Day 346: Mackey Rest Area

Day 346: 7am

[Admin Team] But he knew he was there for a reason, and that he could make a difference, so he kept going, one step at a time.

“When I got there I learnt so much about our sovereign people and what we’ve been fighting for,”

This article in The Saturday Paper is one of our favourites!

Day 346: 7.30pm

Day 346: 8.30am

Good morning guys it a beautiful day today.

Day 346: 1.30pm

[Admin Toby] Over the course of Clinton’s Walk, his Uncle Herbert Bropho has kept in contact by often sending me video’s and – as im sure you have seen – the many memes and images blended into works of art. He surprised Clinton and the crew by joining them in Sydney for the final length to Canberra, sporting one of the supporter shirts. He has never given up advocating for rights, his nephews cause, speaking at rallies such as the nation wide ‘Justice for Elijah’ protests, and local issues such as Wadjemup (Rottnest Island), the case of Matagarup and homelessness.

In a defiant plea, Uncle Herbert also sits at the gates of his former Swan Valley community every Monday since being closed by the WA State Government in 2003. Its people were immediately disposessed and made homeless after 11 houses were demolished in the dawn with no notice of eviction given to the families.

With the demolition of community infrastructure at Oombulgurri
and Barnetts intention of further community closures, the situation of homelessness rose to media attention again in 2016 following a 3rd raid to confiscate personal belongings on Hieresson Island by police and City of Perth officials. Although registered as a sacred site, an Injunction lodged by Bella Bropho was unsuccessful at the time that Clinton set out accross the country on foot.

Here is a video of Matagarup or Hieresson Island that Uncle Herbert shared with me a few weeks ago that I hadn’t seen and its honesty struck me. Featured in New Zealand it was free of media bias and its images presented the fact that not much has changed in the approach of governments to the realities of First Nations People.

Matagarup – a place of Aboriginal cultural significance – was called a refugee camp for valid reasons.

Day 346: 3pm

Day 346: 3pm

Day 346: 3pm

Day 346: 3.30pm

Day 346: 4pm

[Admin Lisa] Are you planning on joining the walk ?? If you are, then you need to read this.

What you need to bring :

You will be responsible for your own food, camping gear, water, money and any other costs incurred while walking.

We would love you to bring your commitment, your sense of humour and your deepest respects for what Clinton has achieved in the last year and how important this last final part of his walk is.

We want to keep the fires burning, so if you are coming to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy please bring some wood to donate, funds for yourself and a sense of unity and purpose.

We want to use this opportunity to remind people that Clinton is THE ONLY spokesperson for his Walk for Justice .

We will not tolerate any unsociable behaviours, drugs and alcohol are not appropriate or acceptable and you will be asked to leave if any of these basic courteous rules are not followed.

Everyone is welcome to join in but it is up to you to work out where, when and how.

There are buses available for people who may be having a tough day or just want an easier day, the buses can also be used to store your camping gear on during the day so that you are free to walk.

Please label all your possessions.

An Event Page will be created that we will share and ask you to join. This will be where we post updates about where Clinton and the team are at and this will also be the place where walkers will need to check in to for any important announcements.

The Admin Team are flying over to join you all next week and we want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your help and support in getting us over there. It is really appreciated and we couldn’t have done any of this without you !!

Day 346: 6pm

Day 346: 11.30pm

Day 338 & 339: Kiama

Day 338: 6am

Day 338: 8.30am

This is where we camped last night it remind me of a mission – Herbert Bropho

Day 338: 9.30am

This old man is for this country his local community – Herbert Bropho

Day 338: 10.30am

Day 338: 10.30am

Day 338: 11am

Clinton is walking from Perth to Canberra to raise awareness of
injustice perpetrated against Aboriginal People.

Join us in welcoming Clinton to Campbelltown

Day 338: 2pm

[Admin] Pic sent in by Greg on Facebook.

Day 338: 7.30pm

[Admin Luke] Hey all, Admin Luke here with another big announcement!

We’re finally launching a fundraiser to cover the costs of getting the Admin Team and two Elders over to join Clinton!

We’re hoping to raise $5900 – and all funds raised will got to covering the cost of flights, travel and meals for 6 people.

The six people are:

Uncle Herbie Bropho – who has already arrived, may decide to use the money to bring his son over.

Uncle Noel Nannup who will join Clinton in Canberra for the big event on September 3.

Plus Admins Gee, Lisa, Luke and Toby.

Click through to the fundraiser page for more details, and please help us get over to join Clinton & the team in Canberra!!


We officially reached our Goal for this fundraiser just this morning!

Thank you all!

Day 339: 7.30am

Day 339: 8.30am

Day 339: 9am

Day 339: 9am

Good morning guys it another beautiful day of walking today. I just what to thank people of Sydney for the amazing support and welcoming into Sydney Redfern the block.

I what to thank aunty Jenny Munro an her daughter Lorna Munro for organising everything in Redfern the event, food and welcoming to country in the block. Also doing a lot of the hard work to make sure the event when very well. I what to thank everyone else for coming to the event and welcome us into Redfern.

Thank you aunty Jenny an Lorna for doing all this for us and thank you, you mob from sydney for coming and showing support for the walk for justice.

I what to thank Kristen Parker the CEO of National centre of Indigenous excellence but now has left for helping us with accommodation in Redfern and making sure we had some where to stay.

The national centre of indigenous excellence don’t let any one stay at the place with out paying. But they have done this for us for free and the team and I what to thank you guys for letting us stay there.

Thank you everyone from sydney and thank you everyone from Redfern the block.

Day 339

Wednesday, from Kiama, it look like the rain mite have been with us today, then the rain was gone, the sun was here to stay. – Noonie

Day 339: 10.30am

I just what to thank the people of La Perouse community for inviting us out to the community an organise a event on the day we arrived out there.
I want to thank the La Perouse aboriginal community health centre for organising everything like the BBQ, event and welcoming to country. Thank you La Perouse aboriginal community health centre.

I want to thank the elder’s for coming a lone to welcome me an the team to the community. I want to thank the year 4 kids for singing songs and welcoming us into the community. I also want to thank the school kids and high school kids for doing a welcoming to country traditional dance.

I want to thank everyone else from La Perouse and other for coming and showing support for want we a doing an also I what to thank you all for the amazing welcome into La Perouse community.

Day 339 11am

Day 339: 12.30pm

Day 339

Wednesday the 16th, from Bombo to our rest stop, where we left the Princes Highway for a safer road to walk on Shellharbour Rd. – Noonie

Day 339: 2.30pm

Day 339

On Shellharbour Rd to were we finished our day. – Noonie

Day 339: 2.30pm

Day 339: 9pm

Day 339: 9.30pm

Day 339

Wednesday the 16th along the road. – Noonie

Day 316: Jigamy Farm

Day 316: 7am

We must no longer live by lies. The only way forward is thought peace and we must now stand for the truth and justice. We as the people on this earth what change.

Day 316: 7.30am

All this, no clouds just the sun coming up over the hill line. Just for me and every single living identity on the great planet, mine, ours and the home for us all. A sunrise for life itself. – Noonie

Day 316: 8am

Day 316: 10am

[Admin Toby] A Raffle is being held at Apma Creations Gallery in Tilba on Thursday to raise funds for the walk 😄👣🐾

1st prize.
Apma Dreaming 
Original painting
By Artist Merryn Apma

2nd prize
Of the black cockatoo
Artist Cheryl Davidson

3rd Prize
Gift pack from Apma Creations
Mug, coaster, key ring

$20 a ticket. All proceeds are donated to Clinton’s Walk for Justice

Day 316: 12.30pm

[Admin Toby] Strong speeches in Sydney today in beginning the rallies of Justice for Elijah across the country; thanks to Padriac Gibson we share this.

“That’s our responsibility to use this technology that our Elders did not have – that makes a massive difference. Plus the unity and solidarity that comes with that technology.” Shaun Harris


Day 316

The start from Jigamy farm to Bega, this lot finishes at Pambula, at the place were we had started walking Friday, with the walk from Pambula to Merimbula. We then started our walk at Merimbula where we had finish the walk last Friday night, as we were about to start walking to Bega, we were approached by a man who ask about us and shouted us a meal, he and his partner of a shop, Hungry’s Fish n’ Chips. We had a very good meal and thanks to more wonderful people along the way on this journey, we again thank people for good food and a friendly welcoming. Thanks again to people at Jigamy farm and Hungry’s Fish n’ Chips at Merimbula for very good food, friendly similes and warm hearts. – Noonie

Day 316: 5pm

Day 316

From the Hungry’s Fish n’ Chips at Merimbula were we started our walk after a meal stop to about 4ks out of Bega – Noonie

Day 316: 8pm

Day 314: Mumbulla Falls

Day 314: 6.30am

Day 314: 9am

Day 314: 10am

Day 314

Mumbulla Falls, Saturday. – Noonie

Day 314: 2pm

Day 314: 2.30pm

I just healing my mind an spirit and to reconnect to our ancestors and month earth it self. I had a talk to Elder of this country area about how to be a better young elder and not to a loud my angry to get the better of me. They giving me good advice to think about why I went on this journey in the first and remember the spirit of the journey. The spirit of the walk for justice.

I what to thank the Custodian and first people Mr David Dixon and also thank the people of djirinjan of the Yuin for bring out here to this beautiful an secret place.

Day 314: 3pm

I just what to thank Custodian and first people of Eden area Mr Steven Holmes for welcoming thee team an i into his country area the thawa people. Thank you uncle Steven Holmes.

I what to thank elder Ossie Cruse for inviting us to Jigamy culture centre and letting us camp for two night and giving us food to eat. Thank you elder Ossie Cruse and Jigamy culture centre.

Thank you everyone in Eden.

Day 314: 5.30pm

Went with Elder David Dixon to a very special place Mumbulla mountain waterfalls very spiritual place learnt a lot of knowledge off him thank-you and to his family for looking after us with great food and company. – Jack

Day 314: 6.30pm

[Admin Toby] We would like to thank Brenda Croft and the ‘No Justice Just Us’ team for their kindness and ongoing work with Josie Crawshaw, Chips Macinolty, Don White, Mia Christophersen and Concerned Australians.


Day 314: 7.30pm

Merryn Apma has been busy gathering support in Tilba area and this beautiful artwork of Cheryl Davidson is a story of the Black Cockatoo connecting the South Coast to Western Australia 😍

All are welcome! If you you like to make donations Apma Creations will provide reciept. Thankyou


Day 313: No Justice

Day 313: 7am

Here this morning with uncle Ossie at the radio station going live over here around the Eden area to talk to the walk for justice and the injustice towards everyone from the government.

[Admin Gee] Podcast here.

Day 313: 8.30am

Jigamy farm lovely place lovely people. – Jack

Day 313

From Eden to Jigamy. Friday. – Noonie

Day 313: 11am

At the end of the day we a all aboriginal people because we all from the earth. It just some government bull crape naming an title on a group of people to cause division in society. When we should all know we are one because we come from the earth.

Day 313: 11.30am

[Admin Toby] The Larrakia petition followed an earlier 6-point petition from the Larrakia people and their supporters in March 1972, calling for the McMahon government to establish a commission to negotiate treaties with Indigenous language groups. This appeal was described by Judith Wright as, ‘the first move in the direction of the demand for treaties’.

The wording of the petition were in response to the reply from Prime Minister McMahon in June, 1972, rejecting the call for treaties with Aboriginal people, and stating that it was not appropriate to negotiate with British subjects as though they were foreign powers.

According to the National Archives of Australia, in their publication Memory of a Nation ‘The petition was forwarded to the Queen’s representative in Australia, the Governor-General [Sir Paul Hasluck], and was deposited in the National Archives in 1975.’ The complete document is available on-line on the National Archives website (NAA 1973c).

Day 313: 12.30pm

The walk from Eden to Pambula. – Jack

Day 313

We were at Pambula school today, a good family gathering and then we gathered to do some walking. – Noonie

Bonus Video

Day 313: 1pm

I’m disappointed and piss at the failuring of the justice system in this country that allowed a man find not guilty for manslaughter after killing young Elijah.

Day 313: 1.30pm

No justice, no peace justice need to be served before this country get divided into two group and we well be back at square one again. Justice system has failed the people of Kalgoorlie and Elijah family.

Please like and share the facebook page: Justice for Elijah

Day 313: 2pm

It go to show how much the justice system work in this country.

Day 313

Our walk Friday from Pambula school to Merimbula. 21st July. – Noonie

Bonus Video

Day 313: 3pm

Day 313: 6.30pm

[Admin Post] Admin Gee and Luke are here in Perth for E and his family #NoJusticeNoPeace

Day 313: 10.30pm

– Garry

Day 34: (Rest Day) Leonora


elijahWe just read this morning. We are rock by this from Leonora town. A other family member taking her life at Elijah memorial yesterday. Please please to my people and other do not think of taking your life. You was born in this world for a reason to do something with your life. Please do not think there no hope my people and other because hope is coming for us and for everyone else. If you think of taking your life please think before you do and the people you may leave behind on this earth that love you so much. There also on ABC page a hotline if you think you need to talk with some one.

If you, or anyone you know needs help:


Quick update from Leonora town about the suicide by a mother who leave three children behind. We being hit hard in Leonora town this morning. Leonora town not long ago has bury a young women who taking her life at the age of 26year old and that we are going to have a meeting with the elders, local, children and family member about suicide and how can we stop it as a people of a community in Leonora town.


14572410_1787010394888362_6997199956764648367_nI knew this road was going to be hard. But I chosen to do it because it need to be done. To become Wise, strong and a leader I must go though this to get where I need to be. But the biggest it will be that it well made this country come together as one. It well happen when I’m a live or go from this earth. All I want is think to get better for my people and for this country. It is time for the sovereign Australia to come together as one to build a better Australia for all who live here with us. The time has come and we can do it together as the people on this earth and in this country.


Day 26: Leaving Kalgoorlie


Good morning all first I just wanted to thank Geoffrey Stoke for letting us stay at his place in Kalgoorlie to rest up thank you Geoffrey. As you may know I leave Kalgoorlie town today at 12:00 lunchtime from Elijah memorial to start the journey north to Menzies and Leonora town. The walk from Kalgoorlie to Menzies town well take me about 3 days before I head off to Leonora and that well take me about other 3 day.

I wanted to thank the elders and the local around Kalgoorlie for welcome me in and showing me area the place also tell me about this town back round. I’m getting close to the hardest part of the walk for justice. After I leave Leonora than I well make my way to Laverton town that well take me other 3 days.

After leaving Laverton i well make my way on a road that no one walk on since the old time towards Warburton town. The old centre road get up to 50degrees at day time and negative 7 degrees at night. No one as never walk on that road since 230 years ago from the old time. The centre road well be the hardest part of the walk for justice. But I’m ready and I believed in my self that I can do it and make my family, my people, my friend, my followers and whole Australia proud.

But other than that I need to get ready for today before I leave Kalgoorlie town and say goodbye to Everyone.


14494846_1120639944693775_4437280897183378757_nUs three are on a mission for the people and make a change. This walk well be something to remember when I get old and tell my grand kid’s. I well settled down after this walk is finish and find the girl of my dream to live my life with and have a family together. I until than I need to keep my mind on the walk and worry about the girl of my dream when I finish.


14470397_1866893640200490_486107778880040090_nI’m just at Elijah doughty memorial saying goodbye to the young brother. Before I leave Kalgoorlie town. Being in Kalgoorlie has being the hardiest part of the walk so far. I know that this walk I’m doing. I well hear a lot of sad story and that i must be strong and finish this walk to get justice for young Elijah and everyone else who never got justice for they love one.

Day 24: Rest Day – Kalgoorlie



14448925_697554583728347_3386392805540798140_n14463133_697556253728180_9069133986139396766_nWe here and have settled up camp at the Elijah memorial last night. We here to camp for the weekend at Elijah memorial elders and local are welcome to come down to have a talk and sit with us around the fire.

The people from Kalgoorlie did a memorial memory for young Elijah. Who sadly lost his life here.


[Admin Gee] See my post RE the Kalgoorlie BBQ


Hey guys quick update. Just letting you know that we be camping tonight and tomorrow night at Geoffrey stocks culture centre. It be a good day at the BBQ in Kalgoorlie at lunch time meeting with the elders and local around here. I have decided to camp at Geoffrey culture centre because every one know the place and that people can come to us to tell us what being happening in Kalgoorlie town.

Also tomorrow we being going to Elijah memorial in the afternoon to talk with more people and have a cup of tea. Before we head off on Monday morning up north than. I just wanted to say thanks to the city of Kalgoorlie for doing a BBQ for us today and also thank you to everyone who came and giving us think to help us for the walk. Wanted to thank the lord mayor for coming down to have a talk about how we can make think better for the young kids in Kalgoorlie town.

Other than that if you want to see us please come to Geoffrey stocks culture centre where we are and come down for a talk.


14516598_697895600360912_3713968907875085582_n (1)I’m a man on a mission to stand for the people against the rich. To give hope and not to be a fear of standing for the truth. No one well never bring me down and less I choose to give up. I am walking for justice for the Australia people, I am walking for remote indigenous communities, I am walking against the government who removing sacred site, I am walking for the land Australia to be giving back to the sovereign Australia people, I am walking for Australia to be free from the rich who choose to control us, I am walking for an end to homeless, I am walking against the removal of children by the government, I am walking against deaths in custody, i am walking for the wild life to be look after, I am walking for the protection of sacred sites, I am walking for sacred sites to be looked after by us, I am walking to end poverty in Australia, I am walking because I love Australia and the Australia people, I am walking because it is time for change in this country. But most of all I’m walking for the rights of all Australia that wanted to be tread the same like everyone else who live here. The Australia people need to start waking up before it to late. This the time or there never well be a time again in the future.

Day 23: Coolgardie to Kalgoorlie


Quick update. We getting ready to leave Coolgardie town this morning at 8:30am. Then we make our way to Kalgoorlie where we be setting up camp at Elijah memorial at 3:00pm today. Also I just wanted to say thank you to Sylvia Tucker at Coolgardie town for helping us by letting us stay at her other house and resting up. Thank you Sylvia for helping us out for letting us have a shower at your house and showing us where was the funeral being held for Elijah on Tuesdays.


14502876_697022097114929_6362702166272688255_nI’m on my way to Kalgoorlie now. The team well catch up within a hour wild I’m walking. So I be walking a lone for 1 hour because the team need to finish packing up everything. So that mean I need to watch both side of the road car’s coming in front of me and behind me because I walking in to a town that has full of hatred and full of racism.


I just wanted to say thank you to Sarah Vasey from GWN 7 news for coming out this morning and doing a interview with me 🙂 guys watch GWN 7news tonight if you want to see the interview today.

14502943_697079683775837_8903613856293583069_n 14479770_697080350442437_8662745938725078719_n


Hey guys quick update just letting you know we made it to Kalgoorlie and we are now at Elijah memorial setting up camp. But we here for the weekend to spread time with the elders and the locals in Kalgoorlie. Everyone is welcome to come down and set around the fire with us and welcome to join us tonight

Day 22: Rest Day – Coolgardie


“Good morning all I be rest up today at Coolgardie town before I make the walk to Kalgoorlie tomorrow morning and set camp at Elijah memorial to spend the weekend with elder and the local in Kalgoorlie. Before I start the walk out to the desert way.”


14484916_696552003828605_5116141192206914356_n“Thank you Sylvia and Steve for coming up to Kalgoorlie and have a talk with us for the last two days. Also coming with us to Elijah memorial to see want we need to do to make think better for this country. Thank you so much for given us food to help us for the desert area to. So thank you Sylvia and Steve”


14441174_1864872200402634_7090310653586106778_n“Proud man dancing with pride and honour. When we dance. We know that our ancestor dance with us in spirit on a sacred ground. That one spot that one spot on that sacred ground 60,000 year of dancing of proud people. When i dance on a sacred ground. I know my father, my grandfather, my grand grandfather and my family before me are dancing next to me on a sacred ground in spirit. That how proud we are of our culture and who we are. So that why we never stop fighting until our culture is safe for the future generation. 60,000 year of culture cannot go away without people like me and other a well to keep it a live.”


14484988_1864903173732870_6401068647810566061_n“Finley we got the car back. She fix up and ready to go for the desert area trip 🙂 it cost me 600 dollar to get it fix. But as long she ready for the trip and help us finish the walk off to Canberra. This car well go up in a museum telling people she did her part by carting all our equipment and other think we need to Canberra.”


14433141_696616947155444_786301151038518200_n“This why I don’t touch gold. We are at the super pit in Kalgoorlie. When well people learn that your already have a none you don’t need to be greeted for money by selling gold. The more we mining the land the more the land get sick. Mother nature well take it revenge by earth quake and rain to tell us to stop mining the land.”


14449005_696676700482802_7258781413422362743_n“Doing this walk for justice sometime drag me out. That I need to go and have a afternoon sleeps when it is rest day. I need to let my body to recharge itself and power my body back up. So every rest day I have a good few hours of sleep in the afternoon 🙂 Than the next day I’m recharge and ready to go again :)”


11182202_481507961999678_4167696125672343603_n (1)“People need to understand that I’m doing this walk for Justice as a homeless man. Why I said I’m doing it as a homeless man because I give up my house an move out by storing all my stuff in storage. So I have no home to go back to but start from the bottom after this walk. I taking one year off from work and only got three week of pay. But happen to know that I have a job to go back to and start over again. On top of that the only money I have is from the Crowd funding and I notes that only low class people have help and donates from the bottom of they heart thank you guys 🙂

No sponsors don’t want to sponsor my walk and i don’t know why because maybe I’m standing up for the low class people up against the rich and also I being complete ignored by the main stream media like channel 7 and channel 9 I don’t know why. But channel 7 copy and paste what I said to Allan Clarke who written my story why I’m doing this walk for justice. I like to thank channel SBS , NITV and people who want to do a story on my journey and what I’m doing by covering it.

So that why I’m doing this walk and say i’m a homeless man. I doing this walk as a homeless person to show that if I’m homeless and I’m standing up to the rich. Than you should too and help me by walking with me when I reach Canberra, share my post or donate to help me get there. I’m doing this as well because the love I have for my people, my country and this world. I believe the world we live in can be better than want it is now.


All I ask from people is not to get angry on my Facebook page and show some respect. If you don’t want to show respect I well block you because I don’t have time to read uneducated people when they don’t know that when I finish this walk it well show a new way for my people, for my country and for this world. So let come together and work on building this world and make it better for all o.k

Thank you Peace 🙂 🙂 :)”