Day 313: No Justice

Day 313: 7am

Here this morning with uncle Ossie at the radio station going live over here around the Eden area to talk to the walk for justice and the injustice towards everyone from the government.

[Admin Gee] Podcast here.

Day 313: 8.30am

Jigamy farm lovely place lovely people. – Jack

Day 313

From Eden to Jigamy. Friday. – Noonie

Day 313: 11am

At the end of the day we a all aboriginal people because we all from the earth. It just some government bull crape naming an title on a group of people to cause division in society. When we should all know we are one because we come from the earth.

Day 313: 11.30am

[Admin Toby] The Larrakia petition followed an earlier 6-point petition from the Larrakia people and their supporters in March 1972, calling for the McMahon government to establish a commission to negotiate treaties with Indigenous language groups. This appeal was described by Judith Wright as, ‘the first move in the direction of the demand for treaties’.

The wording of the petition were in response to the reply from Prime Minister McMahon in June, 1972, rejecting the call for treaties with Aboriginal people, and stating that it was not appropriate to negotiate with British subjects as though they were foreign powers.

According to the National Archives of Australia, in their publication Memory of a Nation ‘The petition was forwarded to the Queen’s representative in Australia, the Governor-General [Sir Paul Hasluck], and was deposited in the National Archives in 1975.’ The complete document is available on-line on the National Archives website (NAA 1973c).

Day 313: 12.30pm

The walk from Eden to Pambula. – Jack

Day 313

We were at Pambula school today, a good family gathering and then we gathered to do some walking. – Noonie

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Day 313: 1pm

I’m disappointed and piss at the failuring of the justice system in this country that allowed a man find not guilty for manslaughter after killing young Elijah.

Day 313: 1.30pm

No justice, no peace justice need to be served before this country get divided into two group and we well be back at square one again. Justice system has failed the people of Kalgoorlie and Elijah family.

Please like and share the facebook page: Justice for Elijah

Day 313: 2pm

It go to show how much the justice system work in this country.

Day 313

Our walk Friday from Pambula school to Merimbula. 21st July. – Noonie

Bonus Video

Day 313: 3pm

Day 313: 6.30pm

[Admin Post] Admin Gee and Luke are here in Perth for E and his family #NoJusticeNoPeace

Day 313: 10.30pm

– Garry

Days 240 & 241: Ki Ki, Coonalpyn & Tintinara

Day 240: 6.30am

Good morning guy it a other beautiful day today a bit cold but what can you say you got to love the beautiful morning when you waking up to it and get to set around the fire having a cup of coffee.

Day 240: 7am

[Guest Post] Walk for justice – Natalie

Day 240: 11.30am

Just letting people know where we are and which way we are walking We are on dukes hwy walking all the way to the Victoria broader guy

Day 240

From camp to Ki Ki. – Noonie

Day 240: 1pm

[Admin Luke] Hey everyone, As the team continue to get closer and closer to the Victorian border and the movement for justice continues to grow, and it’s so great to see!

But with more activity and more people joining the walk comes more expenses – so please keep donating to help the team get to Victoria and beyond.

Canberra, the Walk For Justice is on it’s way!!!

Day 240: 2pm

[Admin Gee] Timesheets have been updated! New guestimations, projections, MAP! Over 3,700kms now!

Day 240: 4.30pm

Awesome artwork – Garry

Day 240: 5pm

I been thinking about it all day today and I’m going do it. Just going to let everyone know after leaving Melbourne and walking to Sydney on the coast line and then on to Canberra. I have decided that I going to get a bag of Forrest seed and take it with me. So I can planet Forrest seed on the coast line all the way to Sydney where i be walking than planet seed from Sydney all the way to Canberra.

So in a couple of year this Forrest seed well grow into a Forrest tree. It be a trail of Forrest tree I have planet from Melbourne to Sydney on the coast than from Sydney to Canberra a trail. In a couple of year time I be retracting the walk again going over it. But in that time I be driving and i going plant tree again from Perth all the way to Melbourne. So From Perth to Kalgoorlie I be planting Forrest seed. Then from Kalgoorlie to port August it well be oranges and apples seed. Than from port Augusta to Melbourne it well be Forrest seed again.

So in couple of year time it well be a trail of tree from Perth all they way to Canberra showing people and future generation that I walk it thought that way and when you look it up on good map you well see a line of tree that well show you i walk it that way and i have planet them and on top it well look like a snake. I just what to give something back to this world and do it for the planet and wildlife.

On top if people get lost in the desert area they have a line full of trees of Oranges and apple to eat and it well help people with fluid. So I going do this from Melbourne to Sydney than on to Canberra I be planting a line full of Forrest seed and I going to plant this seed 1km a part. I wish I did this at the start but that o.k

What you guys think of this idea, I just what to give something back to his world before I die.

Day 240: 7pm

Ki Ki to Coonalpyn. Camp is set up. – Noonie

Day 240: 9pm

Jimmy Clements at the opening of the federal parliament in Canberra in 1927.
Photograph: Sam Hood/Collection of the State Library of New South Wales

[Admin Toby] On this day 9th May 1927 “Jimmy Clements and John Noble, made a big effort to turn up for the opening of the provisional parliament house in Canberra nine decades ago.

The Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House has marked the 90th anniversary with a special exhibition, featuring research by its historian Stephanie Pfennigwerth, on the two Indigenous men. Clements (Nangar or Yangar) and Noble were Wiradjuri men from southern New South Wales, both aged about 80.

Each walked at least 150km to the Federal Capital Territory before the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth), who formally opened the new federal parliament on 9 May 1927.

They were well-known throughout New South Wales and the capital territory.

Non-Indigenous people knew Clements as “King Billy”, consistent with the condescending settler tradition of bestowing royal title upon blackfellas they considered compliant, important, peaceful or useful. He was a respected elder and Lore man – a “clever man” – who performed Wiradjuri “burbong” (initiation), and a showman with the boomerang and spear.

Noble, also a clever man, was, like Clements, a renowned performer at country shows and football matches with boomerangs. He liked to say things were “marvellous”.

Noble has shorter hair and a more closely cropped beard. This certainly describes Clements and paints a man whose act was performative – letting it be known sovereignty was never ceded, eyeballing the duke and courting of media attention.

The National Archives of Australia describes it as “possibly the first recorded instance of Aboriginal protest at Parliament House in Canberra”. It was the precursor to so much activism – from the 1938 Day of Mourning, the fight for recognition and much else in 1967, and the ongoing battle for land rights that manifested with the enduring tent embassy, just across the road, on Australia Day 1972.

The sign out front reads: Sovereignty never ceded.”

Excerpts from the article:…/sovereignty-never-ceded-how-t…

A NSW police officer talking to John Noble at the opening of the federal parliament in Canberra in 1927. Photograph: Sam Hood/Collection of the State Library of New South Wales

Day 241: 10am

We have left Coonalpyn and on our way out. – Noonie

Day 241: 10.30am

This illegal foreign government now attacking my country men and country women in two different way to take away our sovereign right and giving us less power over our lands.

One way is that this government is spending million of dollars of tax payer money on this recognition campaign. It to make people of Australia none first nation people think we what recognition and they doing this by showing you on our first nation football player, TV show and using our own people in political that we support recognition and that Australia should vote for it so we can have rights an be part of the constitution.

Put little you many know is that when my people come a part of a foreign constitution that was not from here we become British subject and what it dose it take away our sovereign right. My people what to let everyone know that we do not what recognition and we don’t support it. They a liein to everyone saying we support it but we don’t. We a sovereign people of this land and we what to keep our sovereign right and they are trying to take it away thought this recognition campaign you see on T.V with letter of R.

Second of all as you many know couple month back noongar won native title back thought the federal court and stop a deal between western Australia governments and South west land sea council. What it was is the western Australia government was trying to take away our native title in south west sell it of for 1.3 billion dollar and was trying to take our right to land an sovereign right way.

But back at home in Perth our people stood up and said no to this deal. Our people said we not give away our right for 1.3billion dollar and we going to keep our land. So noongar took western Australia government and South west land sea council to court and won. It took a year before hearing we won in court. But little we know is that the federal government was watching this case known that the western Australia was going to lose this case.

After a week later the federal court said native title stay and thought out the ILUA meaning Indigenous Land use agreement out the window ad native title stay in south west. A week later federal government in Canberra when on TV announced they was going to water down native title and give mining company more protection on land from native title. We what land right not mining Right.

The federal government in Canberra knew they was going to lose this case and now they trying to water down native title across Australia. So they can give more power to billion air over mining the land. What world are we living. What this government meat to be for the people or for this billion air. To me this government has lose it way and forgot who they mean to repcent when voted in.

So now you know this government is not for it people they for billion air and they attack my people in two different way. To take away our sovereign right and destroy native title a cross Australia to give more protection to billion air mining company.

This has to stop and now you know.

Day 241: 11am

Bit icey this morning – Garry

Day 241: 2.30pm

From Coonalpyn to our lunch break – Noonie

Day 241: 6pm

From lunch to Tintinara, were we have been invited to stay overnight at a house, a lovely lady we had meet just before Adelaide, an invite on the side of the road, much appreciated. – Noonie

Day 241: 8.30pm

As Many of you may already know or may not know I am Clinton Pryor “The Spirit Walker”.

I started my “Walk for Justice” on the 8th of September 2016, Leaving Perth I started of walking for the justice of my people for the Government forcing of their communities.

It became apparent very quickly that People of all backgrounds are suffering from the long treasonous hand of this corrupted corporate Government, this has now taken my walk to a complete new level and the walk for justice is now a walk for everyone in this country to come together and make a stand against this Government to have them removed or under control by culture council. To allow us to start again for the people and the land so that there will be a safe place for all our children to come and always be run by the people with a governing culture council to oversee and keep the government on the correct path so that what has happened here to our people can never happen again!

There will be a meeting well be held from the 19th to the 21st of May 2017 at the Victorian Tent Embassy at 8 Majorca Rd. Maryborough 3465. Helen Dodds Aboriginal Tent Embassy Victoria.

We are calling on all Sovereign Nations and descendents of the settlers across this great land to come to this meeting in Victoria in the first instance.

There will be more meetings to follow over the next few months for the preparation of what is decided to be done when we arrive at Canberra.

For years many of us have had great ideas to regain our land and our freedom but this Government have always either blocked or they back track on their promises with the agreements made!

Signally we have not had any success on any main stream level. Thus I put to everyone and the reason for this meeting is to bring the people from all over together and share the ideas and with discussion together we all need to continue to Canberra and face this Government head on and do not back down until they have been removed or under control by culture council and we can action our plans to start over in a fairer way for all people to live and enjoy life as it should be.

With all of us standing together with the one common cause, the power goes to the people. Government law no longer takes preference, People are now the law.
Once this has taken place and no doubt this will be discussed in the meetings, it is now they have gone because the people have stated so then the old borders can be put back and all countries can start to look after themselves again but under a new parliament as such elected by the people and Governed by a Cultural Council.

The need for all countries to be represented to have their say and to hear what is said by others is of the highest importance and will be the most important event to ever happen for this Country.

It in our best interest.

So Please come to this meeting or if you cannot come comment your email address so we can send you a copy of video voice recording to you about what happen at the meeting.

Days 116-119: South Australia!

Day 116:

Click image to go to the Petition!

[Admin Gee] Tikiana has awesomely put together a petition for fellow supporters to sign! Encourage your local MPs to come out and meet Clinton and have a yarn! 12k and climbing!

We here at Clinton’s Walk are pleased to support this petition! Thank you Tikiana!

Day 117: 5.30am

We are getting ready to to continue walking south, no contact for a few days. – Noonie

Day 117: 7am

On the way to Aputula Lands yesterday, a visitor in the morning before we headed out. Ten to seven now and the sun is hot on my back now. – Noonie

Day 117: 7.30am

Hey guys just letting you know we a leaving the Northern Territory and now making our way south to cross over the boarder to South Australia to visit community who are next to the main road and see elders, community leader, the kids and the people from this community around the top end of South Australia. In that time of walking from where we are to travel down south.

The next town with signal is about 260km. So that mean we be off Facebook for about 6 to 7 days. But my team well be ringing me every second day to see where I’m and how the team and I going thought the sat phone. So the be putting update on the other page Clinton walk for justice. so you know where I’m and what we are doing. Hope you all have amazing day and see you in 6 to 7 day when we are back on Facebook.

Day 118 6pm

South Australiaaaaaaaaa Finley hit the three state. Time to head south and meet the people of South Australia and see how think going for the people of south Australia. Unbelievable walk thought three state. From Perth to Kalgoorlie, to Warburton onto the boarder of Western Australia and Northern Territory and now hit South Australia.

Day 119: 7am

Clinton and myself set off for the border, Garry stayed back, it was time to fix and change tyres on the trailer and car. – Noonie

Day 119: 7.30am

At the boarder we made camp there, the sun set we had to bring the tents under shelter through the night, the wind started up and a few rain drops with large rain cloud coming our way, a bit hot to put the cover on the tent, so under cover I went with, then wake up no wind no cloud. – Noonie

Day 119: 8.30am

Dear ancient give me the gift of truth, give me the gift of wisdom, give me the gift of straight, give me the gift of courage and give me the gift of healing. I will walk to hell and back to make this country move forward and come together as one people to live in harmony. But also I ask is to help me save our culture, our people and the land we live on for 100,000 year. I know you will help me my ancient. But only wanted to ask for help when I need it and I hope you well help me when it is the right time for it to happen my old people and ancient.

Day 119: 8.30am

Our first day in South Australia, the sun coming up on the left so I photographed the sun coming up. The flowering plants are still growing new ones along side others that have finish. Pools of water must lay around the place, these birds I could film just. – Noonie

Day 119: 9am

The days are hot, high 30s. The shelters are strong and are quite good, equipped with full air flow when the wind is blowing. This rest place had no trees. I did get to film a budgie, they are here alright hard to film them when they are flying, they don’t sit long, there was two when I was ready to film, one was gone befor I started to film, this one was gone just after I stop filming. – Noonie

Day 119: 11am

This is about how far we have travelled. WA, NT, into SA. Two State’s and one Territory, in Australia. How many Countries in Europe, how many Countries of First Nations People of this Australian Continent? We have travelled on many lands and country. No matter were you come from, post it you wish, what district and place or clan in the country were you are living and were you come from. You don’t need to do this. Which map could you use. – Noonie

Day 119: 3.30pm

It hot up here on top of South Australia. But you got to love the hot summer.

Day 119: 6.30pm

I walk the talk and talk the walk.That how true leaders a made.

Day 119: 8pm

– Garry


(Pics) Gallery Post

Please enjoy this series of photos taken that we’ve been hoarding. If you have photos of Clinton that you’d like to share, please post them to the Facebook Group! We love seeing your pictures! 

Photo credit to: Laura, Lime HoneyGeorgiaChristieSamanthaPaige, Noonie & Garry.

Please check with us if you’d like to use photographs for media purposes.

Day 34: (Rest Day) Leonora


elijahWe just read this morning. We are rock by this from Leonora town. A other family member taking her life at Elijah memorial yesterday. Please please to my people and other do not think of taking your life. You was born in this world for a reason to do something with your life. Please do not think there no hope my people and other because hope is coming for us and for everyone else. If you think of taking your life please think before you do and the people you may leave behind on this earth that love you so much. There also on ABC page a hotline if you think you need to talk with some one.

If you, or anyone you know needs help:


Quick update from Leonora town about the suicide by a mother who leave three children behind. We being hit hard in Leonora town this morning. Leonora town not long ago has bury a young women who taking her life at the age of 26year old and that we are going to have a meeting with the elders, local, children and family member about suicide and how can we stop it as a people of a community in Leonora town.


14572410_1787010394888362_6997199956764648367_nI knew this road was going to be hard. But I chosen to do it because it need to be done. To become Wise, strong and a leader I must go though this to get where I need to be. But the biggest it will be that it well made this country come together as one. It well happen when I’m a live or go from this earth. All I want is think to get better for my people and for this country. It is time for the sovereign Australia to come together as one to build a better Australia for all who live here with us. The time has come and we can do it together as the people on this earth and in this country.


Day 27: Broad Arrow Tavern


This my number one song. I be playing it when I leave Laverton to walking thought the desert area on to Warburton. Before hitting the N.T border. I well look back and see how far I walk from home. I have never being to Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney . But i have being to Canberra. At less I well know that I walk it there and not run it, fly over, driver are car or ride a bike there.If I ever going to make the history book I well walk it there. All well know I walk it to Canberra and never giving up on seen change in this country and world we live in.



I’m about two or 3 days top from Menzies town and other 3 day from Leonora town. This walk going to be good.


14581536_1867398030150051_3531640497945508474_nAt the pub in Broad Arrow tabbing. Also we setting up camp here to. This pub look so cool and old. But what I can say I love it.

Day 26: Leaving Kalgoorlie


Good morning all first I just wanted to thank Geoffrey Stoke for letting us stay at his place in Kalgoorlie to rest up thank you Geoffrey. As you may know I leave Kalgoorlie town today at 12:00 lunchtime from Elijah memorial to start the journey north to Menzies and Leonora town. The walk from Kalgoorlie to Menzies town well take me about 3 days before I head off to Leonora and that well take me about other 3 day.

I wanted to thank the elders and the local around Kalgoorlie for welcome me in and showing me area the place also tell me about this town back round. I’m getting close to the hardest part of the walk for justice. After I leave Leonora than I well make my way to Laverton town that well take me other 3 days.

After leaving Laverton i well make my way on a road that no one walk on since the old time towards Warburton town. The old centre road get up to 50degrees at day time and negative 7 degrees at night. No one as never walk on that road since 230 years ago from the old time. The centre road well be the hardest part of the walk for justice. But I’m ready and I believed in my self that I can do it and make my family, my people, my friend, my followers and whole Australia proud.

But other than that I need to get ready for today before I leave Kalgoorlie town and say goodbye to Everyone.


14494846_1120639944693775_4437280897183378757_nUs three are on a mission for the people and make a change. This walk well be something to remember when I get old and tell my grand kid’s. I well settled down after this walk is finish and find the girl of my dream to live my life with and have a family together. I until than I need to keep my mind on the walk and worry about the girl of my dream when I finish.


14470397_1866893640200490_486107778880040090_nI’m just at Elijah doughty memorial saying goodbye to the young brother. Before I leave Kalgoorlie town. Being in Kalgoorlie has being the hardiest part of the walk so far. I know that this walk I’m doing. I well hear a lot of sad story and that i must be strong and finish this walk to get justice for young Elijah and everyone else who never got justice for they love one.

Day 25: Rest Day – Kalgoorlie


14457289_1783144908608244_6927117882588463623_n“It is a good morning today, I woke up today breathing, a good start for today. Thanks to Geoffrey Stokes we have a roof over our heads, 6 degrees this morning.”

– Noonie


Finely feeling nice and fresh for the day in Kalgoorlie. It going to be a other day of being busy but I love it. There nothing more better than going around meeting people, listening to story and getting message stick of elders to see what they want said on they behalf towards the government.


– Gary


14440690_1783454148577320_8395769113249311449_n“Around the camp fire at Geoffrey Stokes culture centre in Kalgoorlie, it always good talking to cultural people. Their are good conversation of the good times and the sader one of the pass, which are so similar to the Nyoongar people of the South West.”

– Noonie

[Admin Post] Perth to Kalgoorlie – BBQ

CtfS9erVIAA_ZxhHey guys, Admin Gee here!

Yesterday my husband Luke and I made the drive to Kalgoorlie to visit Clinton. It was really great to drive the route that Clinton walked and that we’ve all been following so closely. I thought ya’ll might enjoy my photos of the day.

Special thanks to The Kalgoorlie-Boulder Council for the BBQ, Headspace for their kind and generous donations and their cooking skills, and Todd and the Facebook community for mailing us sneakers from interstate!

Day 24: Rest Day – Kalgoorlie



14448925_697554583728347_3386392805540798140_n14463133_697556253728180_9069133986139396766_nWe here and have settled up camp at the Elijah memorial last night. We here to camp for the weekend at Elijah memorial elders and local are welcome to come down to have a talk and sit with us around the fire.

The people from Kalgoorlie did a memorial memory for young Elijah. Who sadly lost his life here.


[Admin Gee] See my post RE the Kalgoorlie BBQ


Hey guys quick update. Just letting you know that we be camping tonight and tomorrow night at Geoffrey stocks culture centre. It be a good day at the BBQ in Kalgoorlie at lunch time meeting with the elders and local around here. I have decided to camp at Geoffrey culture centre because every one know the place and that people can come to us to tell us what being happening in Kalgoorlie town.

Also tomorrow we being going to Elijah memorial in the afternoon to talk with more people and have a cup of tea. Before we head off on Monday morning up north than. I just wanted to say thanks to the city of Kalgoorlie for doing a BBQ for us today and also thank you to everyone who came and giving us think to help us for the walk. Wanted to thank the lord mayor for coming down to have a talk about how we can make think better for the young kids in Kalgoorlie town.

Other than that if you want to see us please come to Geoffrey stocks culture centre where we are and come down for a talk.


14516598_697895600360912_3713968907875085582_n (1)I’m a man on a mission to stand for the people against the rich. To give hope and not to be a fear of standing for the truth. No one well never bring me down and less I choose to give up. I am walking for justice for the Australia people, I am walking for remote indigenous communities, I am walking against the government who removing sacred site, I am walking for the land Australia to be giving back to the sovereign Australia people, I am walking for Australia to be free from the rich who choose to control us, I am walking for an end to homeless, I am walking against the removal of children by the government, I am walking against deaths in custody, i am walking for the wild life to be look after, I am walking for the protection of sacred sites, I am walking for sacred sites to be looked after by us, I am walking to end poverty in Australia, I am walking because I love Australia and the Australia people, I am walking because it is time for change in this country. But most of all I’m walking for the rights of all Australia that wanted to be tread the same like everyone else who live here. The Australia people need to start waking up before it to late. This the time or there never well be a time again in the future.