Days 116-119: South Australia!

Day 116:

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We here at Clinton’s Walk are pleased to support this petition! Thank you Tikiana!

Day 117: 5.30am

We are getting ready to to continue walking south, no contact for a few days. – Noonie

Day 117: 7am

On the way to Aputula Lands yesterday, a visitor in the morning before we headed out. Ten to seven now and the sun is hot on my back now. – Noonie

Day 117: 7.30am

Hey guys just letting you know we a leaving the Northern Territory and now making our way south to cross over the boarder to South Australia to visit community who are next to the main road and see elders, community leader, the kids and the people from this community around the top end of South Australia. In that time of walking from where we are to travel down south.

The next town with signal is about 260km. So that mean we be off Facebook for about 6 to 7 days. But my team well be ringing me every second day to see where I’m and how the team and I going thought the sat phone. So the be putting update on the other page Clinton walk for justice. so you know where I’m and what we are doing. Hope you all have amazing day and see you in 6 to 7 day when we are back on Facebook.

Day 118 6pm

South Australiaaaaaaaaa Finley hit the three state. Time to head south and meet the people of South Australia and see how think going for the people of south Australia. Unbelievable walk thought three state. From Perth to Kalgoorlie, to Warburton onto the boarder of Western Australia and Northern Territory and now hit South Australia.

Day 119: 7am

Clinton and myself set off for the border, Garry stayed back, it was time to fix and change tyres on the trailer and car. – Noonie

Day 119: 7.30am

At the boarder we made camp there, the sun set we had to bring the tents under shelter through the night, the wind started up and a few rain drops with large rain cloud coming our way, a bit hot to put the cover on the tent, so under cover I went with, then wake up no wind no cloud. – Noonie

Day 119: 8.30am

Dear ancient give me the gift of truth, give me the gift of wisdom, give me the gift of straight, give me the gift of courage and give me the gift of healing. I will walk to hell and back to make this country move forward and come together as one people to live in harmony. But also I ask is to help me save our culture, our people and the land we live on for 100,000 year. I know you will help me my ancient. But only wanted to ask for help when I need it and I hope you well help me when it is the right time for it to happen my old people and ancient.

Day 119: 8.30am

Our first day in South Australia, the sun coming up on the left so I photographed the sun coming up. The flowering plants are still growing new ones along side others that have finish. Pools of water must lay around the place, these birds I could film just. – Noonie

Day 119: 9am

The days are hot, high 30s. The shelters are strong and are quite good, equipped with full air flow when the wind is blowing. This rest place had no trees. I did get to film a budgie, they are here alright hard to film them when they are flying, they don’t sit long, there was two when I was ready to film, one was gone befor I started to film, this one was gone just after I stop filming. – Noonie

Day 119: 11am

This is about how far we have travelled. WA, NT, into SA. Two State’s and one Territory, in Australia. How many Countries in Europe, how many Countries of First Nations People of this Australian Continent? We have travelled on many lands and country. No matter were you come from, post it you wish, what district and place or clan in the country were you are living and were you come from. You don’t need to do this. Which map could you use. – Noonie

Day 119: 3.30pm

It hot up here on top of South Australia. But you got to love the hot summer.

Day 119: 6.30pm

I walk the talk and talk the walk.That how true leaders a made.

Day 119: 8pm

– Garry