Day 41: Leaving Leonora


Every day when I wake up. I listen to this. It my number one motivation video. Please have a listen.

I was created in the dark and born in to the light.


14650507_1791371461118922_8189077426693155830_n“Leaving Leonora, on our way, a cool breeze at the moment.” – Noonie


Wooo I look different 1 month ago until now.


14650057_1791853047737430_3488680854802636930_n“We are at the outback highway now. It is still cool, good day for this walk.” – Noonie


Now we know how far it is from Laverton to Warburton. 570km walk, 16 days without a signal, temperature get up to 50 degree and negative 7 degrees, with hot wind, fires and dangerous animals like number one deadly snake, number one deadly spiders, number one deadly scorpion, dingos hunt in pack and hard to find water out here. This part of the walk is going to be hard and all eyes with be watching this part. Let do this and make history.

Day 27: Broad Arrow Tavern


This my number one song. I be playing it when I leave Laverton to walking thought the desert area on to Warburton. Before hitting the N.T border. I well look back and see how far I walk from home. I have never being to Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney . But i have being to Canberra. At less I well know that I walk it there and not run it, fly over, driver are car or ride a bike there.If I ever going to make the history book I well walk it there. All well know I walk it to Canberra and never giving up on seen change in this country and world we live in.



I’m about two or 3 days top from Menzies town and other 3 day from Leonora town. This walk going to be good.


14581536_1867398030150051_3531640497945508474_nAt the pub in Broad Arrow tabbing. Also we setting up camp here to. This pub look so cool and old. But what I can say I love it.

(music video) Beni Bjah – Survivors

We Survivors my people and we going keep on fighting for our right as first nation people of this land we stand on. We not going to back down until we win.

Noongar man Beni Bjah took out the Western Australian Music Song of the Year award in 2016 with this powerful track. The equally deadly video was shot by documentary film maker David Vincent Smith.