Day 133: Night Walk

Day 133: 8am

The trip south was cool, a lot of water on the side, green and the land opening up with lest trees. – Noonie

Day 133: 10am

[Admin Gee] Thanks to long time supporter Janette for making this awesome poster to help support Clinton and the team! Share share peeps!

Day 133: 5pm

Photo from a lady name Jane-Spider Fawke in United States of America wearing the Clinton’s Walk for Justice T-Shirt.

Why she wearing it: I am proudly wearing Clinton’s shirt at the 1 Million Women’s march in Los Angeles today, in honor of the struggle of Indigenous peoples all over the world.

Day 133: 8pm

The night walk. – Noonie

Day 133: 9.30pm

Arriving at Cadney Homestead. The family was heading to Darwin to live there. – Noonie

– Garry

Days 131 & 132: Leaving Marla

Day 131: 12pm

Dr King amazing speech, I don’t fear no man on this earth, but the lord him self.

– Garry

Day 131: 1.30am

We are about to have another go at leaving Marla Roadhouse. Raining this morning, still warm and overcast, good for a walk. People at the road house are good and friendly. – Noonie

Day 132: 1pm

[Admin Lisa] The Admin Team are really excited to let you know that we have a brilliant fundraiser coming up.

As you know from Admin Luke’s appeal for funds this week, Clinton’s Walk for Justice will not continue without your support. We had a great response with donations and we have more things in the pipeline.

In the next few days we are going to run our first auction. We have been contacted by a very talented artist and he is offering to custom design a pair of shoes or boots to the highest bidder.

We want to thank Trent for his incredible generosity, if you pop over to his page you can see his designs and maybe start to plan your own .

Keep checking in our Facebook page, this is one auction worth bidding in.

Day 132: 1.30pm

I march and march my way down south towards Port Augusta. I’m going to shake think right up when I march my way thought Port Augusta, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. This corporate government better be ready when I head Port Augusta because I’m coming with the truth and going to shake this country right up to bring unity for the people of down under. It time we make a stand for what right and stand for the future of our land down under. We are now in Cadney Park. We leave tomorrow to make our way towards Coober Pedy. It well take us about three day walk to get to Coober.

– Garry

Day 130: Back to Marla

Day 130: 8am

“Somewhere I read of the freedom of Assembly, somewhere I read of the freedom of speech, somewhere I read of freedom of oppression, somewhere I read that the greatness of America is the right to protest for rights.”

We are not going let any police, dogs or any corporate government turn us around, we not going let any government turn us around to fought for our rights for better Australia it self.

Day 130: 9am

Day 130: 12.30pm

Now heading down south more, Cadney Park than onto Coober Pedy. Coober Pedy they say is one of the hottest area in Australia. I need to get past Coober Pedy for it start cooling down for us. I been walking none stop thought this summer heat and i’m not going to let the hottest area in Australia stop me marching on to Port Augusta, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney than Canberra. This summer heat well not hold me up or stop me walking down south where think can start happen for this walk for justice.

Day 130: 2pm

Gone from Marla, stopped at a train station to have a look and a train came pass. On our way south. – Noonie

Day 130: 6.30pm

That was a quick trip south. Garry’s car was running ruff and we are back at Marla. It is a good call, we do not need to be broken down on the side of the road up here in the heat. – Noonie