Day 18: Leaving Boorabbin



14462768_1862855360604318_2430568468609058299_n“Say hello to our new friend this morning. He came down from the tree and sat with us around the fire. So I got up and given he some bread to eat. Nature it self know want I’m doing because I well stand up for the land and the wild life to protect them from mining company that chooses to destroy they home for money. Look after the land and the land well look after you.”



Day 17: Boorabbin


14457282_1780060372250031_2592504689899886651_n“Good morning guys quick update. Me and the team are still on the road walking to Kalgoorlie town. It being amazing so far and that the land out here is so beautiful. Also the air out here is nice and fresh. We all doing great and if you wanted know where we are just look on the side of the road from southern cross to Kalgoorlie you see us walking heading to Kalgoorlie”


14479540_693772217439917_1924110324926981300_n“We settled up camp in side a old house. Complete run down to the amazing but it keep us all warm from the cold lastnight. The house was build back in 1940 and no no ghost didn’t come to the house to scarier us of haha lol But the house is amazing and old. Now we on the road again towards all.”14440929_693772317439907_4855404114377746283_n (1)


14355714_1862437230646131_4640218284873453016_n“Far a way in those descent land, I walk this land proud and free, far a way from home, searching high and low. Far a way from homeeeee.

Song by Archie roach the movie tracker.”


“Hey guys quick update and also we on t.v tonight on SBS world new at 6:30pm today on channel 3 or channel 30 please watch it.”

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Day 16: Southern Cross on the way to Boorabbin


“Good morning quick update. We on our way to Kalgoorlie now. It will take us 4 day but you mob in Kalgoorlie we on our way now 🙂 to see you 🙂. Also the other day the Australia government is on the move to push for this recognised think and try get it done quicker. While we on the other hand are on the move for our treaty. So it a race for a treaty or recognised.”


14355690_693310877486051_1198986042235669817_n“We are now leaving southern cross and on our way to Kalgoorlie. We well be off Facebook for about 4 days until I reach Kalgoorlie. Until than I seen you in 4 days guys :)”


“Now I’m entering the desert people area. The view up here is beautiful and amazing looking at the desert country. Also I realize that there town next to the road going to Kalgoorlie. So that mean I well still have signal for my phone.”


Timesheets: 15th – 23rd September (Estimates)

14330044_10154105986872800_5720828681497079114_nHey guys,

Lots of you have been asking where Clinton is at the moment, where he plans to walk to next and what the route he’s taking is. I’ve put together these timesheets for the next week and am working on adding an updated full route post for you ASAP.

As most of you know, the dates on the original Timesheet Post have been pushed back one week.

Please note that dates and places are at our best guestimation and may not be accurate and are subject to change. Clinton may decide to stop early at a different town or spend a day resting up somewhere. We will endeavour to keep you updated via the Facebook Group and I will try and do a new weekly schedule each week for you to track his progress.

Thanks for all your messages of support, we all really enjoy reading them! Keep em coming!

The Route So Far

Perth to Kellerberrin
Matargarup to Kellerberrin is 199kms in one week!

Matargarup to Kellerberrin timesheet

Next Week…

Merredin to Kalgoorlie
Kellerberrin to Kalgoorlie is 389kms! That’s almost double week one!

As you can see, we’ve been extremely generous for the next week or so and it is most likely that this will take longer than we think. Please stay tuned for updates!

– Admin Gee