Day 6: Meckering to Tammin


Clinton having a yarn with accompanying driver, Gary.

“Goodmorning all it is going to be a other beautiful day of walking. I leave Meckering town at 8:30am to walk towards Tammin town. We be making Tammin town by sundown because the walk is about 44 km. People are welcome to walk with me. But first need to have some breakfast and get my energy up for the walk :)”


14291822_688246741325798_1249043319608926027_n“I left Meckering town and now walking to the next town Tammin town. But well be stop at the next town before Tammin for some lunch.
I have been walking on this one road and being looking as far I can see and the car that coming up the road look like ants before they get closer 🙂 also people are welcome to join me on this walk i’m doing. Beside that people when you message me I only can send a message back when i have stop and is setting up camp o.k”


Dougie’s Roadhouse, Cunderdin, WA.

“I’m now on my lunch break in the next town and wanted to say thank you to Jannelle Cugley who works at Dougie’s Road House. who offered us free lunch thank you so much for that 🙂

Also I wanted to say thank you to the guy in Northam who giving me some free shoes too.

[ADMIN] Huge thanks to John on the Facebook group for making this map of Clinton’s Walk so far. From Perth to Tammin that is about 180kms (112miles for those non-metrics).


5pm  "I'm still walking and all most in Tammin town."
“I’m still walking and all most in Tammin town.”

(Admin Post) StartSomeGood funds much needed equipment!

DSCN0134A warm welcome to all our new followers and a huge thank you to everyone that has messaged, shared and donated. We really appreciate this support.

Things are starting to get serious now for Clinton and his Walk for Justice. The fundraising project was carefully budgeted to ensure that we can have all that is required to keep Clinton and the support crew safe, dry, warm, fed and watered.

7-779Behind the scenes we have a small team responding to queries, keeping The Website and Facebook updated and generating the amazing support that you are all offering but now we need your help.

It wont be long before Clinton is out of phone range and we are very keen to purchase a satellite phone to ensure that we are able to communicate with Clinton at all times. As you can imagine, knowing they are all safe and well is vital.

Our target is $6500 and we have been pledged $4030, which is absolutely amazing and we thank you !!!

This painting is for sale! Check the StartSomeGood fundraiser if you're interested in buying it!
This painting is for sale! Check the StartSomeGood fundraiser if you’re interested in buying it!

If you haven’t already, please consider donating, even $5 takes us that bit closer to achieving our target. Take a look at the StartSomeGood and see what rewards you can get for your donation. Most of us have our eye on Clinton’s incredible painting, it wont be long before that one is snapped up.

Many thanks again, keep cheering Clinton on, keep sharing, keep up the support, we are so grateful 🙂

The Support Team

Day 4: Rest Day – Northam

14238102_1855952837961237_4316760431766731731_n“Goodmorning family, goodmorning friends, goodmorning australia and goodmoring the world. I just woken up and going to have a cup of coffee and breakfast. I well be resting all day in Northam at Bernard park. People are welcome to come down and join us. I leave Northam tomorrow morning to start the walk to Meckering town and well get around there by 6:00pm. It the same distance of the walk I did yesterday.

I well be answering message today. I apologize to people if I did get back to you on message so I be reading them now and message you back now. Also I just wanted to say thank you to the local kids and parents for helping by pushing me to finish the walk yesterday I really preciate it.”

14317375_687138578103281_4789864873616221359_n“Taking photo to say with my people and family. Best think i hear yesterday that touch my heart was from a young generation Aboriginal little brother who was 8 year old. Said to me that I was his hero and said one day he want to do the walk across Australia when he grow up. I told him when you do the walk. I well walk with you and be your support team to make sure your o.k 🙂

Also today I have ask some of the local that I want to meet the elders in this town to have a talk with them about some think and talk about issues about in Northam. On top asking them what they want me to say for them when I reach Canberra.”

Clinton with Trevor and Nancy Davis in Northam.
“I’m riding to Kalgoorlie tomorrow on my steel horse like a warrior. You there which way to Canberra haha lol I think alot of people ride this steel horse in Northam.”









“Police came down and said we can be here until 9:00pm and then we have to move. So we going to move to the Northam Aboriginal Reserve and camp there. This will not stop me marching on to Canberra. We have to deal with think on the way of this journey I doing. I ain’t going to let that get to me because tomorrow i well be coming back to this park and start the journey walk on to the next town.”

Day 3: To Northam…


14322418_686527231497749_1503788620039143712_n“Good morning all I’m up early and ready to go. I had 12 hours sleep last night and I’m on fire yyyyeeeee 🙂 ready to finish this leg walk to Northam and get there about 3:00pm this afternoon. It is nice and beautiful our in country nonethink more better than waking up in the morning to listing to the bird’s singing. Well better start the walk to Northam.”


“Wooo 15km out of Northam well get there before sun down. Also it so beautiful up on top of the hill looking down at the amazing landscape.”


Local kids, (from Goomaling) Naomi, Cyril and Ashley joined Clinton for the last kilometre of the walk into Northam.

“Hey all just letting you know I have made it to Northam yeee and now setting up camp. It being a amazing day today. When I was walking there being alot of people stoping taking photo with me, other people being driving by yelling go Clinton, also people being beeping they car when they driving by, one guy jump out of his car and run over to be give me a cold Coke cole and said your hero mate.

When I reach Northam local kids with they parents walk with me to finish the walk to the next camp site. Also i just letting you know I’m resting all day tomorrow so there no walking until monday. Then I well start the walk to the next town.”

Day 2: Leaving from Midland

14212791_1855048314718356_8298915079457944562_nClinton left Midland nice and early this morning, all prepared with his walking buddy Nooni on the pushbike.

He updated us via the Facebook group:

“Good morning guys I leave soon to walk on to Northam. I’m just having breakfast and then start start packing up my tent. The next spot of camping is right in the center of Northam town at Bernard Park. I well arrive around 8:30pm or 9:00pm. Also I well take one last photo picture and than I well be off Facebook for about 8hour because no reception until I back on when i’m in Northam o.k 🙂 I feel great and happy to guy just want to let you know. This walk well be something to remember.”

Midday location update

He further updated us at about midday with his location and again at 3pm when he decided to stop and set up camp early to catch a snooze.

“Hey all just letting you know that I have decided to rest and set camp up next to Pumamax petrol station not far pass the lake’s. I felt like I need to rest because I when to bed at 4:00am last night and only had 3 hour sleep. I well be on Facebook until 8:00pm. Than I’m going to sleep and catch up on sleep by having 12hours sleep. Than I well start the walk tomorrow at 9:00am and get to Northam by 3:00pm. We about only 38km to out from Northam.”

14316785_686125778204561_3980997943657603516_nClinton has also asked that people be patient with his responses to messages as he will be in and out of reception for the duration of the walk. He will respond to everyone when he can and will keep us updated as much as possible. He also thanks everyone who has offered their homes as camping grounds but says he will stick with his planned camps.

Everyone is welcome to come visit him for a yarn or a walk.

Keep going Clinton, you’re doing us proud!

– Georgia

The Walk has begun!

DSCN0134Guys! Clinton is on his way! He left Matagurup with the blessings of his Elders this afternoon and will be camping in Midland tonight, leaving from there tomorrow morning. Please see the Schedule post for dates (NOTE: dates have been pushed back by one week!) and places. If you would like to join him along the way for a part of the walk, a chat, drop off some food, water, etc. Clinton would welcome the company. Please contact the Facebook admins for more info.

Also, please note that the StartSomeGood has just over ONE MONTH left to reach it’s goal! All donations are appreciated.


– Georgia.