Melbourne Media Release

Clinton’s Walk For Justice in Naarm (Melbourne)!
March for Justice on June 6

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Time:   Tuesday, June 6, 5pm (March at 5:30pm)
Location: Begin at Parliament Gardens, march to Flinders St Station
What:   Supporters March with Clinton’s Walk For Justice

On the evening of June 6, Clinton’s Walk For Justice will join the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance in a march through Naarm (Melbourne), beginning at Parliament Gardens.

Clinton Pryor, a Wajuk, Balardung, Kija and Yulparitja man from Western Australia has been on his Walk For Justice since leaving Perth in September last year.

Clinton and the Walk For Justice Team are headed for Canberra, where they will deliver strong messages on behalf of the people and communities the team has met with right across the country.

Clinton says two messages are coming through very clearly from Aboriginal communities right now:

“First – our sovereignty was never ceded and our rights as the first nation peoples of this land should be recognised and respected as sovereign.

And also our elders should be given back control over our communities.”

So far Clinton and the team have travelled through the dryness of the Gibson desert, all the way to Uluru and on through the blistering heat of summer to Coober Pedy, Port Augusta and Adelaide city.

As they move through country, the team take part in traditional welcoming ceremonies and meet with local community members to hear their stories, discuss issues and take on their messages.

Now the team have crossed the border into the cold Victorian winter, and are rapidly approaching Melbourne before heading on to Sydney.

Clinton’s Walk For Justice began out of a need within Clinton to do something about the forced closure of Aboriginal communities, and that strong theme continues.

Clinton’s walk is about working together and building mutual respect between Aboriginal people, and between ALL people living on Aboriginal land here in Australia.

To hear more about Clinton’s experience and what he and the team have learned as they walked right across the country, join Clinton and the Walk For Justice team on June 6.

Quotes attributable to Clinton Pryor:

“I started this journey walking from Perth to find the truth and find a new way for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Australia.”

” I have never been to Melbourne before, so I don’t know what is going to happen yet, but we do know it be something to remember. Melbourne will be big.”

“In Canberra I want to bring Aboriginal leader an elders from a cross this country together, also none Indigenous people, to meet and talk about the issues our way.”

Clinton’s Walk For Justice is entirely grassroots organised and funded.

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(pics) These guys…. Part 3!

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Day 163: Drive into Port Augusta

Day 163: 9.30am

Hey all quick update as you may know today we have to take the bus we got from Deano Walker to Port Augusta to hand it over to his family. So they can use it to drive it back up north to Coober Pedy for funeral. When we reach Port Augusta we will be also picking up our justice mobile. The justice mobile well be ready today with a new engine and she ready to join us once again to help us finish our walk of to Canberra yyyyeeeee

The team and I had a meeting today as well about something. We have decided that when we reach Port Augusta. Garry and Noonie well be driving down to Adelaide to fly back home to Perth for about 5 days because of personal reasons. I have agreed they can go home for 5 day to do what they need to do and returned back on Sunday. In that time of them flying back home to Perth. I be staying behind back in Port Augusta for about 5 days until Sunday when Garry and Noonie get back so we can get back into the walk again.

When I’m in Port Augusta I well be organizing things with the people of Port Augusta about the march over the bridge, the assembly meeting and the BBQ after the walk over the bridge. I have decided that when I’m organizing things with the council and the mayor. That the march over the bridge, assembly meeting and BBQ going to be held up until I walk into Port Augusta. I have to walk other 6 more days until I reach Port Augusta. But today because we have to hand over the bus to Deano Walker family to us it for funeral. We have to drive down to Port Augusta to hand it over and also pick up the car. But we decided to stay around for 5 days so I can organize things and Garry and Noonie can go home to Perth for personal reasons.

Also when I’m in Port Augusta for the next 5 day I well be going around seeing the kids at they school, talking with the elders and seeing the locals as well. But the main thing being in Port Augusta is to organize things and get every thing ready when I walk in to Port Augusta in the next 6 day after Sunday when Garry and Noonie get back from Perth to continue our walk in to Port Augusta. So when I walk into Port Augusta everything well be ready for us

Day 163: 10.30am

[Admin Toby] Next batch of Shirts will be going out in March – Last day to order is this Friday 👣😎 If you live in Victoria and would like a shirt before Clinton arrives, please order soon!

Send us a selfie or upload with #ClintonsWalk @clintonswalk on Twitter!

Thanks to: Jane-Spider Hawke in LA, Ned Blagojevic and Paul Davis

And thanks in advance to buyers; your patience is appreciated. Clinton’s shirts are pre-ordered with Lifewear – they are not stocked or distributed as part of Lifewear’s catalogue (with being made as ‘in kind support’) we have to wait for their dates of manufacture.

Day 163: 11.30am

Ocean here I come, not seen the ocean for 5 month. The first think I be doing when we reach Port Augusta is to jump out of the car and run down to the ocean and go for a swim  I well take a photo of jumping in to the ocean for every one

Day 163: 4pm

Garry’s car is up and running, thanks again to the good people willing to help Clinton, Port Augusta is preparing to welcome Clinton at a later date, now that we are able to travel again. At a later date we will be heading out. – Noonie

Day 163: 4pm

Hey all quick update just letting you know I’m now in Port Augusta and going to be staying over at guys place name Stephen Atkinson for next 5 days of been in Port Augusta. In the time of me been in Port Augusta I be organizing think with the mayor, the police and local council to start getting think ready and organizing think with the school and locals about the walk when I walk in. I’m only here for 5 days until Garry and Noonie get back from Perth on Sunday. When they are back from Perth than we be continued our walk from where we stop to start the walk again to make our way into Port Augusta.

Day 163: 4.30pm

The sun rise this morning had a gold colour to it. – Noonie

Days 159-160: Night Walker

Day 159: 6pm

Time to listen to some motivation song for tonight walk. 100km walk I’m going to do and walk all night and walk all day. It time we get to Port Augusta. Let see how far my body can handled doing 100km walk and push it be on. So let do this and make this 100km walk Mr Pryor.

Day 159: 7pm

We are heading out to do some night walking. We should be in contact range in one or two days. Thanks to the Coober Pedy football clubs bus thanks to Deano Walker. – Noonie

Day 160: 3.30am

At the start to camp. – Noonie

Day 160: 4pm

Breaking camp, up to the food stop. – Noonie

Day 160: 4pm

Today I quickly giving Malcolm Turnbull a call and letting him know that this is his land lord and it time for this corporate government to pay they rent hahah lol 😀😛😂😊 I also leaded him know I’m still on my way to Canberra and i’m not going to stop until i kick this corporate government butt in and tell them to leave this country. You should of hear what he said back to me 😱


Day 156: Justice Mobile Breakdown!

Day 156: 12.30pm

[Admin Jake] Looks like some Artists Anonymous got up to some mischief and put up a little bit of political graf last night, amazing! Spotted in Freo…. #NoRoe8

Side Note: This was painted over within 12hours of being spotted…

Day 156: 1pm

Hey guy quick update as you may know our Justice Mobile has broken down and she need some work on it. The walk has be hold up for couple days because of the car having some problem with a blown head gaskets, possible crack head which mean it probable have damage to motor or engine.

This is why we have being hold up for couple days trying to organize think behind close door to get the car down to Port Augusta to get the old engine replace with a new engine. We have organize that today this afternoon the justice mobile we be traveling down to Port Augusta to get repair on her and a new engine in it. In that time a friend of our have giving us they bus to use for next couple day to continued our walk towards Port Augusta.

We are about 8 days out from Port Augusta town. The car well be in Port Augusta tonight. The time we get to Port Augusta in 8 day from now. She be ready to go and back on her feet again to help us finish this walk of to Canberra. When we reach Port Augusta. We well be there for about one week and at the same time the bus our friend has giving us. We have to drive it back towards Coober Pedy to drop it of back at his place. Than come back to Port Augusta.

I just wanted to thank constable Deano walker from Coober Pedy for lending his bus to us to continued our walk. Also just wanted to thank Gavin Turks from Port Augusta who well be working on the car. When she reach Port Augusta to try get us a new engine and work on it in his work shop. We are at Glendambo road house and that is about 2hour drive from Port Augusta. We 8days walk from Port Augusta

Day 156: 3pm

A good friend sent this to me, a reminder of the future.
I normally do not do Valentines day, but this year has started differently for me, I have been in a Cultural world that I like very much, so to all my people, it is far better to be kind and friendly to one another, we all have to work together to achieve what is best for all, today is a good day to start, for tomorrow is to late. – Noonie

Day 156: 6pm

Please read. The western Australian government is withdraw royalties help for struggle aboriginal community.

Day 156: 6.30pm

Here we go again the government doing what every they like! Government changing the laws to protect mining & agriculture deals. So wrong!!

Days 154 & 155: Glendambo

Day 154: 11.30am

I can say after month of walking in the heat. Today was the first time in a long time on this walk that we can finely enjoy the weather now that it is cooling down. The weather today where we are at is about 22dragees and i loving it.

Day 154: 3.30pm

A much cooler day to, enjoyed a little excursion around Glendambo today. Sturt desert peas at the back. – Noonie

Day 154: 6.30pm

I was on my way to get a meal. I like the windmill when I look at the windmill to see what the sun set would be like, it look like the sky was on fire, I used the phone on the first photo, then when to get the camera, in one minute the sun set can change. – Noonie

Day 154: 9pm

The camera guy. – Garry

Day 155: 9.30am

[Admin Luke] Hi everyone, some exciting news:

We’ve finally launched our big crowd-fund to keep Clinton & the Walk For Justice Team going all the way to Canberra!!

As those who are following closely would know, the Justice Mobile is in need of some major repairs and we really need to make sure Garry’s rent back home gets paid for the rest of the walk.

Plus there is still a very long way left to go!

Clinton and the team left Matargarup last September and have walked all the way from Perth to Uluru, on to Coober Pedy and beyond. It’s been a long and hot walk but Clinton and the team keep pressing on. Along the way the team are spending time in Aboriginal communities; meeting with elders, hearing their stories, talking with school kids and community groups. Clinton will bring the words of these community members all the way to Canberra.

Please help keep the team going – donate & share today!! Our movement for justice continues to grow. Thank you for your support!

Day 155: 7.30pm

THE WALKER a man who come from the west bring Justice forward for all who live here.

Days 145-147: Desert south of Coober Pedy

Day 145: 7.30am

Safe travels you mob, honoured to have spent time with you fullas. Respect  – Cherie in Coober Pedy

Day 145: 8am

I see none thing but clear land with no tree to be seeing. This will be the last of the hard part of the journey just 13 day to go than we hit Port Augusta. Than thing can start cooling down for us. 13 day of this heat bring it 😬

I well be off Facebook for about 5 day because of none signal after this photo I uploaded. I well see you all when I back on Facebook guy

Day 145: 12pm

[Admin Lisa] CONGRATULATIONS to Michael for bidding a whopping $600 in our first ever auction! A huge thank you to everyone that contributed, bid or shared. Clinton, the Support and Admin team are all blown away by the amount of interest and the money raised. This will be a significant contribution to funds.

Trent Duffy – ArtisticOne, we have a winner!

Thanks again to you all!

Day 145: 4pm

On the road, came across some more rubble the hall road is for the heavy trucks. With on trees the land and roads keep going into the distance. – Noonie

Day 146: 11pm

Coober Pedy 2 nights ago. – Garry

Day 147: 1.30pm

Finely got signal again. I’m like a ghost walking up the road in the foot step of my ancients coming towards you bring the words of truth to change the people thinking. It is only a matter of time, only the matter of time. Port Augusta we a getting close not far now. The word of truth is coming.

Day 147: 3.30pm

Wwwwwoooo this so cool. Now I got Archie Roach supporting my walk and now following me on twitter. Mite have to give him a message to see if he like to catch up for cup of coffee when I get around in his area.

Day 147: 6pm

Heading out on a night walk. – Noonie


Days 143 & 144: Mines south of Coober Pedy

Day 143

[Admin Gee] This painting was sent in by Twitter follower Pixie after she was inspired by one of Noonie’s sunset pictures. Admin had to double check cos it looks so like the picture! Thanks Pixie, amazing!

Day 144: 7am

South bound, we will be staying one more night at Coober Pedy, Brett and Jessie will be continuing on the way home. Brett will be returning when he can, it way good to have them with us. – Noonie

Day 144: 8.30am

I being advice from my admin team has told me that state minister of indigenous affair from South Australia, NSW, Victoria and ACT want to get in connect with me and march with me on the street when I reach they area and what to talk with me about something.

I have also been advice from the admin team that labor and the green is now wanted to talk with me about some think. As I stand here on my own thinking about how this gone to play out when we reach Port Augusta, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. Change is starting to happen as we speak. It has started to happen the day I left Perth. It was only the matter of time people is starting to realise what really going on in this country and what is happening.

So there for the only why I going to get my voice head and listing to is to speak the truth and none thing but the truth about how think can be done right for everyone and how think can be done right for our country future. It is time we stand up together for what we believe in and stand together for our children future. People need to realise not to allow our self getting distracted from the big picture. I’m no longer the learner and now have become the teach with much more to learn.

Day 144: 2.30pm

The landscape out from Coober Pedy, open, not a lot of trees, not a lot of rubble over the land South of Coober Pedy. It is good to see the green not tbe rubble. – Noonie

Day 144: 4.30pm

We need to realise as the oldest living culture on earth need to know that our dream time guardeds from the beginning when our culture began are still here living with us and are waiting on the right time. They have been here and have been watching over us making shore we follow the lore that they have pass down on to us from the beginning of time.

This is a screen shot from Benjamin Kenny from Docker River. He has tag me in this from last year and I forgotten to share. So today I’m sharing this and what to thank Mr Benjamin Kenny for tagging me in this.

This what Mr Benjamin Kenny said about this picture: This is a hill ranger north of Docker River about 150km in the Katiti Petermann IPA. I saw on Google earth and it look like a big snake but before I saw this and showed the TOs of this they told me there is a rainbow serpant living in a water hole in that range. The snake is facing west toward Kintore.

Day 144: 6.30pm

I hope this map is not true with how many language we got left in our culture that is still spoking. If it is we must do what needed to be done to keep our last of the language in our culture a live. We are in dark time right now and i making shore i going to push for my people language, truth history and my culture to be teach at school. So that every one know our language’s, know the truth history of our country pass and know my people culture but not our lore. Some think need to be done and I’m going to speak about this over in Canberra.

Update: I being told this only 50% of this has being done so far. There still a lot more language and a lot of reach search is going on right now trying to bring back and revive some language are still spoking by elders who are a live and language that a keep in archive in library. We must not loss our ancient language.

[Admin Gee] This has caused a great conversation over on Clinton’s Twitter page!

Day 142: Leaving Coober Pedy

Day 142: 7am

[Admin Luke] On my way to the Fremantle Magistrates Court to face two charges I incurred while sitting peacefully (and then laying down) in a piece of Native bushland in an effort to defend the Beeliar Wetlands.

This is my first time facing any sort of charge in the courts but I’m not really nervous. I couldn’t be more sure of the decision I made that morning. I did the right thing.

I am a person of good character who by and large has good relationships with the police both in my local community and at a broader community level – and I’m likely about to get a fair trial under the law.

This morning I’m thinking deeply about my privilege. About how lucky I am to be facing a fair trial and not just being shut away as an enemy of the state as many of my friends overseas have been for similar acts of civil resistance.

About how glad I am that even in my exhaustion last year I found the energy to step up when the time came to #ProtectPeacefulProtest. I knew then that Barnett was planning to use those laws to crush any resistance to Roe 8, and I’m so very very glad we crushed his proposed laws instead.

Even for trespass the max penalty is 12 months in jail and a huge fine. The penalties and costs would have been exorbitant if Barnett’s anti-protest laws had gone ahead. WE are EXACTLY the people Barnett was targetting with those laws. Everyday citizens who stand up against unjust and unsupported government decisions. People willing to put their body on the line peacefully, to stop work at projects like Roe 8. This very project in fact.

So here’s to you Perth, for kicking some fucking ass and holding onto our rights, our pride and our determination to stand for what’s right.

Court starts at 8:30am, Fremantle Magistrates Court. Lots of other wetlands protectors will be having their morning in court today also.

I’m a privileged white man. I’m unlikely to receive unfair punishment at the hands of the courts today. Gotta thank everyone who came before me for that, because I can not stop thinking about my friends locked up (and often far worse) over in Egypt, in Bahrain, in Iraq and so many other places.

What ever the outcome this morning, I’ll be right, and right back into it.

Keep fighting friends.

#SaveBeeliarWetlands #noWAsharkcull #ProtectPeacefulProtest

Day 142: 2.30pm

A few photos of the sun rise this morning. – Noonie

Day 142: 3.30pm

On the road food stops to lunchtime. – Noonie

Day 142: 4pm

Tomorrow we leave Coober Pedy and start our journey making our way south towards Port Augusta. It well take us 2 week to get to Port Augusta. We being on the walk for the last four month walking thought summer and visiting community and town. Coober Pedy well be the last hottest and hardest spot on this journey, but we still got a other month or two before it start cooling down. But now we head south tomorrow.

Port Augusta here we come. It time we start heading back into big town like Port Augusta to start getting think happening for this walk for justice and start making action on this walk like rally and march thought town and city. When we head Port Augusta we be there for a week to spend time with the elders, family and see the kids at school or any one else who like to meet me. When we a in Port Augusta as well I will be stepping think up by contacting media group for interview so we can get this walk back on the news to let everyone know about this walk and why people should join me on this walk, but manly to lead this corporate government know we a coming.

In Port Augusta think a going to happen the a going to be group and I be contacting people to start organizing Marches and rally when we a coming thought your way and to also spread the word about the walk for justice. Than after Port Augusta that when we hit our first city after four month of walking Adelaide. I never being to Adelaide and it be my first time in Adelaide. But I well say we will not know what it going to be like when we hit our first city and march thought it. But we do know it going to be big when we walk thought our first city. Let do this and march for justice for all who live here.

Day 142: 4pm

This size tree it was a first along this stretch of road. The height of this tree is unusual around here. – Noonie

Day 142: 5pm

Today’s landscape. – Noonie

Day 142: 5.30pm

– Noonie


Days 140 & 141: Finishing the walk into Coober Pedy

Day 140: 10am

From the top of the Lookout Cave here at Coober Pedy. – Noonie

Day 140: 1pm

I just loading up some of my photo from the pass that I added speech to them so please have a read thought them.

Day 140: 4.30pm

Today everyone i would like to talk to you about what unity a justice is going to do for you. Now what i would like is for as many of you that want to have their say now is that time! Add to this thread all your view a opinions on how you would run this country and how you would deal with it.
Child protection-
Country Growth-
Expanding the outback to grow the country-
New Constitution-
Public holiday such a culture memorial day-
Anzac Day-
Australia Day-
And all other areas that you wish to comment on?

We have policy’s that can be port in place and improve the country. But we would rather have your input on think. The think is about being a leader is about listing, understanding and what the people want. It is not about what you think you know what best for the people and for the country. But about listening and learning from people voice and what they want. So please put down your view and what you think how this country can be run.

Day 140: 6pm

Hey all good morning well I be getting back into the walk today. We still have to do other 50km walk to make our way in Coober Pedy before heading to Port Augusta. I decided three days ago before coming into Coober Pedy was to rest up and the team to rest up so we drive in. But we needed to do other 50km to walk into Coober Pedy before we can start making our way towards Port Augusta.

So today we going back our to the spot where we stop and get back into it. It seem to me that the weather today is going to be 46 degree in our area and that good I like a bit of a challenge. Beside before leaving Coober Pedy without know the real heat of this area well be unfair to know it. So today I have decided to challenge this heat and walk in it finish the last leg walk into Coober Pedy. Before resting tomorrow and Wednesday starting the walking again to make our way towards Port Augusta. So let do this and challenge this heat out.

Day 141: 1.30pm

[Admin Lisa] Auction Update.

As you know, through the wonderful generosity of Trent Duffy – ArtisticOne we are holding our first ever Auction tomorrow. Trent is the first artist to approach us with this offer and has started a bit of a trend.
Over the next few weeks we will be auctioning off several special items that have been donated by Artists that believe in Clinton and want to help us raise much needed funds for Clinton’s Walk for Justice.

If you haven’t already liked and followed our page, please do so, this will ensure that you get all our updates.

The Auctions starts tomorrow 12:00 pm Australian Western Standard Time. You will be auctioning for a custom designed pair of sneakers or footie boots. Your choice. So, remember to check in tomorrow, all funds raised go to Clinton and his support team.

Day 141: 4pm

We walk today from the place we stop when the thunder hit, so I tock off to find the pool I had videoed before to check out the water level their, found it and videoed it again some more photos up to the start point of today. – Noonie

Day 141: 5pm

Not so wet today but I can show you on some photos. A lot of water come from that thunder storm. This is at Pootnoura Creek channel 2. This is what water can do. – Noonie

Day 141: 6.30pm

Mean while out in South Australia in Coober Pedy with Clinton. I just walking in this 46 degree heat and not worrying about nothing Why because I know how this heat is and I just waiting for the right time until I get to Port Augusta that when think going to happen. Justice is coming and I now know what need to be done to fought for everyone here in this country and make this country move forward together.

Day 141: 7pm

– Garry