Day 48: Cosmo, Newberry


14724357_1795568574032544_3836440161348820291_n“Up early to see the sun come up, before we start the day. Dark nights lots of stars, the sun came up around 5 am, good country to be on.” – Noonie


“On the gravel with Clinton Pryor, today we walked on a stretch of gravel that was chopped up. This one was a good stretch of road.” – Noonie

14563310_713438932139912_3189026237481400711_nIt going to be a other beautiful day of walking. The walk for justice well change me into something more stronger and powerful when it is finish. The time for change and hope as come.


14716046_1142852312472538_5427906680088185545_n“Noonie, Clinton walking, Victoria Desert day 3 from Laverton.” – Garry

14572789_1571660922851460_2759816395876567126_nCosmo Newberry Aboriginal Corporation 

Clinton and crew arrived here today.. the kids walked up to the rise and greeted him and we had some refreshments waiting and a welcome to yilka homeland lovely to meet him and get to chat 😊


14713514_713709862112819_5071207271609220276_nHey all just letting you know we are at Cosmo Newberry community and now having a rest before heading up north tomorrow to get closer to Warburton town and onto Uluru the heart land. I like to thank the elders of Cosmo community and the people of Cosmo for welcoming us in and helping us with water, money, shower, food and to wash our clothes. So thank you Cosmo mob for the warm welcome

Day 30: (Rest Day) Menzies


14563348_701002896716849_6090808644707437109_nI finely got camera record. Now on I be recording everything on the walk. Also recording story from the elders and local that they tell me about the community pass and town pass. When this walk is finish everything well be record and documents. So that they mute make a movie after this.


14520472_701082873375518_1633088706353838421_nI’m starting to realize that I getting blacker. I think the Time I get to uluru I well be that black. No one well recognized me haha lol


14520409_701088680041604_6858352049486139674_nYou can see how hot the road are and how hot it getting out this way. But it doesn’t worry me because I’m on a mission.


14502695_1785641901691878_5680993374517699265_n“We are at the Menzies Aboriginal Corporation, rest up for tomorrow, the people will be coming here this afternoon to speak with Clinton.” – Noonie