Day 355: Goulburn

Day 355: 4.30am

Good morning guys it another beautiful day of walking today. We been making our way into Goulburn town at lunchtime. People who live in Goulburn or around the area please come a long at the mulwaree council chamber to meet me an the team. Also there be lunch there for everyone to eat as well. See you all there 

Day 355: 5.30am

Rosie has her own page now 😍🐾

Day 355: 7am

This making me emotional seeing my people back at home in the Pilbara marching for me and supporting what I’m doing.

Day 355: 8am

Guys, if anyone in Goulburn / Canberra has a trailer the team can use to bring wood to the Embassy – please let us know 🔥⛺️

Day 355: 9.30am

Day 355: 12.30pm

Day 355: 1.30pm

Day 355: 1.30pm

Day 355: 3pm

Day 355: 3.30pm

[Admin Gee] Hey guys, if you’re heading to Tent Embassy this weekend, please remember it is cold! Bring warm gear….if you have any to spare, donations would be much appreciated.

Day 355: 3.30pm

Day 355: 4.30pm

Got some good news the prime minister wants to meet me, the opposition leader wants to meet me, the greens leader wants to meet me and the governor general wants to meet me. More or less the entire parliament house wants to meet me an represent of the crown want to meet me.

But we still working on trying to get government an the governor general to come to the embassy to meet with elder’s an leader of community so they can address they issue on the behalf of they community.

On top media from around the world a flying in as we speak. So they can broadcast everything live in Canberra on the day for they country. So that mean the hole world well be watching want going to happen in Canberra. Also media across this country well be there to. So they can broadcast everything to the whole country. 7 billion people an counting from around the world well be watching want going to happen in Canberra.

This is going to be the huge thing ever in this country history.

Day 355: 5.30pm

Day 355: 6pm

[Admin Toby] In Unity 👣

Day 355: 7pm

Thinking about life from being a child to now. No matter what pain in my leg I going to continue walking tonight an get closer to Canberra. I promise my father this an i going to walk it into Canberra no matter what anyone say. I promise my father I going to do this for my family, friends, my people an support. It time to listen to motivation to help me walk tonight.

Day 355: 7.30pm

Day 355: 7.30pm

Time to listen to motivation tonight to help me walk.

(pics) These guys… Part 5!

Day 236: Visits Murray Bridge and surrounds

– Noonie

Day 236: 7am

[Admin Luke] Hey everyone – please keep the donations coming in! The team are back on the treck from Adelaide to Melbourne and need your support to keep going all the way to Canberra.

Plus there’s ongoing costs back at home and always new people coming along to support.

Please give generously, all funds go directly to supporting the walk team and anything left at the end will be donated to support Aboriginal communities and the homeless.

Can you help us get past the $15,000 mark today???

Day 236: 9am

Hey guys i just wanted to thank Moorundi Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service for donating $500 dollar’s to our go fund me page and also Murray bridge community for helping to by donating to our walk. Thank you Moorundi and Murray bridge community for helping us by donating to keep us going on our walk

– Noonie

Day 236: 11.30am

[Admin Toby] If you would like a shirt in time for Clinton in Melbourne please order now! We do not keep stock of them on hand and they must be pre-ordered for manufacture which can take some time.

Follow this link and there is a payment option for credit card down below the PayPal option. If you have trouble ordering please let us know.

At the Park were Clinton finish the walk into Murry Bridge. – Noonie

Day 236: 12pm

We have come a long way from where we have started, to where we are now. All that matter in the end is to finish this walk off on why we left Perth in the first place. Let it be done and let justice be served by making it way towards Canberra. Together we can do this as one people, for our self, for our future and for a better future for all who live here on this great land we call home.

Day 236: 9.30pm

[Admin Toby] A clear and concise article thanks to the Murray Valley Standard.

“Walking across the country for my people just to speak to the prime minister will create something big and it has never happened before.”

Day 235: Murray Bridge

Day 235: 8am

Walking thought the back way is much more better than walking on the hwy. You know why because you get to see more of the country it self than driving on a hwy and missing out on all of it.

Day 235: 8.30am

This weather getting colder every day the more we go down south east and I’m now starting to miss the hot heat from the desert country area.

Day 235: 10am

Please listen in.

Day 235: 10.30am

This wild life this day always coming up to say hello where ever I’m.

Day 235: 11am

We have a little bit of time to get to the start point this morning for the walk in to Murray Bridge, enjoying the sun after a cool morning. – Noonie

Day 235: 12pm

Starting the walk into Murray Bridge. – Noonie

At the first stop to the start of the walk down town. – Noonie

Day 235: 1.30pm

Just now walking into Murray Bridge – Garry

Along the road school kids came out to see Clinton walk past. This is were Clinton stop to give the children time to come out. – Noonie

Through the town and on to the park. – Noonie

Day 235: 2.30pm

Hey guys I just wanted to thank Harley john hall from Murray bridge for amazing work today an organising think for today walk into Murray bridge town. The walk into Murray bridge today went beautiful and well that a lot of the people from Murray bridge an also kids from school join us on our walk. The team and I wanted to thank you brother Harley john hall from Murray bridge and everyone else for welcoming us in to your country area.

Thank you all from Murray bridge

Day 235: 2.30pm

Clinton’s walk Murray Bridge – Garry

The walk into Murray Bridge end up as another good day, meeting more good people. – Noonie

Day 235: 5pm

My biggest fan and my biggest supporter my baby sister Renea Amanda baby Pauletta. My little neice have been following her uncle and been supporting her uncle all the way from Perth.  so I put her down as my biggest fan and my biggest supporter.

Day 235: 5.30pm

Hey guys just letting you know that tomorrow we been resting all day in Murray bridge because we need to see more people and also the team what to do some explored around the place. We be leaving Murray bridge town on Friday morning at 9:00am from Sturt reserve park where we had the BBQ and welcome to country. The next town we are walking to is tailem bend town. If people what to meet us or what to say hello to us we are staying at Murray bridge Marine caravan park next to the river.

Day 235: 8am

[Admin Toby] Photos sent in from Murray Bridge, thanks to Brody Kodaa Andrews Richards and Dean Whittaker

Day 232: Leaving Adelaide

Day 232: 6.30am

Good morning guys please be at Victoria Square at 10am today in central Adelaide. We don’t leave Victoria Square until 10:30am today. We going wait around for half and hour to give people time to get there to say goodbye or walk with us cheer

Day 232: 8.30am

Hey guys quick update just letting everyone know that we are running a bit late because we a still packing up our staff. We be getting into Victoria square about 11:00am today. Please if your there can you wait around or go do something to kill time until 11:00am cheer

Day 232: 10am

Hey everyone this is the route we walking towards Melbourne way. We just left Adelaide Square and now heading east into the hill’s.

We want to thank everyone from Adelaide mob for welcoming us in your country area. It been a great honor and respect to you guy for welcoming us. Thank you guys for the time in Adelaide. But now we head east into the hill an mountain where in rain heavy.

When we left Adelaide square this morning it started to rain heavy the old people from this country area start to cry for us and I think they didn’t what us to go. But we have no choose but to leave and head east.

Thank you Adelaide mob

Day 232: 12pm

Heading into the misty hill of Adelaide. He we come Melbourne three week of walking thought hill, mountain, the cold and rain’s.

Day 232

From Adelaide to the hill overlooking Adelaide on our way to Melbourne. – Noonie

Day 232: 12.30pm

Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee made it to the top of Adelaide hill yyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee spirit walker warrior from the west.

Day 232: 1.30pm

No such thing walking thought tunnel to give pass the hill’s, no such thing walking on the hwy to get around the hill’s. We walk over this hill like warrior and do this how our old people walk over this hill’s in the rain and cold back in the traditional days.

From the hill overlooking Adelaide to just pass the tunnel on the high highway. – Noonie

[Guest Post]

Up to the camp site near Stirling. – Noonie

(Pics) Gallery Post

Please enjoy this series of photos taken that we’ve been hoarding. If you have photos of Clinton that you’d like to share, please post them to the Facebook Group! We love seeing your pictures! 

Photo credit to: Laura, Lime HoneyGeorgiaChristieSamanthaPaige, Noonie & Garry.

Please check with us if you’d like to use photographs for media purposes.


13902672_671438296339976_4073562378637682314_nI being told that after this walk I well make the rate of an Elder. But I said I’m to young to be an elder. I’m only 26 year old. But I got told it doesn’t matter want age you are if you can look after the people, protect the land, trusted with knowledge that going to be pass down on to me when i’m walking through community and learn they Dreamtime story all the community I pass, doing something that never being done before in our culture and in our history passing thought other country to connecting with the people an community.

They said that a rate of an elder or become something more like high than a elder becoming the rate of a leader or the father for our people because something like this has never being done before. Never, never has. Walking thought other country and walking across the hole country for Justice. This walk well have every one watching it. So i have alot of pressure on me because all my people well be watching this walk also the hold country as well.

Also I being told that community a starting to get ready for me when i arrived at their communities to spend the night with them.

I don’t know want going to happen on this walk. I’m scared, happen, pressure, ready for this and see how this play out.