Days 36 – 38: Trip to Wiluna and surrounds

Day 36: 10am

Just having a read about Through Spinfix and Sand to the Last of Desert Family. The book is based on a family of four who was the last of the desert people and was find in 1975. The other one is call the Last of the Nomads. It based on a story about a couple of the old people man and women. They was find in 1977 and they were the last of old people who live out in the desert.

The shire of Wiluna going to donate the book Last of the Nomads for me to read. When I have free time and something to do I read it. So it give me understand more about the desert people and how they live out in the desert area.

Day 36: 1pm


Allan ASHWIN ,JUM ASHWIN, Garry ASHWIN ,Gary ASHWIN, Brendon ASHWIN, Randle ASHWIN ,Brendon ASHWIN JUNIOR,front row, Clinton Pryor , Victor Ashwin

North Pool, just North of Wiluna. – Noonie

14523140_1789138624675539_647329690011308864_nWe stop in it this community, they are working hard to keep it going. – Noonie

The old Wiluna hospital were Garry Ashwin and Jum Ashwin father Walter James Ashwin was born in 1934. The old hospital is getting a good work over and a face lift, a lot of work is been done there.

Day 37: 7am

14681821_1872527529637101_5358513353288732933_n-1Say hello to a baby Dingo. Wilum giving him the name Spider Man.

Day 37: 10am

14690952_1872522682970919_5581010495386681416_nGood morning all. All the way from the desert area at Wiluna town. It going to be a busy day today. We of to another community about 200km east of Wiluna to meet with the elders at this community. Also get they story about how thing being for them in the desert and see want being happen in this community.

Yellma boundary fence – Garry Ashwin


Day 38: 5pm

Hey guy we back in Wiluna after spending the night at Windidda Station with the local an elders getting they story and how the government is failing our people. I just wanted to thanks Roy Walker and Steven Walker for going hunting yesterday and getting us some meat more or less big bull for dinner and feeding us all. So Thank you brothers for getting us some meat for us all and giving us some meat for the road for Laverton to Warburton.

Day 35: (Rest Day) Leonora


14701001_1871563389733515_2110598595674445316_oOne of the things we love about Clintons Walk for Justice, is that its a community supported effort, we just couldn’t do it without you.

This amazing woman collected some donated trainers and hand delivered them to Clinton 🙂

Thanks Keesha for driving and delivering and thanks to Portia for donating some shoes.

– Admin Lisa 🙂


14681668_704015289748943_5486237069383031871_nWe just at Jill Adams Ashwin house resting up in Leonora town and getting think ready for our run to Wiluna tomorrow to kill more time before the crowd funding money to come through. Also to see the elders and local in Wiluna before coming back to Leonora on Sunday afternoon to start the walk to Laverton town on Tuesday morning. I just wanted to thank Jill Adams Ashwin for letting us rest at her place.


Looking good and healthy. It must be because of the walking making me more health and I look different that 1 month ago.


14364754_1199413616781845_5567417311141135005_nEveryone need to know with out Garry Ashwin, Jum Ashwin and Noonie Raymond. I would be still on the island or only made it half way. Without this three amazing and good man I wouldn’t made it to Leonora town. This walk is not about me and it not a one man army. This walk is a team effort and we are going to finish this walk as a team. This three amazing man are not just my friend’s, but now have become family to me. They well Always have my respect and are welcome to come over my place for a cup a tea or a coffee anytime after this walk is finish and a place to stay.


I was born as a warrior and I’m going to die as a warrior. The march I lead on Australia day this year in Perth and we march for change to bring the Australia people together. Aboriginal people and non Aboriginal was marching together for change on Australia day.

Day 29: To Menzies

“Camp this morning, the morning are getting warmer.” – Noonie


“A number of trucks passing both ways sometimes the wind pushes you backwards.” – Noonie


Hey all quick update. Just letting you know we made it Menzies town and going to rest all day tomorrow before heading off to Leonora town on Saturday morning. Also just wanted to thank Jum Ashwin, Garry Ashwin brother who join us and going to be a support vehicle to help us through the desert area on to Uluru. If people from Menzies town wanted to have a talk or meet us we here all day tomorrow resting up. But first we going to the pub in Menzies to have a beer and have something to eat before setting camp up tonight. I notice that it getting hot now so I be starting the walk in the morning around 6:00am and rest up for 1 hour at lunchtime before walking again in the afternoon.


14568039_1868312516725269_5424834801306891772_nI don’t need money to be rich. All I need is to listen to my heart and let it tell me what I need to do.

Day 28: From Broad Arrow


14462712_1867685660121288_5467669352978576324_nGood morning from me and the team. It going to be a other beautiful day today. This morning I decided to go on top of the hill at Broad Arrow to take some photo, and also try get signal like lion king way haha. But I going try do 60 km today so that tomorrow afternoon get to Menzies town than.


14590291_1784506091805459_3393928378958002504_n“A warm morning at Broad Arrow Tavern” – Noonie



14520436_1867772760112578_7589407447288100177_nIt starting to get hot. So need to start getting use to it

14492517_1210386982351175_871955712845231825_n“Hi all 😊 first nights camp 80ks north of Kalgoorlie lots of stars an the fire is crackling 🔥 I have joined Clinton PryorGarry AshwinNoonie Raymond on the walk for justice . I will be going thru to Uluru with them as a support vehicle . I’m looking forwards to meeting my people along the way and to see our country . The fellas are walking about 40ks a day so it will take about 6-8 weeks to get to Uluru through the central desert hi way 🐪🐕 . I’m looking forward to the challenges along the way”
– Jum Ashwin