Day 33: Leonora



crowdfund-finalHey all quick update. We are now in Leonora town and going to rest for the next three days. We have raise a far bit from the crowfunding page. Thank you to all for donating and helping by knowing that I need to finish this walk for justice off.

14606348_1127447210679715_603161354655576449_n“Roadside frog before Menzies been there for years” – Garry


When we got to Leonora town just outside from the town. The police drop off all the kids where we were to walk with us into town. Thank you to the Leonora police for doing that for the kids.


14572410_1787010394888362_6997199956764648367_n“On the road to Leonora.” – Noonie



Hey guys quick update. Just letting you all know that those who have pledged to donated you well get an email from the crow funding page to let you know that the money well be with draw from your account. Also if you have no money and you pledged it well give you a options to pay your donations to my account other than that I like to that all of you who have pledge to donated to my walk for justice page so that you guys.

Day 32: Between Menzies and Leonora

16-10-09-matargarup-to-menzies[ADMIN] In case you missed the Facebook post…. TIMESHEETS have been updated!


14523104_1786614431594625_8314045699480153110_n-1Hello all quick update just letting you all know we are about 20km out from Leonora town. We decided to set camp out off the town. That tomorrow morning I well start the walk again and reach Leonora town around lunch time at 12:00.

Fundraiser is CLOSED!

Thank you all SO Mcrowdfund-finalUCH! We have massively exceeded our original goal of $6,500. Extra funds mean we can get supplies such as a SAT phone and fuel for a second vehicle. YOU GUYS made that happen!

We will be going through the donors and sorting through rewards over the next few months, please be aware some may take longer to get to than others, but we will be in contact.

Posting has slowed down a bit over the last few days due to Clinton being out of WiFi range, but we have a few special posts ready to go for you, so keep checking in and following the Walk for Justice.

Again, thank you all!

The Support Team

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Day 31: From Menzies


14590474_701452446671894_9076507929603280049_nGood morning all quick update. Firstly I just wanted to thank Garry tucker and Menzies aboriginal corporation from Menzies for letting us stay for the night at they culture centre and also for doing a BBQ last night for us so thank you guys from Menzies. Now i ‘m 14606334_701452426671896_4102236401743829273_ngetting ready to leave Menzies to make my way to Leonora town. I well be about 2 or 3 day out from Leonora town. So that mean I well have no signal for this afternoon or tomorrow morning until I get closer to Leonora. But the walk for justice is going well and I’m starting to learn more an more and understand from elders and local about want being going on. Also want need to be done for my people. I still got a long way but we getting closer to the hard bit of the walk soon. But I’m ready for it. I hope you all have a amazing day today.


“Picking up and dropping Clinton off to walk through Menzies heading out of Menzies.

Hopefully we can post on the way out each night, if not when we can.” – Noonie


14590309_701482290002243_4196858839437524281_nNow I’m leaving Menzies and now on my way to Leonora.


14519738_701506239999848_2424199825181564463_nWelcome to the Western centre desert country. Cannot wait to get to Leonora than laverton. To start the walk from laverton on to Warburton town.


14484796_701648496652289_549078656699190724_nJust setting on top of the trailer getting signal out here where we camping for the night. Now I know how to get signal.


14519701_1786108898311845_327748545672103612_n“At our campsite for tonight a shed for shelter from the wind and maybe some rain, a cool day it was, a good day on the road.” – Noonie

Day 30: (Rest Day) Menzies


14563348_701002896716849_6090808644707437109_nI finely got camera record. Now on I be recording everything on the walk. Also recording story from the elders and local that they tell me about the community pass and town pass. When this walk is finish everything well be record and documents. So that they mute make a movie after this.


14520472_701082873375518_1633088706353838421_nI’m starting to realize that I getting blacker. I think the Time I get to uluru I well be that black. No one well recognized me haha lol


14520409_701088680041604_6858352049486139674_nYou can see how hot the road are and how hot it getting out this way. But it doesn’t worry me because I’m on a mission.


14502695_1785641901691878_5680993374517699265_n“We are at the Menzies Aboriginal Corporation, rest up for tomorrow, the people will be coming here this afternoon to speak with Clinton.” – Noonie

Day 29: To Menzies

“Camp this morning, the morning are getting warmer.” – Noonie


“A number of trucks passing both ways sometimes the wind pushes you backwards.” – Noonie


Hey all quick update. Just letting you know we made it Menzies town and going to rest all day tomorrow before heading off to Leonora town on Saturday morning. Also just wanted to thank Jum Ashwin, Garry Ashwin brother who join us and going to be a support vehicle to help us through the desert area on to Uluru. If people from Menzies town wanted to have a talk or meet us we here all day tomorrow resting up. But first we going to the pub in Menzies to have a beer and have something to eat before setting camp up tonight. I notice that it getting hot now so I be starting the walk in the morning around 6:00am and rest up for 1 hour at lunchtime before walking again in the afternoon.


14568039_1868312516725269_5424834801306891772_nI don’t need money to be rich. All I need is to listen to my heart and let it tell me what I need to do.