man are not just my friend’s, but now have become family to me. They well Always have my respect and are welcome to come over my place for a cup a tea or a coffee anytime after this walk is finish and a place to stay.


I was born as a warrior and I’m going to die as a warrior. The march I lead on Australia day this year in Perth and we march for change to bring the Australia people together. Aboriginal people and non Aboriginal was marching together for change on Australia day.

(Pics) Gallery Post

Please enjoy this series of photos taken that we’ve been hoarding. If you have photos of Clinton that you’d like to share, please post them to the Facebook Group! We love seeing your pictures! 

Photo credit to: Laura, Lime HoneyGeorgiaChristieSamanthaPaige, Noonie & Garry.

Please check with us if you’d like to use photographs for media purposes.

[Admin Post] Perth to Kalgoorlie – BBQ

CtfS9erVIAA_ZxhHey guys, Admin Gee here!

Yesterday my husband Luke and I made the drive to Kalgoorlie to visit Clinton. It was really great to drive the route that Clinton walked and that we’ve all been following so closely. I thought ya’ll might enjoy my photos of the day.

Special thanks to The Kalgoorlie-Boulder Council for the BBQ, Headspace for their kind and generous donations and their cooking skills, and Todd and the Facebook community for mailing us sneakers from interstate!

Day 4: Rest Day – Northam

14238102_1855952837961237_4316760431766731731_n“Goodmorning family, goodmorning friends, goodmorning australia and goodmoring the world. I just woken up and going to have a cup of coffee and breakfast. I well be resting all day in Northam at Bernard park. People are welcome to come down and join us. I leave Northam tomorrow morning to start the walk to Meckering town and well get around there by 6:00pm. It the same distance of the walk I did yesterday.

I well be answering message today. I apologize to people if I did get back to you on message so I be reading them now and message you back now. Also I just wanted to say thank you to the local kids and parents for helping by pushing me to finish the walk yesterday I really preciate it.”

14317375_687138578103281_4789864873616221359_n“Taking photo to say with my people and family. Best think i hear yesterday that touch my heart was from a young generation Aboriginal little brother who was 8 year old. Said to me that I was his hero and said one day he want to do the walk across Australia when he grow up. I told him when you do the walk. I well walk with you and be your support team to make sure your o.k 🙂

Also today I have ask some of the local that I want to meet the elders in this town to have a talk with them about some think and talk about issues about in Northam. On top asking them what they want me to say for them when I reach Canberra.”

Clinton with Trevor and Nancy Davis in Northam.
“I’m riding to Kalgoorlie tomorrow on my steel horse like a warrior. You there which way to Canberra haha lol I think alot of people ride this steel horse in Northam.”









“Police came down and said we can be here until 9:00pm and then we have to move. So we going to move to the Northam Aboriginal Reserve and camp there. This will not stop me marching on to Canberra. We have to deal with think on the way of this journey I doing. I ain’t going to let that get to me because tomorrow i well be coming back to this park and start the journey walk on to the next town.”