Day 178: The Bridge March – Port Augusta

Day 178: 5.30am

Flags at the ready – FB follower, Anne

Day 178: 6am

Flags ready. – Noonie

Day 178: 6.30am

Today is the day we march for justice and for change. I’m here this morning having breakfast with the man group to see the bridge we going to be marching over at 10:00am they call this bridge the hwy bridge where people who need to travel down south to east or west to north. The one bridge that connect this country for people to travel.

This well be something to remember and some thing where all different cultural people come together to march for justice and for change. So today let send them a powerful message that we the people of this country are standing up for something we believe can make this country better. So let do this and have some fun today and remember enjoy the day guys.

Day 178: 7am

Stephen Atkinson got a phone call this morning that the hwy police are going to shut down both side of the bridge for us. So that mean no traffic are going to come thought when we are march. Traffic are going to be held back mile when we march. We well stream the bridge march live today guy so please watch and see how the march is going to go today and watch how we going hold Australia on a stand still for 1 and half hour today cheer!!!!

Day 178: 8.30am

A breakfast with the men at the foreshore Port Augusta. – Noonie

Day 178: 9.30am

Gathering for a photo on the sand, breakfast on the foreshore at Port Augusta. – Noonie

Day 178: 10.30am

Hey guys here is the bridge march we had today

Day 178: 11am

On the bridge at Port Augusta. – Noonie

Day 178: 11.30am

The bridge march was amazing well done port Augusta mob you guy was deadly today and thank you Port Augusta mob for coming out today for the bridge march. I also wanted thank Stephen Atkinson for doing most of the hard work making sure every think went well thank you Stephen mate.

Day 178: 12pm

After the walk on the foreshore time for talking and photos on the sand. – Noonie

Day 178: 1.30pm

At Port Augusta on the bridge to the foreshore, it was a safe walk thanks to the police escorting us. – Noonie

Day 178: 4.30pm

Garry driving right behind us leading the way for hwy police and emergency service when we march today over the bridge. It good to see the justice mobile back in the walk again

Day 178: 5.30pm

Doing what I need to do to get this walk back on t.v again so people know we still walk our way towards Canberra. Well i know that think well get big when we start making our way towards a big city soon. But today has being amazing and now I’m feeling tired and stuff from the beautiful walk we did together with the port Augusta mob

Day 178: 11.59pm

Once again I have had an enjoyable day, good night world, what a wonderful home we have, it is well worth standing up together for a better future. The government need your votes, that means the power is the people. Good night. – Noonie

Day 175: Some words from our followers!


Admin Gee realised the second she pressed publish on this post that it should be titled: SUPPORTERS!

Day 175: 6.30am

[Guest Post] I stand with Clinton Pryor. My name is William (Billy Boy), I have 5 kids, a wife and I am now trying to cure my mum of cancer. I have been raised as a privileged white fella and have had every opportunity growing up. I lost my dad when I was 4 in an outback remote cattle station in the NT and I lost my stepdad when I was 19.

I have spent the last 6 years trying to set up Indigenous training programs in advanced medical, firefighting and rescue to prepare FNP to run their communities under sovereignty treaty.

I have been lied to, belittled, ignored and used to create profits for companies that take and take from our communities without giving back. I don’t know if I have tried hard enough and I don’t know if I’m on the right path but I won’t give up and refuse to back down from my morales and beliefs.

Clinton Pryor is my hero and he stands for everything I believe in and is one man strong enough to take direct action. I have supported Clinton so far by sending him money when I can and follow his journey daily through Facebook.

I now pledge to walk with Clinton when he hits my region to help him get to Canberra and then do what I can to right the wrongs that Clinton is uncovering on his journey.

I strongly believe that we can all make a difference if we stand by Clinton not just on Facebook but in person.

To clintons supporters: who are you and what do you pledge? Post a selfie or a vid and let Clinton know why you stand with him and what you pledge to do. This man needs as many reasons to keep going as we can muster up to lift his spirit.

Day 175: 9.30am

Australia would of been a better country right now. But we a run by brush of dumb people who choose money more than the people it self. No matter time for change is coming it only the matter of time.

Day 175: 3pm

[Admin Gee] Just a little reminder about the quality of people who are following Clinton’s Walk For Justice…. this is what it’s all about people! We are constantly blown away by your generosity, talent, kindness, passion… the list is endless. Keep being awesome!

Follow Clinton’s Walk on Twitter!

Day 175: 8pm

Hey guys I just wanted to share this drawing of me that was send from my admin team. There man from Italy who is a cartoonist magazine draw for Italy. He is inspired by the walk i’m doing and draw a pictures of me and use one of my saying that I always say to people I know.

(It’s too much suffering and pain in our culture right now and I want things to start improve.)

The person who draw this picture name is Gianluca Costantini. I just wanted to thank Mr Gianluca Costantini for drawing this picture of me from Italy. Thank you mate

You can find out more of what he dose on the links below:

Days 157-158: Glendambo & Kingoonya

Day 157: 6pm

A birthday surprise for Allison Mc Aneney. I hope she enjoyed her day out. – Noonie

Day 157: 9pm 

I’m still walking and I cannot wait to get to Port Augusta. The first think I’m doing is going for a swim in the ocean after not seeking the ocean for almost 5month on the walk. There a lot has be going on and it time I get back in the scene again.

Day 157: 9.30pm

We spent the afternoon at Kingoonya with the birthday girl, this is how it is there. – Noonie

Day 158: 7am

Ngayulu itingarinyi unngu nyangata punu; I was born under this tree.

I would like to meet a lovely lady name Valerie Cox, who lives at Kingoonya S.A. Valerie made a damper for Allison, the birthday girl and ice the cake. While the cake was cooking, we had time to record Valerie were she was born. I had talk to people along this juoney who were born in the bush, but this was the first time I had the chance to record a person at the place where the birth tock place. Valerie was happy to show us and be recorded. She was very happy to be on her Country and where she was born. The mother of Valerie was to catch the train and then give birth, the tree is near an old camping ground, Valerie come first befor the train came.

Once again the stolen children were talked about again, Valerie family was not apart of the stolen generation, they told the same story’s of running and hiding when they could hear cars coming, they were never vaxinated, they came with the needles and ask were are the children, they off playing and running off somewhere, crow Valerie brother said we were hiding in the bushes looking at them till they were gone. This was the life of the children who escaped from the government people, coming to take the children from their family’s. They came back home.

Valerie Cox also makes a very good damper birthday cake. Thankyou. – Noonie

Day 158: 12pm 

Enjoy the weather today.  I wonder what it’s going to be like when we walk into Port Augusta  who know but I do know I’m going for swim in the ocean when I get there.

Day 158: 7pm

Mmmmm some one been very busy on the internet watching and written every think done. It seem to me my walk is now being recorder in the history book. They most be watching my walk every close to see how this walk play out.

Source: List of people who have walked across Australia, Wikipedia.

Day 158: 9pm

A good friend from Nyoongar Country drop in to say hello and have a talk, Trevor McNamee, a good man I come to know from Matargarup in Perth W.A. – Noonie

[Guest Post: Trevor McNamee] Well, just did a little detour on my way to Adelaide and surprised these 3 Legends on Clintons Walk For Justice. Clinton, Noonie and Garry… They are in Glendambo 270 kms north of Port Augusta. The support car has broken down and thanks to the local cop lent them a Van and towed it into Pt Augusta to be fixed……See the Go fund Me page to help with cost to repair

Day 158: 11.30pm

– Garry

Days 145-147: Desert south of Coober Pedy

Day 145: 7.30am

Safe travels you mob, honoured to have spent time with you fullas. Respect  – Cherie in Coober Pedy

Day 145: 8am

I see none thing but clear land with no tree to be seeing. This will be the last of the hard part of the journey just 13 day to go than we hit Port Augusta. Than thing can start cooling down for us. 13 day of this heat bring it 😬

I well be off Facebook for about 5 day because of none signal after this photo I uploaded. I well see you all when I back on Facebook guy

Day 145: 12pm

[Admin Lisa] CONGRATULATIONS to Michael for bidding a whopping $600 in our first ever auction! A huge thank you to everyone that contributed, bid or shared. Clinton, the Support and Admin team are all blown away by the amount of interest and the money raised. This will be a significant contribution to funds.

Trent Duffy – ArtisticOne, we have a winner!

Thanks again to you all!

Day 145: 4pm

On the road, came across some more rubble the hall road is for the heavy trucks. With on trees the land and roads keep going into the distance. – Noonie

Day 146: 11pm

Coober Pedy 2 nights ago. – Garry

Day 147: 1.30pm

Finely got signal again. I’m like a ghost walking up the road in the foot step of my ancients coming towards you bring the words of truth to change the people thinking. It is only a matter of time, only the matter of time. Port Augusta we a getting close not far now. The word of truth is coming.

Day 147: 3.30pm

Wwwwwoooo this so cool. Now I got Archie Roach supporting my walk and now following me on twitter. Mite have to give him a message to see if he like to catch up for cup of coffee when I get around in his area.

Day 147: 6pm

Heading out on a night walk. – Noonie


Day 129: Marla Roadhouse

ay 129: 8am

Hey Pauline Hanson you always picking on Muslim and hating on them all the time calling them terrorist and saying they are invading our country. But i say to you who is the real terrorist and are invaded of country. And that is those who taking people land and sovereignty right away. I’m not trying to be the bad guy here and having a go at Pauline Hanson. I just trying to let her know is that we a better than this and we should not keep on spreading hate around when we all know that we are from one planet and all blood red we are better than this as human.

Day 129: 9.30am

I must keep walking 🚶and keeping walking 🚶 in this hot weather 🙇 I think it time to walk at night 😐My ancient walk at night 😁😎👍 so I’m going to walk at night . Justice is on it way to be served

P.S this picture look like a very good art painting

Day 129: 11am

What do you see in this picture? My answers that question for you. I what I see is a man, i see a man walking all a lone with a friend who drive a car and a other friend who ride a bike to make sure he o.k, i see a man who welling to walk a cross a hall country for his people, his community, his culture and his ancient land. I see a man welling to stand up for the right think and do what right for every one who live here that share the land with his people. I see a man is walking and walking thought the heat and in summary not giving up because he know that there a better way how we living now and know how this country can move forward together as one.

Now please what do you see in this picture?

Day 129: 12pm

A cultural man needed to cross this country, Clinton is doing that, I believe in what can happen in this country, we have found change has started, I get to do what I believe in and see the country, community and the people at a walking pace and ride, pick were to stop, see what I like to see. The best moment was when I was asked to come and it has not stopped. I love been here and I am living the best moment still. I hope that will do, I have not stop liking this journey from the beginning. – Noonie

Day 129: 1pm

It time for the world to waking up and start understand and realise that we don’t have a government for it people in Australia or thought out the world and don’t respect the sovereignty of people land that they are on. If we don’t start fighting back against this corporate government in Australia and thought the world.

We well be fully under control and our rights well be taking away has human. It is time we start standing together to fight for what right and for right for every human thought out Australia an around the world. This world we live in well never be the same, if we let them get away with it and divided us. But together we can make this right for our country and for the world it self.

Day 129: 4pm

We are heading out this afternoon from Marla Roadhouse, some night walking, we will contact again when in range. – Noonie

Day 129: 6.30pm

Just find my self a little friend. This little bird was setting in the tree next to where we a camping for tonight. So I just decide to see if this bird well fly away from me if I got to close to it but it didn’t. This little bird just sat there and a loud me to pat it and started to go to sleep. You got to love the beautiful wildlife of this land we are sharing with. The spirit of the land live within the animal to.

Day 129: 9.30am