(Pics) Gallery Post

Please enjoy this series of photos taken that we’ve been hoarding. If you have photos of Clinton that you’d like to share, please post them to the Facebook Group! We love seeing your pictures! 

Photo credit to: Laura, Lime HoneyGeorgiaChristieSamanthaPaige, Noonie & Garry.

Please check with us if you’d like to use photographs for media purposes.

Timesheets: 15th – 23rd September (Estimates)

14330044_10154105986872800_5720828681497079114_nHey guys,

Lots of you have been asking where Clinton is at the moment, where he plans to walk to next and what the route he’s taking is. I’ve put together these timesheets for the next week and am working on adding an updated full route post for you ASAP.

As most of you know, the dates on the original Timesheet Post have been pushed back one week.

Please note that dates and places are at our best guestimation and may not be accurate and are subject to change. Clinton may decide to stop early at a different town or spend a day resting up somewhere. We will endeavour to keep you updated via the Facebook Group and I will try and do a new weekly schedule each week for you to track his progress.

Thanks for all your messages of support, we all really enjoy reading them! Keep em coming!

The Route So Far

Perth to Kellerberrin
Matargarup to Kellerberrin is 199kms in one week!

Matargarup to Kellerberrin timesheet

Next Week…

Merredin to Kalgoorlie
Kellerberrin to Kalgoorlie is 389kms! That’s almost double week one!

As you can see, we’ve been extremely generous for the next week or so and it is most likely that this will take longer than we think. Please stay tuned for updates!

– Admin Gee

Day 2: Leaving from Midland

14212791_1855048314718356_8298915079457944562_nClinton left Midland nice and early this morning, all prepared with his walking buddy Nooni on the pushbike.

He updated us via the Facebook group:

“Good morning guys I leave soon to walk on to Northam. I’m just having breakfast and then start start packing up my tent. The next spot of camping is right in the center of Northam town at Bernard Park. I well arrive around 8:30pm or 9:00pm. Also I well take one last photo picture and than I well be off Facebook for about 8hour because no reception until I back on when i’m in Northam o.k 🙂 I feel great and happy to guy just want to let you know. This walk well be something to remember.”

Midday location update

He further updated us at about midday with his location and again at 3pm when he decided to stop and set up camp early to catch a snooze.

“Hey all just letting you know that I have decided to rest and set camp up next to Pumamax petrol station not far pass the lake’s. I felt like I need to rest because I when to bed at 4:00am last night and only had 3 hour sleep. I well be on Facebook until 8:00pm. Than I’m going to sleep and catch up on sleep by having 12hours sleep. Than I well start the walk tomorrow at 9:00am and get to Northam by 3:00pm. We about only 38km to out from Northam.”

14316785_686125778204561_3980997943657603516_nClinton has also asked that people be patient with his responses to messages as he will be in and out of reception for the duration of the walk. He will respond to everyone when he can and will keep us updated as much as possible. He also thanks everyone who has offered their homes as camping grounds but says he will stick with his planned camps.

Everyone is welcome to come visit him for a yarn or a walk.

Keep going Clinton, you’re doing us proud!

– Georgia