Day 277: Melbourne; Leaving Naarm

Day 277: 11am

On our way out of Melbourne walking towards the coast line heading to Sydney. We back into the walk again today. I be going live tonight to give ever one a update and to talk about think about native title issue. This government has no respect for my culture and for my people changing native title law back home in western Australia so that they can cheat to take our land way from underneath our feet. We ain’t going give up our ancients land without a fought.

Day 277: 11.30am

Please have a read.

Day 277: 12.30pm

On the walk through Melbourne and see if we can clear some suburbs. – Noonie

Day 277: 2pm

[Admin Toby] The walk now takes the crew through the coldest parts of the country and we continue to appreciate donations of any amount.

Supporters shirts donate 30% of the total to Clinton and help spread awarness:

Clinton’s Walk is entirely grassroots funded and organised and we especially thank the communities of Melbourne for the time and generosity given 💪😄👣

Day 277: 4pm

[Admin] This is the first trailer to Part One of the Mini Documentary ‘Beyond Clinton’s Walk’ by Alfred Pek of The QUO 🎞

Day 277: 8pm

I’m proud to be part of a culture that’s been here since the creation of the Dreaming. Our people survived through the hard times back in the 1700s and 1800s and early 1900s and we’re still here. Our culture is getting stronger now. I’m really proud to be a sovereign man on this land that we all stand on.

Being forced off our ancestors’ lands into missions, to live life the European way when we lived our way for 60,000 years, traditional way with the land, looking after the land … being forced away, it hurt a lot of our people so badly. We still have to battle against a system that is doing its best to take away our sovereignty rights, where we’ve become British subjects, but we are not British subjects, we are people of this land that lived here for thousands and thousands of years, and we don’t want to become a part of a system that has only been here for 229 years. We want to mingle in with the modern world, but we just don’t want to give away our rights as sovereign people.

Our people should have access to what we had always for 60,000 years – to land, to hunt, to gather food, to teach our kids our language, our culture, and also to teach about this country’s past, and educate our young generation that our people had to go through so much to survive. We want to keep our sovereignty and we want to push for treaty talks.

We allow everyone else to have their religions and beliefs, temples and churches and mosques, but what about us? Why aren’t our beliefs being well respected? Sacred sites, that’s our church. We don’t go and blow up a church or blow up a mosque or blow up a temple, why demolish our sacred sites? We just want things to be done properly and not be treated like we’re garbage. i want to see the power given back to the people.

Day 277: 10.30pm

Day 269: Melbourne; After the March

Day 269

Day 269: 8am

[Admin Luke] Oh wow, lots of donations have come in overnight. Thank you all so much! Our crowdfund is about to break $20k!!!

Keep it coming, let’s make sure Clinton and the team get ALL the way to Canberra!

photo credit: thirdeyefirst photography

Day 269

[Admin] Our Orations:

Day 269: 9am

Good morning guys before I began the day of doing stuff in Melbourne. I just wanted to thank everyone who came last night for the night march thought Melbourne and joining me on my walk for justice. The march last night and rally we did was fanatstic and amazing we stop Melbourne in it place and we hit number 1 spot on Twitter of most talk.

Everyone on Twitter and Facebook has been talking about the march that happen in Melbourne last night and we are getting bigger and stronger each day.

I what to thank the warrior resistance group for organising last night event with my admin team. I what to thank Arika Waulu, Dtarneen Onus Williams, Meriki Onus and Gabi Briggs for the amazing hard work to make sure that last night event when well. So thank you Warrior resistance and evey one else for the amazing march last night.

We still got a long way a head of us on the walk. But we all know something need to be done and this why I walk to make a stand for justice and fight for change. We hope in time when we reach Canberra that everyone who come last night and those before well meet us in Canberra to join us to make a stand for Justice.

Thank you warriors resistance and thank you everyone for last night.

Day 269: 10am

Day 269: 10am

Some photos of the last day we were walking towards Melbourne. – Noonie

Day 269: 12pm

It is time we must start looking at doing national day of rally across this country in each state at Parliament house and out in town an community. If we don’t start looking at fight back for our right as human bean and as a multicultural nations for our future and for our child future. Our country it self well start looking like American or start looking at a country becoming a third world country and we don’t what that. In time we well start looking at a National day of rally for justice and this need to be done before all well be lost.

Day 269: 1.30pm

Day 269: 8pm

[Admin Gee] Thank you Tina and Kara Lea for letting us share this deadly dude!

“Here’s my Gunditjmarra warrior Isiah with Clinton after giving him his boots xxx

Day 269: 8pm

Day 269: 11pm

Homeless in Melbourne – Garry

Days 262 & 263: Leaving Ballarat

Day 262: 6am

Wwwwoooo our walk is starting to make it way back into social media group and it about time please have a read.

“A WA indigenous man is more than eight months, 4000km and five pairs of shoes into his walk from Perth to Canberra for Aboriginal rights.”

Day 262: 6.30am

Good morning everyone people in Ballarat there a event today come a long to meet my team an I at Victoria park around 10am today. I well see you all there

Day 262: 10am

It is about time main stream media are now covering this walk for justice. So tonight we be watching the news to see what they going to say about the walk. Let make this walk big and get it out there to the people before we reach Canberra.

Day 262

A cold start to this morning, -3, that has been the coldest, it beat WA by -1 with a -2 in WA. Then to a meeting in a park were channel nine film Clinton and was on tv tonight. Well done channel nine. – Noonie

Day 262: 11.30am

Change your profile to support Clinton Pryor’s Walk from WA to Canberra #IsupportClinton#WalkForJustice

Day 262: 2pm

I just wanted to thank Shu Brown from inclusion coordinate for organize think for the last couple day and help organize the event today in Ballarat. Also what to thank other for helping. City of Ballarat – Koori Engagement Action Group (KEAG) for accommodation for tonight and Fiona Machin for helping us with organize accommodation last night.

I what to thank Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative (BADAC) for accommodation in Beaufort where we stay before making our way this way. I also what to thank Bryon Powell – Elder & Tradition Owner – Wadawurrung People from Ballarat country area for welcoming us to they country.

DELWP – Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning for help with think and also Mr Tony Lovett from the Koori Hub and the Ballarat Masters Football Club for the BBQ this morning. Thank you Ballarat community for welcoming us in to your beautiful town.

Day 263: 8.30am

Good morning guys before i start the day of walking this is Jack and Daniel, they regularly donate their pocket money to great causes and chose #ClintonsWalk this month. My admin team took the liberty of sending them a thankyou postcard. Their mum Skye has given her permission to share this. I just want to thank Jack and Daniel from the bottom of my heart for donating to our walk. You two are little league please keep following us on Facebook because think a going to get really amazing when we reach Melbourne

Thank you Jack, Daniel an to your mother Skye thank you

[Admin] Clinton’s Walk For Justice GoFundMe

Day 263: 9am

[Admin] On the evening of June 6, Clinton’s Walk For Justice will join the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance – WAR in a march through Naarm (Melbourne), beginning at Parliament Gardens.

Clinton Pryor, a Wajuk, Balardung, Kija and Yulparitja man from Western Australia has been on his Walk For Justice since leaving Perth in September last year.

Clinton and the Walk For Justice Team are headed for Canberra, where they will deliver strong messages on behalf of the people and communities the team has met with right across the country.

Clinton says two messages are coming through very clearly from Aboriginal communities right now:

“First – our sovereignty was never ceded and our rights as the first nation peoples of this land should be recognised and respected as sovereign. And also our elders should be given back control over our communities.”

Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance is a of collective of young Aboriginal people committed to the cause of decolonization and the philosophy of Aboriginal nationalism – resistance and revival.

We invite all of the community to support Clinton walk through Naarm. Families are encourage to bring their young ones along to meet deadly brother Clinton.

What to bring: Banners, flags, gum leaves and paint-up.
Must bring rain weather gear to protect yourself from the elements, it is expected to be a cold welcome into Naarm.

Rain, hail or shine our brother Clinton walks for justice and we know we can show him our strength, love and support next Tuesday at 5pm at Parliament.

Day 263: 1pm

Hey guys please have a read another media release. This one is from the courier Ballarat news an paper media group.

Day 263: 8pm

Our day has finish in Ballarat. – Noonie

Day 263: 11pm

The country side and things to see, on out way in to Ballarat. – Noonie

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Get your Clinton’s Walk Supporter Tee today from the shop! Many thanks go to Lifewear who print these shirts at cost price with all proceeds going to Clinton’s Walk.

Please note that we bulk order and so shirts are sent out on approx. a monthly basis. If you have any queries please contact the Team via the Twitter or Facebook and we will assist.

Don’t forget to send in your pics, we love seeing them!

Days 227 & 228: Visiting Adelaide

Day 227: 10.30am

Hello guys  I just wanted to thank this good man Chris a other Noongar brother from western Australia for letting us stay at his place for two night when we first came into Adelaide. Thank you brother Chris for helping us and letting us stay at your place brother

Day 227: 12pm

Hey guys i just wanted to give a quick update I just wanted to thank everyone for coming to the rally the other day when we walk into Adelaide towards victories park. We what to thank everyone for donating and coming to Victoria square to welcoming us to Adelaide. Everyone who donates we what to let you know we raise about $540 dollar and that well help us on our walk to Melbourne. Thank you everyone for donating and thank you Adelaide mob for coming to the rally to welcome my team an I to Adelaide people country area.

Thank guys

Day 227: 1pm

Day 227: 2.30pm

Well I came this far and I’m making sure to finish this walk of into Canberra

Day 227: 5pm

[Admin Toby] JLM productions 4 minute feature of Clinton’s arrival in Adelaide.

For shirts that support the walk:

Day 227: 6pm

You can see now which way I’m walking in. This is a map from beginning to show people which way I’m walking to Canberra. As you can see the next city after Adelaide we need to head of to is Melbourne. I just wanted to show you what the route well look like when i finish the walk in to Canberra.

Day 228: 12pm

Here today at the Adelaide day care centre for the homeless. We here to have a dinner with all this guys. All this homeless guys look up to me as a leader and a hero to them. I never know how high the homeless issue was in Adelaide. I all most break down about to cry because people who have nonething well to help and welcome people in. I just wanted to thank Tanya Hunter and Sister Janeta Mead for inviting us here at this homeless shelters place.

[Admin Gee] More info on the Adelaide Day Care Centre for the Homeless

Day 228: 9.30pm

[Admin Toby] Matt Morrison and Corey Theatre playing a special version of ‘Land’ for Clinton’s visit today at Adelaide Day Centre for Homeless Persons

Day 228: 9.30pm

[Guest Post] There are no words to describe how incredible and profound tonight was!

Our family had the great privilege of hosting, the phenonmenal Clinton Pryor and his team for dinner tonight. Thank you everyone that came for your warmth, kindness, understanding, open conversation and for the feeling of kinship that was felt by everyone tonight. My mind has been opened to the many discrepancies that exist in our society but more importantly how little effort it takes to overcome our percieved otherness to each other.

Feeling overwhelmed by the love and respect felt tonight and here’s hoping to many more times together!

Clinton is walking for justice from his home in Perth to Canberra and raising awareness for the injustices that exist in Australia including visiting Aboriginal communities and discussing Aboriginal issues, addressing homelessness and the irresponsibility of Government in addressing these issues. His walk is to bring all people in Australia to stand for justice.

We wish you all the very best for the rest of your journey Clinton – you are truly an inspiration!

Please share and follow Clinton’s Walk for Justice! – Appurva

Day 226: ANZAC Day

Day 226: 9.30am

Here today to payed my respect to those who die in the war thought out this world and the frontier war in this country it self. Anzac Day is a time when we honour all the men and women who have served Australia, many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice. But also Anzac should be a time on this day to remember those who die defending they land from the British invasion.

Anzac can be a day of remembering those who served defending this country thought out the war’s in the world and use as a day to remember those who die defending they country from invasion on this land we live on today.

Anzac can bring unity forward for both side. But our government and modern Australia tell us to get over it on this day and tell us to move forward from the past. But you wouldn’t like it if we told you to move forward from Anzac. When we should know in our heart we want unity and Anzac can be a day to remember people served defending this country from invasion an for those who served in the war thought out the world.

But if we keep on only remembering those on Anzac day who served Australia and not remember those from the frontier war. There be always division and no unity on Anzac day. It time we remember ever thing that happen in this country in the past from the frontier wars and remember those who served Australia it self to. It time for unity Australia so let make this happen.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have served in all of Australia’s major conflicts since the Boer War but have not always received the deserved recognition. Many returned not even to be counted as citizens… let alone be eligible for Government assistance and programs.

Today let’s take an extra moment to remember the sacrifice made by our First Peoples, the oldest living culture of the planet, and their contribution to defending our nation. Also remember those who served Australia in the war thought out the world it self together for unity.

So Lest we forget.

Day 226: 10.30am

[Guest Post] Big thank you to these two and the Tauondi College for supporting – Janette

Day 226: 4.30pm

We had a tour of the wetlands were we are staying, a look at how the people lived on the land and the food they were eating. A very good time around the wetlands here. – Noonie

Day 226: 5pm

We been invited out for dinner tonight to port Adelaide football club to meet all the first nation football player. The football club head about our walk and the player what to meet me and the team. They what to hear about our walk, help out with giving me some gift and help out with Crow funding. So we off tonight to have dinner with port Adelaide football club tonight. Let see how this go

Day 226:

[Admin Gee] Huge thanks to Croakey for sharing this interview video with us! And for coming on down and joining the March into Adelaide!

Day 226: 5.30pm

It Port Adelaide bar – Garry

Day 226: 8pm

I just wanted to thank port Adelaide football club and Pauly for organizing a dinner with some of the indigenous player for tonight dinner. It was a great honor to meet you boyz and to have a talk to you guys about my walk. It been great to have dinner with you guys. So thank you port Adelaide football club and Pauly for having us at your club tonight. Also the football club got the hole team to sign a t-shirt and a foot ball for me to take with me on the walk. On top the club will be donating to our crowdfunding to help us to keep going with our walk.

Thank you port Adelaide football club for the support for my walk and understanding why we doing this for

Day 226: 8.30pm

Also I just letting everyone know that my team and I are here until Monday next week. So please if need to see me message my page Clinton walk for justice and I try my best to get back to each ad one of you. I’m a very busy person. That is why I have admin team there to help me.


Day 226: 9.30pm

Tonight at Port Adelaide club – Garry

Days 206 & 207

Day 206: 6.30am

– Noonie

Day 206: 8.30am

Far way in this distance land, I walk this land proud and free, far way in another place, searching high and low far a way from home.

I hope when I finish this walk that Archie Roach well make a song about my walk and that when I’m back home in western Australia I can play the song so it can remained me about the walk I have done a cross Australia for justice.

Day 206: 2.30pm

We all from one planet and one home, from one race the human race and we are family of 7 billion that share the world with anther 7 billion different species and no corporate government, no army and no secret family group well never broke us a part or control us and you know why because we are the people that build this world and we can make this world a better place than what it is now.

Day 206: 3.30pm

Day 207: 6am

Day 207: 9am

When the world on set on ripping it self apart, it don’t seem such a bad think to me want to put a little bit back together. I don’t know how I would live with my self if I don’t stay true on what I believe. My dad told me if you want to make the world a better place. You must go out there with life and bring change to the world. It may take a bit of time but in the end it worth it son.

Day 207: 1.30pm

Hey guys!!!

Good afternoon  please share and donate. We also ask if you can let your family and friend share and donate to if they can. We need all the help we can get to help us get to Canberra and back home to Perth. We don’t get paid by centrelink and we don’t get paid from any jobs we had. Me and my team rely on this Crowdfund page to get us to Canberra and back home to Perth. So please share and donate and help us get to Canberra and back home to Perth and let walk together and get justice for all.

If what to pay by PayPal here the link:

Day 207: 4pm

Days 152 & 153: Glendambo

Day 152: 2.30am

We started off tonight to go out about 145 ks but Garrys car over heated we made it out to about 27 ks. Was warm all the time out there, but with the moon out we could see quite well not much good for photos, as cars and truck went by I use the head light. Quite enjoyable out there. On Matargarup I would wonder what it would be like with no city noises, it is peaceful and all most quiet. – Noonie

Day 152: 11.30am

[Admin Lisa] Well, while our Clinton is walking through the hardest leg of the walk with the hottest temperatures in Australia for the last year, it is so cold in Perth! We are having the wettest summer in decades.

The admin team got these photos this morning and we are all tempted to buy one, not just to raise funds for Clinton ( $10 from every hat goes towards the walk) but to stay warm!

Thanks to Jane for sending in the photos and thanks to Crocheted in Adelaide for your creativity and generous donations


Day 152: 3pm

Please read……

Day 152: 9pm 

Day 153: 9.30am

It is 12 o’clock at Glendambo, I was going to film some little wildlife that flys around here but they have gone and sheltering from the heat. I hear magpies in the trees at frount, so just some photos. From the trailer I put up the shelter for the shade, at times that is all the shade out there. – Noonie

Day 153: 7pm

They came later in the day, they can show you how warm it is. – Noonie

[Admin] Auction – ArtisticOne’s deadly painted boots!

!! Auction Time !!

So here we go ~ You are bidding for a custom designed pair of trainers or boots designed and painted by the wonderful Trent Duffy – ArtisticOne for the WINNER! The only pair like it in the world, designed for you.

The photo shown is an example only of Trent’s work, please visit his page for more ideas

How To Bid –

1) Simply comment on the photo the price you are prepared to pay to own a pair of custom designed shoes.

2) Reserve price starts at $20

3) Bidding closes in 3 days. Friday 3rd Feb 2017 at exactly 12pm Australian Western Standard time

4) The Winner will be notified by Facebook

5) Once the design has been chosen, please allow 2 weeks for Trent to paint and ship your shoes.

6) Admin reserves the right to delete any posts that do not comply to our page rules around respectful conversation.

7) Only bids directly on OUR page can be accepted.

8) Clinton’s Walk for Justice complies with all facebook rules and regulations in regards to online bidding. These can be found here :

Happy Bidding !
Admin Lisa

Days 140 & 141: Finishing the walk into Coober Pedy

Day 140: 10am

From the top of the Lookout Cave here at Coober Pedy. – Noonie

Day 140: 1pm

I just loading up some of my photo from the pass that I added speech to them so please have a read thought them.

Day 140: 4.30pm

Today everyone i would like to talk to you about what unity a justice is going to do for you. Now what i would like is for as many of you that want to have their say now is that time! Add to this thread all your view a opinions on how you would run this country and how you would deal with it.
Child protection-
Country Growth-
Expanding the outback to grow the country-
New Constitution-
Public holiday such a culture memorial day-
Anzac Day-
Australia Day-
And all other areas that you wish to comment on?

We have policy’s that can be port in place and improve the country. But we would rather have your input on think. The think is about being a leader is about listing, understanding and what the people want. It is not about what you think you know what best for the people and for the country. But about listening and learning from people voice and what they want. So please put down your view and what you think how this country can be run.

Day 140: 6pm

Hey all good morning well I be getting back into the walk today. We still have to do other 50km walk to make our way in Coober Pedy before heading to Port Augusta. I decided three days ago before coming into Coober Pedy was to rest up and the team to rest up so we drive in. But we needed to do other 50km to walk into Coober Pedy before we can start making our way towards Port Augusta.

So today we going back our to the spot where we stop and get back into it. It seem to me that the weather today is going to be 46 degree in our area and that good I like a bit of a challenge. Beside before leaving Coober Pedy without know the real heat of this area well be unfair to know it. So today I have decided to challenge this heat and walk in it finish the last leg walk into Coober Pedy. Before resting tomorrow and Wednesday starting the walking again to make our way towards Port Augusta. So let do this and challenge this heat out.

Day 141: 1.30pm

[Admin Lisa] Auction Update.

As you know, through the wonderful generosity of Trent Duffy – ArtisticOne we are holding our first ever Auction tomorrow. Trent is the first artist to approach us with this offer and has started a bit of a trend.
Over the next few weeks we will be auctioning off several special items that have been donated by Artists that believe in Clinton and want to help us raise much needed funds for Clinton’s Walk for Justice.

If you haven’t already liked and followed our page, please do so, this will ensure that you get all our updates.

The Auctions starts tomorrow 12:00 pm Australian Western Standard Time. You will be auctioning for a custom designed pair of sneakers or footie boots. Your choice. So, remember to check in tomorrow, all funds raised go to Clinton and his support team.

Day 141: 4pm

We walk today from the place we stop when the thunder hit, so I tock off to find the pool I had videoed before to check out the water level their, found it and videoed it again some more photos up to the start point of today. – Noonie

Day 141: 5pm

Not so wet today but I can show you on some photos. A lot of water come from that thunder storm. This is at Pootnoura Creek channel 2. This is what water can do. – Noonie

Day 141: 6.30pm

Mean while out in South Australia in Coober Pedy with Clinton. I just walking in this 46 degree heat and not worrying about nothing Why because I know how this heat is and I just waiting for the right time until I get to Port Augusta that when think going to happen. Justice is coming and I now know what need to be done to fought for everyone here in this country and make this country move forward together.

Day 141: 7pm

– Garry