Days 145-147: Desert south of Coober Pedy

Day 145: 7.30am

Safe travels you mob, honoured to have spent time with you fullas. Respect  – Cherie in Coober Pedy

Day 145: 8am

I see none thing but clear land with no tree to be seeing. This will be the last of the hard part of the journey just 13 day to go than we hit Port Augusta. Than thing can start cooling down for us. 13 day of this heat bring it 😬

I well be off Facebook for about 5 day because of none signal after this photo I uploaded. I well see you all when I back on Facebook guy

Day 145: 12pm

[Admin Lisa] CONGRATULATIONS to Michael for bidding a whopping $600 in our first ever auction! A huge thank you to everyone that contributed, bid or shared. Clinton, the Support and Admin team are all blown away by the amount of interest and the money raised. This will be a significant contribution to funds.

Trent Duffy – ArtisticOne, we have a winner!

Thanks again to you all!

Day 145: 4pm

On the road, came across some more rubble the hall road is for the heavy trucks. With on trees the land and roads keep going into the distance. – Noonie

Day 146: 11pm

Coober Pedy 2 nights ago. – Garry

Day 147: 1.30pm

Finely got signal again. I’m like a ghost walking up the road in the foot step of my ancients coming towards you bring the words of truth to change the people thinking. It is only a matter of time, only the matter of time. Port Augusta we a getting close not far now. The word of truth is coming.

Day 147: 3.30pm

Wwwwwoooo this so cool. Now I got Archie Roach supporting my walk and now following me on twitter. Mite have to give him a message to see if he like to catch up for cup of coffee when I get around in his area.

Day 147: 6pm

Heading out on a night walk. – Noonie


[Admin] Auction – ArtisticOne’s deadly painted boots!

!! Auction Time !!

So here we go ~ You are bidding for a custom designed pair of trainers or boots designed and painted by the wonderful Trent Duffy – ArtisticOne for the WINNER! The only pair like it in the world, designed for you.

The photo shown is an example only of Trent’s work, please visit his page for more ideas

How To Bid –

1) Simply comment on the photo the price you are prepared to pay to own a pair of custom designed shoes.

2) Reserve price starts at $20

3) Bidding closes in 3 days. Friday 3rd Feb 2017 at exactly 12pm Australian Western Standard time

4) The Winner will be notified by Facebook

5) Once the design has been chosen, please allow 2 weeks for Trent to paint and ship your shoes.

6) Admin reserves the right to delete any posts that do not comply to our page rules around respectful conversation.

7) Only bids directly on OUR page can be accepted.

8) Clinton’s Walk for Justice complies with all facebook rules and regulations in regards to online bidding. These can be found here :

Happy Bidding !
Admin Lisa

Days 140 & 141: Finishing the walk into Coober Pedy

Day 140: 10am

From the top of the Lookout Cave here at Coober Pedy. – Noonie

Day 140: 1pm

I just loading up some of my photo from the pass that I added speech to them so please have a read thought them.

Day 140: 4.30pm

Today everyone i would like to talk to you about what unity a justice is going to do for you. Now what i would like is for as many of you that want to have their say now is that time! Add to this thread all your view a opinions on how you would run this country and how you would deal with it.
Child protection-
Country Growth-
Expanding the outback to grow the country-
New Constitution-
Public holiday such a culture memorial day-
Anzac Day-
Australia Day-
And all other areas that you wish to comment on?

We have policy’s that can be port in place and improve the country. But we would rather have your input on think. The think is about being a leader is about listing, understanding and what the people want. It is not about what you think you know what best for the people and for the country. But about listening and learning from people voice and what they want. So please put down your view and what you think how this country can be run.

Day 140: 6pm

Hey all good morning well I be getting back into the walk today. We still have to do other 50km walk to make our way in Coober Pedy before heading to Port Augusta. I decided three days ago before coming into Coober Pedy was to rest up and the team to rest up so we drive in. But we needed to do other 50km to walk into Coober Pedy before we can start making our way towards Port Augusta.

So today we going back our to the spot where we stop and get back into it. It seem to me that the weather today is going to be 46 degree in our area and that good I like a bit of a challenge. Beside before leaving Coober Pedy without know the real heat of this area well be unfair to know it. So today I have decided to challenge this heat and walk in it finish the last leg walk into Coober Pedy. Before resting tomorrow and Wednesday starting the walking again to make our way towards Port Augusta. So let do this and challenge this heat out.

Day 141: 1.30pm

[Admin Lisa] Auction Update.

As you know, through the wonderful generosity of Trent Duffy – ArtisticOne we are holding our first ever Auction tomorrow. Trent is the first artist to approach us with this offer and has started a bit of a trend.
Over the next few weeks we will be auctioning off several special items that have been donated by Artists that believe in Clinton and want to help us raise much needed funds for Clinton’s Walk for Justice.

If you haven’t already liked and followed our page, please do so, this will ensure that you get all our updates.

The Auctions starts tomorrow 12:00 pm Australian Western Standard Time. You will be auctioning for a custom designed pair of sneakers or footie boots. Your choice. So, remember to check in tomorrow, all funds raised go to Clinton and his support team.

Day 141: 4pm

We walk today from the place we stop when the thunder hit, so I tock off to find the pool I had videoed before to check out the water level their, found it and videoed it again some more photos up to the start point of today. – Noonie

Day 141: 5pm

Not so wet today but I can show you on some photos. A lot of water come from that thunder storm. This is at Pootnoura Creek channel 2. This is what water can do. – Noonie

Day 141: 6.30pm

Mean while out in South Australia in Coober Pedy with Clinton. I just walking in this 46 degree heat and not worrying about nothing Why because I know how this heat is and I just waiting for the right time until I get to Port Augusta that when think going to happen. Justice is coming and I now know what need to be done to fought for everyone here in this country and make this country move forward together.

Day 141: 7pm

– Garry