Day 346: Mackey Rest Area

Day 346: 7am

[Admin Team] But he knew he was there for a reason, and that he could make a difference, so he kept going, one step at a time.

“When I got there I learnt so much about our sovereign people and what we’ve been fighting for,”

This article in The Saturday Paper is one of our favourites!

Day 346: 7.30pm

Day 346: 8.30am

Good morning guys it a beautiful day today.

Day 346: 1.30pm

[Admin Toby] Over the course of Clinton’s Walk, his Uncle Herbert Bropho has kept in contact by often sending me video’s and – as im sure you have seen – the many memes and images blended into works of art. He surprised Clinton and the crew by joining them in Sydney for the final length to Canberra, sporting one of the supporter shirts. He has never given up advocating for rights, his nephews cause, speaking at rallies such as the nation wide ‘Justice for Elijah’ protests, and local issues such as Wadjemup (Rottnest Island), the case of Matagarup and homelessness.

In a defiant plea, Uncle Herbert also sits at the gates of his former Swan Valley community every Monday since being closed by the WA State Government in 2003. Its people were immediately disposessed and made homeless after 11 houses were demolished in the dawn with no notice of eviction given to the families.

With the demolition of community infrastructure at Oombulgurri
and Barnetts intention of further community closures, the situation of homelessness rose to media attention again in 2016 following a 3rd raid to confiscate personal belongings on Hieresson Island by police and City of Perth officials. Although registered as a sacred site, an Injunction lodged by Bella Bropho was unsuccessful at the time that Clinton set out accross the country on foot.

Here is a video of Matagarup or Hieresson Island that Uncle Herbert shared with me a few weeks ago that I hadn’t seen and its honesty struck me. Featured in New Zealand it was free of media bias and its images presented the fact that not much has changed in the approach of governments to the realities of First Nations People.

Matagarup – a place of Aboriginal cultural significance – was called a refugee camp for valid reasons.

Day 346: 3pm

Day 346: 3pm

Day 346: 3pm

Day 346: 3.30pm

Day 346: 4pm

[Admin Lisa] Are you planning on joining the walk ?? If you are, then you need to read this.

What you need to bring :

You will be responsible for your own food, camping gear, water, money and any other costs incurred while walking.

We would love you to bring your commitment, your sense of humour and your deepest respects for what Clinton has achieved in the last year and how important this last final part of his walk is.

We want to keep the fires burning, so if you are coming to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy please bring some wood to donate, funds for yourself and a sense of unity and purpose.

We want to use this opportunity to remind people that Clinton is THE ONLY spokesperson for his Walk for Justice .

We will not tolerate any unsociable behaviours, drugs and alcohol are not appropriate or acceptable and you will be asked to leave if any of these basic courteous rules are not followed.

Everyone is welcome to join in but it is up to you to work out where, when and how.

There are buses available for people who may be having a tough day or just want an easier day, the buses can also be used to store your camping gear on during the day so that you are free to walk.

Please label all your possessions.

An Event Page will be created that we will share and ask you to join. This will be where we post updates about where Clinton and the team are at and this will also be the place where walkers will need to check in to for any important announcements.

The Admin Team are flying over to join you all next week and we want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your help and support in getting us over there. It is really appreciated and we couldn’t have done any of this without you !!

Day 346: 6pm

Day 346: 11.30pm

Day 342 & 343: Campbelltown

Day 342: 8.30am

Day 342: 9am

[Admin Toby] Janelle and Zach’s visit to Australia was a cultural exchange through a partnership between the Australian Health Services Research Institute (AHSRI) at the University of Wollongong, Waminda – South Coast Women’s Health & Welfare Aboriginal Corp., Welfare Aboriginal Corporation and Purdue University.

Day 342: 10.30am

Join us to celebrate Clinton’s arrival in Canberra and his meeting with the Governor General in the spot where The Walk for Justice began almost a whole year ago!

Day 342: 11.30am

Call out for help asap we need two driver who have LR licence to driver 22 seater school bus. There are two of them, we need this drive by today this afternoon to pick up this bus or one for now to pick up one of the bus’s and get the other one in the next couple of days. We leave Campbelltown tomorrow around 9:00am if you cannot make it.

I have decided to use one of the bus as a shuttle bus to pick people up and to drop people of if they what to walk with us where we are and when you finish walking with us we can drop you back to your town. The other one well stay with us for the hold day because to help people walk and need to rest.

Food, fuel, tent and blankets are cover. The only think you need is stuff for your self and the LR licence because you well be charge on the bus you drive until we get to Canberra. Please message me asap so we can organise something out.


We have two amazing drivers who have joined the team!

Day 342

From the 19th out of Bulli to the end of the day’s walk for us. As well as where we were camped. – Noonie

Bonus Video

Day 342: 5.30pm

On our way into Sydney to pick up two bus’s. Canberra here we come with a mob of people walking for justice and freedom. Canberra you better be ready.

Day 342: 9.30pm

Day 343: 2.30pm

[Admin Luke] Clinton’s message to Canberra video by Alfred Pek & The QUO.

#ClintonsWalk #TreatyNOW

Day 343: 3.30pm

Day 343

Day 343: 8pm

[Admin Gee] Pic sent in by Allen on FB

Day 268: Melbourne March!

Day 268: 2.30pm

[Admin Gee] Pictures thanks to twitter #ClintonsWalk #WalkForJustice

Day 268

The walk into Melbourne and at Parliament house. – Noonie

Day 268: 3pm

It all happening here at Parliament house Victoria.

Day 268: 3.30pm

Day 268: 4pm

[Admin Gee] We are trending #1 on Twitter!

Day 268

The march in Melbourne. – Noonie

Day 268: 4pm

Day 268: 4pm

[Admin Gee] NEW UPDATING PIC POST – From Twitter Stream. Maxed the first one out!

Day 268: 4pm

Day 268: 4pm

Day 268: 4.30pm

Day 268: 4.30pm


Day 268: 5pm

[Admin Gee] UPDATING POST #3 – Twitter Pics

Day 268: 5.30pm

Day 268: 6pm

Day 268: 6.30pm

Day 268: 7pm

Day 268: 7pm

Day 268: 7.30pm

[Admin Lisa] Thank you to Miki Perkins who wrote this for The Age. It’s a really great piece about Clinton’s Walk for Justice .

Day 268: 7.30pm

Day 268: 8.30pm

Day 268

Day 267 & 268: Pre-March Melbourne

Day 267: 11am

[Guest Post] Drawing of Clinton, an indigenous Australian man currently walking across country from Matagarup/Heirrison Island in Perth to Parliament House in Canberra, following songlines and visiting communities along the way, where he will eventually be seeking an audience with the Prime Minister and address the many injustices against the First Nations people of this land.

Pen on paper/card – 2017

Jolon Larter

Day 267: 12pm

Our lunch stop and the people we had meet today, great people. – Noonie

Day 268: 9.30am

Good morning all don’t forget today is the day we march thought Melbourne. So get ready and bring what you need for today march. I well see you all this afternoon at the march.

Day 268: 11am

[Admin Gee] Flashback to our very first video back in Perth on Matagarup…. we’ve come a long way team!

Day 268: 12pm

[Admin Gee] Don’t forget to send us your pics today Melbourne! Thanks to the Naarm Support Team for this beauty!

Day 268: 1pm

Just passing through Hillside. – Noonie

Day 268

On the road today heading to Melbourne. – Noonie

Day 268: 1pm

Perth man walks 4000 kilometres for Justice – arrives Melbourne JUNE 6

Clinton’s Walk For Justice in Naarm (Melbourne)

What: 100’s of supporters and Warriors for Aboriginal Resistance march with Clinton into Melbourne

Time: Tuesday, June 6, 5pm – Press conference (Parliament Gardens), March at 5.30pm

Location: Begin at Parliament Gardens, march to Flinders St Station

On the evening of June 6, Clinton Pryor and his support team from Clintons Walk for Justice will walk into Melbourne to be joined by hundreds of supporters after travelling 4000 kilometres on foot since leaving Perth in September last year.

Clinton has been walking to draw attention to the issues facing his people – such as the high rates of Aboriginal people jailed, and suicides of young people, the closure of remote communities, and the strongly growing movement for treaty.

“Our sovereignty was never ceded and our rights as the first nation peoples of this land should be recognised and respected. We want a treaty and a real say in decision making.

Clintons Walk For Justice will join the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance in a march through Naarm (Melbourne), beginning at Parliament.

Clinton Pryor, a Wajuk, Balardung, Kija and Yulparitja 27 year old man from Western Australia has been on his walk since September, and he will have been on the road for a full year by the time he reaches Canberra (Via Sydney), where he and his team will deliver strong messages on behalf of the people and communities they have met with right across the country.

So far Clinton and the team have travelled through the dryness of the Gibson desert, all the way to Uluru and on through the blistering heat of summer to Coober Pedy, Port Augusta and Adelaide city.

Clinton’s Walk For Justice began out of a need within Clinton to do something about the forced closure of Aboriginal communities, and that strong theme continues.“The government has been slowly cutting off services in these communities – denying basic human rights like water – they are clearing people off land, so they can no longer care for country – and its all for mining companies to make a profit,” said Clinton.

“We know the land very well, we have been living off it for thousands for years. We know very well how this land and the environment works. It’s time for you fellas to listen to us… it doesn’t just effect our people… every other person suffers as well as the wildlife. Our elders should be given back control over our communities,” he concluded.

Facebook Event for March:

Clinton’s Walk For Justice is entirely grassroots organised and funded:

Day 268

We finish the day and to get to drive into the City. – Noonie

Day 268: 1.30pm

[Guest Post] At Victorian Aboriginal Health Services woo! – WAR Mob

Day 268: 1.30pm

[Guest Post] Clinton got an awesome reception and feed from staunch aboriginal community here. Hearing about the concerns with treaty process. Clinton talking about communities he has met who have to travel 40km for fresh water. Ancestors Lands being destroyed. – Nicola

Day 268: 2pm

[Guest Post] car collecting signatures on the journey 🙂 – scorpiohh

Day 268: 2.30pm

Video courtesy of Victorian Aboriginal Health Services

Day 268

Clinton at the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service to talk to the people their, a good welcome he received. After finishing here we walked into Melbourne for the march. – Noonie


Days 249 – 251: Maryborough

Day 249: 10.30am

[Guest Post] A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have Clinton Pryor aka “The Spirit Walker” visit us at the Amnesty office and chat about his Clinton’s Walk for Justice. Listen to what Clinton had to say here and learn more about his journey and the issues he is raising awareness about.

Thanks again Clinton Pryor for your time, we wish you all the best and we will continue to follow and support you on your journey.

– Amnesty International Australia – SA/NT Branch

Day 249: 2.30pm

Hello there I just want to ask if you got a spare moment to have a read of this.

My name is Clinton Pryor and I’m just writing a story about this man you see in the photo below. So please if you go some time to have a read. Please I would love for to have a read. Some of you may know him and other’s may not know him. But to me he is my uncle and his name is Uncle Anthony Spratt from Perth Western Australia. Uncle Anthony Spratt was a Homeless man who lives around Perth, Travel up north to Darwin where he live homeless up there with long Grass people and travel to Alice springs Centre Australia. Where he when thought the aboriginal Lore to become a lore man. Before returning back to Perth where he had his last day living on the street has a homeless man.

Before he passed on I would like people to know who he was, what he did and who he helped. So please keep reading, he was a great man and I would like you to know who he was, how he help so many homeless people around Perth and how he was a homeless man himself who fought against the government with other homeless people, family and friends where he live in Perth. I what people to know this man story and I think good people in this world need they story to be told.

So please continue reading….

When he returned back to Perth he was still a homeless man in a way by going around traveling to family, friends and people he know to stay one night at the place to keep himself warm at night or get something to eat for himself and also living on the street as well with other homeless people. When he was living on the street of Perth. He used to play a guitar or busk on every corner so he can make some money for himself. When he uses to busk on the street and sing along he always had other homeless people with him. What he made from busking he use to share his money with other homeless people so they had something to eat at night. He never was a Greedy man like you see this billion air or people who have a job and a home. He was a good man in a way of having none thing but share wants he had from just singing on the street of Perth and want he made he share with other.

He cares for other in a way by helping because they had none thing like he had. He was a man who cares. If a man who was homeless that cares for other. Than why people who have it all don’t care and only care for what they have. I myself just don’t understand how this world work all well back to the story. When I first when to matagarup Heirissson Island to make a stand for closer of aboriginal community in Western Australia. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into or want I was doing but when I got to Heirisson the first to people who came up to me when I first set foot on Heirisson Island was Uncle Herbert Kenneth Bropho and Uncle Anthony Spratt. The two was just setting around the fire recording video and explaining to the camera why they was on heirisson island and why they set up camp with other more or less family to make a stand. I wait for them two to finish talking to the camera.

After they finish taking to the camera. They both call me over and I introduce myself to them both and I didn’t’ know I was safe because they was family on my mother side. In the time I was on heirisson island. I got to know uncle Anthony Spratt more and want tip of man he was. When homeless people started to came on to heirisson island when the time of closer of community and that the government was force aboriginal people out of the community. Uncle Anthony Spratt was helping out aboriginal people who lost their community and people who was homeless on the island with us in away by singing his song around the fire and also telling story about the dream time. He was doing that because he was showing the homeless on matagarup not to be afraid of the government but stand up for want you believing in even if you have lose ever thing.

Every time there was a March or rally for the forced closure of community or any other rally for aboriginal people. He was right there and ready to go and march with other. Also stand with thousands of people at parliament house and make a stand for want right. When I organise a rally for the homeless one day in forest chase in Perth. He was there and standing with other people who was homeless just likes himself. He stood his ground and March with me and other people to ask the government to start help homeless people. Before the March begin at Forrest chase. I have asked the homeless to speak out to the public and tell them why they are homeless.

When I see him there at the rally. I ask him to speak out about why he was homeless and how it was very important for the government and the public to understand why people are homeless. He speaks out very proud because he wanted people to know his story why he was homeless. When the march began he stay behind because he was getting old and he couldn’t keep up when we marched to parliament house for the homeless with family, friends and support. The rally for the homeless was his last rally and we didn’t’ know if it was the last time he was going to do something right and speak at a rally for the last time.

The next day at night after rally Uncle Anthony Spratt pass away on the street as a homeless man. But before he passes away he was giving a key to a house for the first time in over 20 years on the same day before he passes on. But he didn’t get the chance to have a home for his self because he didn’t’ know that it was his last day on earth on that day. When we had his funereal there was a lot of homeless people can to his funeral. We ask for all the homeless people to carry his coffin and have the honour to lay him to rest. He was amazing man that did want he can for the homeless.

Uncle Anthony Spratt to me is a hero and inspired uncle I know who did all this thing thought in his life and how he help some many people out.. The family, friend, support and homeless remember uncle as a hero for want he have done .This why I write this story about uncle so that people can understand want person he was and want he did in his life has a homeless man.

WARNING: Image of the deceased  

To this day a lot of public and the government have being judge homeless people in a lot way like they do drug, they alcoholics and other things. But people don’t know anything about homeless person an less you know them. Never judge a homeless man a less you know them because they mute be on of the best people in the world that God giving us. So please share this story we want people to know him want person is was.

From Clinton Pryor.

Day 249: 8pm

Day 250

At Maryborough, we are at Chris’ place tents set up and the meeting ground has been done. – Noonie

Day 250: 8.30am

[Admin Toby] In 1978 “The Longest Walk” started on the 11 of February. It was an AIM-led spiritual walk across the United States to support tribal sovereignty and bring attention to 11 pieces of anti-Indian legislation; AIM (Americal Indian Movement) believed that the proposed legislation would have abrogated Indian Treaties, quantified and limited water rights, and denied other rights to Native peoples.

The walk began with a ceremony on Alcatraz Island, where a Sacred Pipe was loaded with tobacco. The Pipe was carried the entire distance. This 3,200-mile (5,100 km) Walk’s purpose was to educate people about the US government’s continuing threat to Tribal Sovereignty; it rallied thousands representing many Indigenous Nations throughout the United States and Canada. Traditional spiritual leaders from many tribes participated, leading traditional ceremonies.

On July 15, 1978, “The Longest Walk” entered Washington D.C. with several thousand Indians and a number of non-Indian supporters. After the walkers arrived in Washington D.C., the US Congress voted against a proposed bill to abrogate treaties with Indian Nations and passed the American Indian Religious Freedom Act.

More info on The Longest Walk.

Day 250

The meeting at Maryborough. – Noonie

Day 251: 6am

[Guest Post] Aunty Sue Rankin , regional Elder of the Jarra people welcomes Clinton Pryor to Dja Dja land.
This historic event took place on Warn Bulg land , (a sub tribe of the Jarra nation who were exterminated during the gold rush),
It is the first welcome to performed on this land for 200 years and more.
It is good to see this land healing at last – Chris

Day 251: 8am

The signal were we are staying is not good and sometimes not at all. I do like it here. – Noonie

Day 251: 3.30pm

I just wanted to thank Lydia Shaw for talking this beautiful Photo.

Thank you Lydia shaw.

Day 251: 4pm

Fanny Balbuk was born at Matagarup, now called Heirisson Island, on the Swan River in 1840; it was 11 years after the colony was founded.

“It’s time to hear about her.”

Day 251: 8pm

[Guest Post] Clinton Pryor Is a First Nations Sovereign man walking from WA to Canberra for the Justice of our people.We will be welcoming Clinton into Dja Dja Wurrung Country with a Community Lunch at Lake Weroona on Sunday the 21st of May at 12 Noon. Any community members who are interested in coming along and sharing your stories aspirations and future visions of Justice for our people with Clinton you are most welcome to come along and connect. Please let us know if you are coming along friends for catering purposes. Thank you all. – Sue


Days 200 & 201: Port Augusta – Officially!

Day 200: 12.30pm

They say when you doing a big walk it call walkabout. There meaning to why people do a walkabout is in our culture the day or a time in life that when think are hard in your life or think are hard in life for your people something need to be done to make it right and save the people.

The spirit of the land and our old people come down from the sky an land to seek someone to lead the way of a new began for his people and culture. When I walk this great land, when I talk with elders in the desert community they told me your dreaming and old people visit you when you was on the island sitting around the spirit fire and the dreaming spirit told you to get up and go on a journey across this great land to find the truth and find a new way.

(I say yes to the elders, when I was setting around the spirit fire on the island and look into the fire, thinking how can I help my people, how can we save our culture my old people please show me the way of making a change in this time of age. So I sat there thinking steering at the spirit fire thinking and thinking than a visions was showing in the mind and in the spirit fire. It show me walking across this country, a new way of something new that I did not know why it was showing. That when i realise to my self to chance it and make it happen or just let it pass by, I made the choose to chance it and than on would I started to tell everyone that i’m going to walk across this great land to make a stand for everyone I told the elders in desert community)

They told me that you and those who are with you have been choose for reason. But they choose you, this why your here today walking now. Your doing a big walk about not just for the people but to find your self to. Your not just know as Clinton Pryor put also know as a spirit walker, i said a spirit walk the elders said yes your a spirit walker who out to find the truth and to save the people in this hard time right now.

That when i realise why i when on this walk I’m a spirit walker, but i hope not to be the last spirit walker. A spirit walker who follow the song line that been walk on since traditional time.

Day 200: 7.30pm

When I walk this great land, when I talk with elders in the desert community they told me your dreaming and old people visit you when i was on the island sitting around the spirit fire and the dreaming spirit told you to get up and go on a journey across this great land to find the truth and find a new way.

Day 201: 8am

Good morning, it reads 8 degree, it feels like 8, the last two morning my feet and hands have been cold, not a cloud in the sky today at the moment, good sun rise, magpies singing and a trail from a plane that shows up quit well with the sun shining under it. Starting to feel the warm sun now. I quit enjoy the warmth of the sun on a cool morning, the sounds of the birds singing around me, I guess they are welcoming the sun as well. It is a good start to the day. – Noonie

Day 201: 11.30am

The drop off point heading in, the range on our left some hills to our right, good landscape still on the way to Canberra. – Noonie

Day 201: 2pm

Just setting here enjoying the last bit of desert landscape. It been 4 month we walk this desert land scape thought summer and I’m going to miss it because after Port Augusta on would we going start seeing the land changing again where there going to be more tree, more water, more civilization and less wild life. But now it time we make our way towards our first big city after 5 month of walking.

Day 201: 3.30pm

Finely the walk has made it into Port Augusta yyyyeeeee  We be leaving Port Augusta tomorrow from the foreshore at 9:00am. It well take us two days walk to get to the next town. People are welcome to join us tomorrow if you like to say fair well or do a bit of walking with me. Adelaide mob the walk for justice is on it way. I be going live tonight to give everyone a update cheer

Day 201: 7pm

Lots to see along this stretch of the road to lunch. – Noonie

Day 201: 7.30pm

Port Augusta – Noonie

Day 139: One Day…in Coober Pedy

Day 139: 6am

A peaceful Saturday morning here at Coober Pedy, listening to the birds see the sun coming up waving at flys and smacking mosquitoes just like been home on Matagarup, just no City of Perth, Ranges and Police coming through and stealing everything and not giving it back. But now they believe they can because Matargarup (Heirisson Island) has been de-registered now from the 8th of September 2016. Now they think can legally steal on Matagarup but, befor that date of the 8th of September 2016 they were Stealing from Matargarup and breaking there own laws to Steal, keep and not return what was stolen. They are criminal and use this system to protect their right to steal. Like the WA Government they need votes. – Noonie

Day 139: 11.30am

For Jacinta Price to endorsed that our people have to many problems to live in society, then she is supporting the corporation. That we are all fighting rather than supporting a cause to bring everyone together. By doing this she is Turing her back on our own people and helping this corporate government control everyone. Unity is the key to our future free choice is what we seek. If you choose to believe people like Jacinta Price who only a tool being used by the government to cause unrest amongst ourselves and while we are continually fighting, making it harder to further our united freedom.

To unite the people is to free the people and remove this illegal government. They know this so Jacinta price and many other are in place to cause confusion and unrest and allows the lies to be truth and the truth to be hidden. I have decided to share the advice more from those with the knowledge required to help not only our people but everyone to enjoy and live a better future and bring unity to one and all so that the corporation government can no longer control us.

We must all spread the word to stop listing to these lies from controlled puppets of the government that are in place. To trick us in to believing the deceitful government lies just because they are of the same blood a culture dose not always mean what they say is true. Find out by talking about what is being said and you will see that they are only dividing us all further apart and this is the truth. We must not listing to them and start bring unity forward so we all can live together in harmony. So please don’t listen what they are saying and Jacinta Prince is one of them.

Day 139: 1pm

Some pics from Admin Gee of the smoking ceremony at Walyalup (the roundhouse in Fremantle) this morning.

Day 139: 6.30pm

Have a look as this, a rock water hole, trees and a great land scapes. Near Coober Pedy.

Day 139: 6.30pm

Today I went for a walk to be more in touch with the ancestors and spirits of the great land to ask of them the words I need to unite the people of they great land. The message that they given to me is that the people are ready and when they see that their brother a sister are also ready as to are their family a friends. So with their ideas and everyone else idea we can make our country turn back into the land of the free as it was always mean to be.

So there fore what would like to put to one and all is that you consider what I have proposed by way of unity the time is right, the people are ready. Alone we are not acknowledge together as we are unstoppable now standup with me people with no one leading but the people standing and belonging together as one.

All around I look and what I see is many different group all with their own agendas this is a great thing but while we continue in our small group we are not big enough to really make the change that needed a required. If you are a group leader and want your idea supported by every person in Australia unity is the answer.

Unity will make us strong.
Unity will bring the people close.
Unity will demand that they all stand down.
Unity will allow us all to start over.
Unity will give us the power.
Unity will let us fix all that has broken.
Unity will allow us all to live as one.

To all the false people out there who run down their own people and culture need to wake up and realise they are only puppets of the government. That the government find weak enough to explore to use them to turn their own people against themselves. To divided us and to create diversion that blind us and make us fight with ourselves. This must stop we must unite. We ask everyone to please contact us to unity the people as one.

Also it is justice that we want.
Justice is what we all seek.
Justice for past crimes.
Justice for current crimes.
Justice for future crimes.

Our government do not mind who they upset to get the end goal. All people are treated the same when it comes to the ways of the government and all the in just way an crimes that have been committed by the same criminal corporate group. We are all wanting the same end result a better future for our children. To get that the people need to unite now once and for all for all humanity so that together as one people united here in Australia is the base ingredient to, than untie the world and all of humanity will now live in Peace as was intended. Not as slaves that we are at the moment. But free living people living as one everywhere.

Day 139: 7pm

A trip to The Breakaways near Coober Pedy far from a flat Country with no trees or water. Once again local people once again show the beautiful land and were the water is. Thankyou Dean Walker. – Noonie

Day 139: 9pm

Just now Coober Pedy – Garry

Day 5: Northam to Meckering


14264965_1856404501249404_3060160420459394523_n“Goodmorning all it is a beautiful morning 🙂 I never seen i beautiful photo like this it feel like something in this photo that show some angle showing it self to me this morning. But is the sun rising. It is a beautiful picture. I’m ready to start the walk to the next town meckering is the next stop. The I well start the walk at 8:00am all people from Northam are welcomes to walk with me today if you like. I hope this walk i’m I doing is inspired people to believe in them self to stand for want they believe in. So I leave the park today at 8:00am all are welcome to join.”


14322375_1856438914579296_6529631923011759069_n“I have start the walk to Meckering and left Northam. This picture of me looking at the river connect all the way back to Matagarup Heirisson Island Perth. I filling the song line and a walking in the foot step of my old people. It also make think about home and ever one back in Perth. Put the People of Perth well tell me keep on going.”


14322363_1856458301244024_3087009564594002218_n“Guess who pulled up and wanted to take a photo with 🙂 Leon davis AFL Super Star from Collingwood Football team. He said to me that I’m doing a good think and it going little brother. He going to help me out by telling all his football mate want I doing 🙂 Also say that he not happy with the media and why they not coving this good think I’m doing, but the media well only show bad think on the news. But not good think. Just wanted to say thank you leon davis for believe want I doing big brother.”


Just pulling over change my shoe to new ones :)
Just pulling over change my shoe to new ones 🙂


14265081_1856636944559493_7493360239616939555_n“I have made it to Meckering town at the park across from the petrol station. To set up camp and have a nice hot shower from the petrol station. The lady at the petrol station say we can use the hot shower and camp across at the park. All my people and local people from Meckering town are welcome to come down to have a talk with me and ask questions why i’m walking to Canberra for justice. Beside that it been 5 day without having a nice hot shower. So I looking forward of having a nice hot shower Aaaarrrrr”


“That was the bestest hot shower 🙂 and I sat in that show for one hour. I’m off to bed to rest up to start the next walk to Tammin town. I’m leaving Meckering town tomorrow at 8:00am and people are welcome to join me on this walk i’m doing. Soon down the track people i well start speaking the true so you many understand what man i’m and why I’m doing this walk for Justice. I know people don’t want to hear the truth but the truth is the truth and it is the only way for you to learn and get more educate. I well start speaking the truth soon but for now I going to bed and I well see you all tomorrow”


Heirisson Island – Matagarup – Update!

11874996_528276297322844_8216268666354933821_oHey all, just got a phone call from the law for our injunction to camp back on Matagarup. Elders Aunty Bella is in court at 10:30am this Thursday to hear the final decision. So please head to the federal court to support Elder Aunty Bella. If we get out injunction we be setting camp back up on Matagarup Heirisson Island. But I won’t be camping on Matagarup because the walk across Australia. So I’m holding back the walk until 1:30pm. The walk well start from the island to Midland train station at 1:30pm. I just want to hear the final decision at the federal court before I start the walk on Thursdays afternoon. See you all at the federal court and then head to the island to send me off or join me by walking with me to Midland train station