Day 156: Justice Mobile Breakdown!

Day 156: 12.30pm

[Admin Jake] Looks like some Artists Anonymous got up to some mischief and put up a little bit of political graf last night, amazing! Spotted in Freo…. #NoRoe8

Side Note: This was painted over within 12hours of being spotted…

Day 156: 1pm

Hey guy quick update as you may know our Justice Mobile has broken down and she need some work on it. The walk has be hold up for couple days because of the car having some problem with a blown head gaskets, possible crack head which mean it probable have damage to motor or engine.

This is why we have being hold up for couple days trying to organize think behind close door to get the car down to Port Augusta to get the old engine replace with a new engine. We have organize that today this afternoon the justice mobile we be traveling down to Port Augusta to get repair on her and a new engine in it. In that time a friend of our have giving us they bus to use for next couple day to continued our walk towards Port Augusta.

We are about 8 days out from Port Augusta town. The car well be in Port Augusta tonight. The time we get to Port Augusta in 8 day from now. She be ready to go and back on her feet again to help us finish this walk of to Canberra. When we reach Port Augusta. We well be there for about one week and at the same time the bus our friend has giving us. We have to drive it back towards Coober Pedy to drop it of back at his place. Than come back to Port Augusta.

I just wanted to thank constable Deano walker from Coober Pedy for lending his bus to us to continued our walk. Also just wanted to thank Gavin Turks from Port Augusta who well be working on the car. When she reach Port Augusta to try get us a new engine and work on it in his work shop. We are at Glendambo road house and that is about 2hour drive from Port Augusta. We 8days walk from Port Augusta

Day 156: 3pm

A good friend sent this to me, a reminder of the future.
I normally do not do Valentines day, but this year has started differently for me, I have been in a Cultural world that I like very much, so to all my people, it is far better to be kind and friendly to one another, we all have to work together to achieve what is best for all, today is a good day to start, for tomorrow is to late. – Noonie

Day 156: 6pm

Please read. The western Australian government is withdraw royalties help for struggle aboriginal community.

Day 156: 6.30pm

Here we go again the government doing what every they like! Government changing the laws to protect mining & agriculture deals. So wrong!!

Day 142: Leaving Coober Pedy

Day 142: 7am

[Admin Luke] On my way to the Fremantle Magistrates Court to face two charges I incurred while sitting peacefully (and then laying down) in a piece of Native bushland in an effort to defend the Beeliar Wetlands.

This is my first time facing any sort of charge in the courts but I’m not really nervous. I couldn’t be more sure of the decision I made that morning. I did the right thing.

I am a person of good character who by and large has good relationships with the police both in my local community and at a broader community level – and I’m likely about to get a fair trial under the law.

This morning I’m thinking deeply about my privilege. About how lucky I am to be facing a fair trial and not just being shut away as an enemy of the state as many of my friends overseas have been for similar acts of civil resistance.

About how glad I am that even in my exhaustion last year I found the energy to step up when the time came to #ProtectPeacefulProtest. I knew then that Barnett was planning to use those laws to crush any resistance to Roe 8, and I’m so very very glad we crushed his proposed laws instead.

Even for trespass the max penalty is 12 months in jail and a huge fine. The penalties and costs would have been exorbitant if Barnett’s anti-protest laws had gone ahead. WE are EXACTLY the people Barnett was targetting with those laws. Everyday citizens who stand up against unjust and unsupported government decisions. People willing to put their body on the line peacefully, to stop work at projects like Roe 8. This very project in fact.

So here’s to you Perth, for kicking some fucking ass and holding onto our rights, our pride and our determination to stand for what’s right.

Court starts at 8:30am, Fremantle Magistrates Court. Lots of other wetlands protectors will be having their morning in court today also.

I’m a privileged white man. I’m unlikely to receive unfair punishment at the hands of the courts today. Gotta thank everyone who came before me for that, because I can not stop thinking about my friends locked up (and often far worse) over in Egypt, in Bahrain, in Iraq and so many other places.

What ever the outcome this morning, I’ll be right, and right back into it.

Keep fighting friends.

#SaveBeeliarWetlands #noWAsharkcull #ProtectPeacefulProtest

Day 142: 2.30pm

A few photos of the sun rise this morning. – Noonie

Day 142: 3.30pm

On the road food stops to lunchtime. – Noonie

Day 142: 4pm

Tomorrow we leave Coober Pedy and start our journey making our way south towards Port Augusta. It well take us 2 week to get to Port Augusta. We being on the walk for the last four month walking thought summer and visiting community and town. Coober Pedy well be the last hottest and hardest spot on this journey, but we still got a other month or two before it start cooling down. But now we head south tomorrow.

Port Augusta here we come. It time we start heading back into big town like Port Augusta to start getting think happening for this walk for justice and start making action on this walk like rally and march thought town and city. When we head Port Augusta we be there for a week to spend time with the elders, family and see the kids at school or any one else who like to meet me. When we a in Port Augusta as well I will be stepping think up by contacting media group for interview so we can get this walk back on the news to let everyone know about this walk and why people should join me on this walk, but manly to lead this corporate government know we a coming.

In Port Augusta think a going to happen the a going to be group and I be contacting people to start organizing Marches and rally when we a coming thought your way and to also spread the word about the walk for justice. Than after Port Augusta that when we hit our first city after four month of walking Adelaide. I never being to Adelaide and it be my first time in Adelaide. But I well say we will not know what it going to be like when we hit our first city and march thought it. But we do know it going to be big when we walk thought our first city. Let do this and march for justice for all who live here.

Day 142: 4pm

This size tree it was a first along this stretch of road. The height of this tree is unusual around here. – Noonie

Day 142: 5pm

Today’s landscape. – Noonie

Day 142: 5.30pm

– Noonie


Days 125-127: Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands

Day 125: 8.30am

I don’t like the Roe 8 road going thought the wild life house. I say no to that.

The road I lost my phone and then found and handed into the police, a big thankyou to you. Photos along the way. – Noonie

Day 125: 5pm

Quick update. Thank you to APY land for having us in your community. It time we head south towards Port Augusta.

Day 126: 2pm

This was send to me through message from a friend of my. Our flag flying high at a Palestinian refugee camp in burj AL barajneh in Lebanon.

Day 126: 4pm

If we all stand up together as one. It is they only way we can make it right for all of us and it is the only way it can be done. It is time we stand together as one people for a better world and a better future for all of us.

Day 126: 9.30am

This is a photo from man name Elijah McColl who was protecting in the middle east for the right of Palestinian. He also wearing our flag. I have ask him why was you protecting for and this what he said. I was there in Feburary 2015 in a town called Bil’in (near Ramallah) in the Occupied West Bank (Palestine) which has been protesting weekly against the apartheid wall and settlements taking their land for over 10 years. I was taken there by the Israeli anarchists against the wall who attend every week. I wore the shirt as a sign of solidarity to indigenous movements during the protest. We were dispersed with tear gas, rubber coated steel bullets and live bullets during this time, but thankfully no one was hurt at this protest.

If you what to know more the info about Bil’in, the film Five Broken Cameras follows one of the men in the village as he filmed their struggle against the Israeli apartheid system. I would recommend following Iyad Burnat and Emad Burnat to keep up to date.

Day 127: 8am

Near the end of the day, no clouds in the sun set.

No clouds, but I do like how something has blocked the sun rays, to make this light shape. – Noonie

Day 127: 10.30am

Noonie found him stuck in a barbed wire fence we got him to late and he past away. – Garry