Day 28: From Broad Arrow


14462712_1867685660121288_5467669352978576324_nGood morning from me and the team. It going to be a other beautiful day today. This morning I decided to go on top of the hill at Broad Arrow to take some photo, and also try get signal like lion king way haha. But I going try do 60 km today so that tomorrow afternoon get to Menzies town than.


14590291_1784506091805459_3393928378958002504_n“A warm morning at Broad Arrow Tavern” – Noonie



14520436_1867772760112578_7589407447288100177_nIt starting to get hot. So need to start getting use to it

14492517_1210386982351175_871955712845231825_n“Hi all 😊 first nights camp 80ks north of Kalgoorlie lots of stars an the fire is crackling 🔥 I have joined Clinton PryorGarry AshwinNoonie Raymond on the walk for justice . I will be going thru to Uluru with them as a support vehicle . I’m looking forwards to meeting my people along the way and to see our country . The fellas are walking about 40ks a day so it will take about 6-8 weeks to get to Uluru through the central desert hi way 🐪🐕 . I’m looking forward to the challenges along the way”
– Jum Ashwin

Day 27: Broad Arrow Tavern


This my number one song. I be playing it when I leave Laverton to walking thought the desert area on to Warburton. Before hitting the N.T border. I well look back and see how far I walk from home. I have never being to Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney . But i have being to Canberra. At less I well know that I walk it there and not run it, fly over, driver are car or ride a bike there.If I ever going to make the history book I well walk it there. All well know I walk it to Canberra and never giving up on seen change in this country and world we live in.



I’m about two or 3 days top from Menzies town and other 3 day from Leonora town. This walk going to be good.


14581536_1867398030150051_3531640497945508474_nAt the pub in Broad Arrow tabbing. Also we setting up camp here to. This pub look so cool and old. But what I can say I love it.