(music video) Beni Bjah – Survivors

We Survivors my people and we going keep on fighting for our right as first nation people of this land we stand on. We not going to back down until we win.

Noongar man Beni Bjah took out the Western Australian Music Song of the Year award in 2016 with this powerful track. The equally deadly video was shot by documentary film maker David Vincent Smith.

Bush Medicine…

13872917_670444396439366_156846143145813014_nFor last couple days I being doing a lot of research on Australia natural planet a cross the country and calling my Grandmother an Elders up to give me a list of bush medicine to help me on my trip.

Why I’m doing research on plants in Australia because if I get a sore tooth, infected wounds, feeling sick or I’m in pain. First Aid won’t help with thing like that and I cannot rely on the Flying Doctors because the Flying Doctors will take 2hours to get to us if some one is injured or has infected wound that could kill.

13876703_670444416439364_9137335699797431784_nSo making a book and putting picture of all Australia natural plant and bush mechanics in it and explaining next to the picture of the plant want it can do to help the body. I only doing this because I need to have a back up plan and might need to rely on my culture way and the old people teaching if things go bad out there.

Clinton and Ian doing some research; Ian will be joining Clinton on the walk and is our expert on Plants.

Fremantle Considers Cancelling Australia Day Fireworks!


From the Bropho family to the Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt. We just wanted to say thank you for not going ahead to host fire works next year on Australia day in Fremantle and recognising that celebrating Australia day on January 26. It is painful day to First Nation people. So well done Brad Pettitt mayor of Fremantle for making a stand.

We hope that the other counsel ground around Perth well do the same and make a stand with Fremantle who trying to push for Australia day to be change or Australia day should be celebrate as a multicultural australia day where Aboriginal culture is involved.

So once again well done Brad Pettitt your have full thank you from the family and support.

– Clinton Pryor

Fremantle Mayor, Brad Pettitt’s Statement

Perth Now Article

Every Day is Leg Day…

“This want I like no one here just me. Tonight doing four hours of work out training until 6:00pm. Start getting ready for the walk a cross Australia.”


Clinton started training last week!

In order to make this epic walk from Perth to Canberra, Clinton knows that he has to strengthen all his walking muscles.

From now on, every day is Leg Day for Clinton.

Start Some Good Crowd Funding – Now Live!

Good morning all

Just letting you all know that my crowdfunding page has being approve and now on line for those who want to donate and sponsor my walk across Australia from Perth to Canberra.

Please share and help me make this trip.

I only have 3 week left before I leave Perth and start the journey and walk for justice for the force closer of remote community in western Australia.

So spread the message and let every one know in this country that there a First Nation man traveling from the West to Canberra.

– Clinton

Please consider making a donation and/or sharing the link.