Day 341: Wollongong

Day 341: 7am

The injustice this government has done to all of us shall no longer do injustice any more, that justice shall come forward to break it down to bring out the truth of freedom an unite.

That we has the olderst living culture on earth an we has a mulculture country of people who has different religious beliefs what to bring more to this country an the world it self to lead it in a new way of path where it shall show the true future of what we all wanted.

That it well bring this country together in working on a better way of a future for our child to live together in harmony an that no one shall no longer be left behind living in homeless an living in poverty. That mother earth shall shine an bring back the beautiful of this life we see every day in this world.

It is time for what we want and we have waited for a long time for this an the time is now to get it.

Day 341: 8am

The constitution is not broken it just that you people in politics don’t want to follow the rule book because you choose to be greedy an what power to control us.

The construction is for the people to give them the power to have a say when it come to laws, votes and who they want to lead this country.

I seen the old constitution the 1901 it has change from a government for the people to a government for the rich. We shall no longer be rule by the rich an that the power shall come back to the people.

Day 341: 8.30am

This is a tree in Wollongong, it has a lot of colour on it. – Noonie

Bonus Video

Day 341: 9am

What do you see in this picture?

Day 341: 9am

Hey all please donate an support my admin team who work so hard behind close door helping with the walk I doing. I what them to fly over because they a my friend and family an they decide the respect of knowledge for the amazing work they a doing with the walk for justice.

This will also fly over two elder I know very well and who I what to come over to stand with me on the last leg of the walk.

Day 342: 9.30am

Day 341

Day 341: 10am

What I see in this picture haha lol

Day 341: 10.30am

It time to speak out.

Day 341: 11.30am

Day 341: 11.30am

Day 341: 12pm

Day 341

Friday, 18th. From Wollongong to Illawarra Escarpment. Bulli – Noonie

Day 341: 12.30pm

Day 341: 12.30pm

Day 341: 1.30pm

Please donate to help finish the walk of and also we calling out for assistance to try get two bus to help us help all this people walking with us from Campbelltown to Canberra.

Donation link here:

Day 341: 2pm

This is what going on the side of the bus’s guys what you think.

Day 341: 1pm

Day 341: 1.30pm

Day 341

Out of Wollongong on the 18th a long the road and some people we meet. With one walker who walked with us for a few ks. – Noonie

Day 341: 3.30pm

Doing a call out for assistance for volunteers bus’s driver who have a LR licence. The bus a automatic and who what to come on a amazing trip helping eveyone who walking with us from Campbelltown to Canberra an who are up for a drive for couple week until the walk is finish. Please message me an let me know asap. Need this volunteers by tomorrow so we can pick up this to bus tomorrow night.

Day 341: 4.30pm

Day 341: 8pm

Day 341

Day 42: Mt Margaret to Laverton


14681613_1792345301021538_3085570941831036359_n“Camp at Mt Margaret, on our way to Laverton today.” – Noonie



14731267_709676115849527_2817769313305989757_nI’m almost there to the spot for the biggest and the most hardest part of the walk and the most hard challenge I ever did in my whole life.

14642036_1792500454339356_1488021506064315756_n“We left Mt Margaret and headed to were we would start walking again, then off to Laverton.” – Noonie


14567982_1137494846341618_9060479976879148091_n“Clinton playing with his phone.” – Garry


14717133_1137523006338802_1016843238802562683_n“Just now interview with ABC 10 ks out from Laverten.” – Garry



14666320_709790452504760_1739930770118658185_nWalked it from Perth to Laverton, too moorditj. Time to rest up and get want we need from Laverton before starting the walk on Monday to Warburton.


14670760_1792503191005749_5687704868998082379_n“We have made it to Laverton ok, we are well, two days rest then off we go.” – Noonie



“Laverton mob Clinton and his team Garry, Noonie are here at Wongatha Village if you would like to come have a yarn and photos with them.” – Georgina Ashwin



14650154_709877705829368_2105733694711407642_nThis is for all our strong women in Australia. No matter how hard life is for you right now just remember you have the backing of a strong man like me well stand with you.