Day 74: Clinton’s Birthday!



15181223_729808717169600_2518241704379313257_nJust at Jameson primary school the other day telling the kids about my walk for justice. What I’m doing and how any one in this world have a dream. I told the kids that if you got a dream of being something in this world go and get it and never give up on it. But always remember who you are and where you come from. When life get hard for you in the big city, town or in other community where you are working. You can always come back to country to help heal up your spirit again that what I told the kids.


15220005_1894224127467441_390119836283234397_nI just wanted to thank Darcy Wood from Jameson community today for giving me a woomera for a birthday present and welcoming me in Jameson community. I never ask for a better present that being giving a woomera for a birthday gift.


The other day at the boarder with elders having a yarn about thinks and having a interviews where the three state meet. The northern territory, western Australia, south Australia state. Also talking with the locals an people around the area about the walk for justice.


15220128_1894259550797232_7960371856823712172_nBecause it my birthdays today. I have decide and let the team have a day of rest. Tomorrow morning we be starting the walk again and make our way to the board of northern territory. It about three to four days out from where we are. So today I’m going hunting out bush and going to test out the woomera to see if I can catch a bush Turkey, kangaroo, or emu. Some thing to eat for tonight mmmmmmm bush food. I must go and understand how the old people hunt back in the old day.


15219414_1809158312673570_7718391063827138551_n“Clinton Pryor birthday today, a cake from Jameson Community.” – Noonie


“At Wingellina Community, before heading to the borders.” – Noonie


“A stop at Blackstone Community.” – Noonie


15203315_1170706429687126_6258157851765366977_n“Just now at Jameson.” – Garry

Days 72 to 73: Jameson and surrounds

Day 72: 9am

15193512_1893222064234314_7135045462408416522_nI have being thought a lot of station, community and town. I have hear all the story, pain, hurt and anger from aboriginal leader’s and elders. I have seen how things are not being done out here and how my people live in station, community and town. There a lot of work need to be done . But the government turn a blind eye and just don’t care what go on. Even if the people ask for help to get think done.

But the think I have notice when I visit station, community and town is that my people know who i’m and want I’m doing. This walk i’m doing it give our people hope, believe, happiness, joy and they known change well come soon.

I hope I well not be the last of my people to walk across on our ancient land sin the traditional time. But I hope this walk well courage more of my people to start believing in them self. That if you got a dream go get it and never give up on it.

Day 72: 4pm

15181685_1893333114223209_278954836267171969_nHow do I look starting to get there with the beard and look like a kick ass warrior

Day 72: 6pm

15107476_1893369164219604_3348165235165367523_nJust given a baby puppy my blessing. Than when he grow up everyone well tell him that you was Hug and bless from the walker. In Blackstone community.

Day 73: 4pm

15219971_1893822307507623_205875709671260723_n-1Take a look at this. Today I when for a walk to the women centre to have a yarn with the women and go have a cup a tea with them. Also to talk about how think a going for the women in Jameson community. When I was in there I notes the elderly women where making paper.

I when over and ask them what this paper made off. They told me that this paper is made out of spinifex seed’s. I was like no way. It dosing say in our history book we made spinifex paper. But it look like the history book a wrong. The people from the centre desert made paper. They being making paper out of spinifex seed’s seen traditional time and use to write on them to pass letter to other country group.

Also to talk with each other and use them to invited group from other area in to they country for law time, for some one who pass away, invited for dinner and many more think they use the spinifex paper for.

The spinifex paper is very rare and I never seen one before manly in a museum. This the first time I have see one. The Australia museums, western Australia museum and the British museum. Who love to get they hands on one of this and put it in to a museum.

But they won’t get they hands on this. They have to much. This spinifex paper is very rare and made from the elders of the central desert area. This go to show we use to make paper. But made it out of spinifex seed’s. Thank you to the women elders from the central desert for letting me have one.

Day 73: 4.30pm

15179103_1893845644171956_2892018408198914457_nJust sitting out in the bush with Wilton Jackson watching him make a shield. The central desert mob still know how to make the traditional tool. Unbelievable I love being out here. There so much to learn from the central desert people.

Day 73: 5pm

“This is a story about two lady’s who used to walk around Wingelina.” – Garry

Day 73: 6pm

15094521_1168783566546079_6718786916254040333_n“Between Blackstone and Jameson.” – Garry