(Guest Post) David-Anthony Gunter


Had the pleasure of spending the day walking with Clinton Pryor who has quickly become one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. I’ve been following Clintons journey the last 14 days as he walks from WA to Canberra to meet with the PM to seek treaty and justice for First Nation people’s.

This walk will be studied by my kids in time to come and will be up there with Mabo. I feel honoured that myself and one of my boys had this opportunity to be apart of history to join Clinton on this journey and I certainly will be by his side when he reaches Alice Springs and Canberra.

14457424_10210261048312432_6799792572986103732_n 14462788_10210261048792444_7816724139247088569_n 14446145_10210261047592414_6131963520068522212_n

With all the media publicity, I find it hard to believe that no one has offered to purchase him shoes! Hopefully the new shoes I got him will get a few miles.

14470556_10210261048192429_3153396744645782651_nClinton will be addressing the town of Kalgoorlie on Tuesday and calling for calm, and reminding the town what reconciliation is all about.

One of my favourite parts of the day was sitting around on the side of the highway in the middle of the desert, drinking tea and reciting parts of Forrest Gump!

– David-Anthony Gunter


*Originally posted on David’s Facebook page, 25th September 2016

(Pics) These guys!

Local kids, (from Goomaling) Naomi, Cyril and Ashley joined Clinton for the last kilometre of the walk into Northam.

We just want to do a special post in thanks of all those people who have stopped to chat or walk with Clinton along the way. Thanks to all those who have beeped, yelled encouragement and stopped to drop off snacks. Clinton loves meeting you all! And to all those who message the Facebook Group with encouragement, we love reading all your messages of support.

Always was and Always will be Aboriginal land. Took the colours to the top of Bluff Knoll Clinton Pryor for you mob….every step seemed treacherous however came off the mountain without injury except sore legs a bit…so here’s “cheers” to your journey to be safe too. – Mary Ann Rath

We are even getting youtube videos!

If you have pictures, send them to the Facebook Group! We love seeing them!

Thank You All!

(Pics) Gallery Post

Please enjoy this series of photos taken that we’ve been hoarding. If you have photos of Clinton that you’d like to share, please post them to the Facebook Group! We love seeing your pictures! 

Photo credit to: Laura, Lime HoneyGeorgiaChristieSamanthaPaige, Noonie & Garry.

Please check with us if you’d like to use photographs for media purposes.

Timesheets: 15th – 23rd September (Estimates)

14330044_10154105986872800_5720828681497079114_nHey guys,

Lots of you have been asking where Clinton is at the moment, where he plans to walk to next and what the route he’s taking is. I’ve put together these timesheets for the next week and am working on adding an updated full route post for you ASAP.

As most of you know, the dates on the original Timesheet Post have been pushed back one week.

Please note that dates and places are at our best guestimation and may not be accurate and are subject to change. Clinton may decide to stop early at a different town or spend a day resting up somewhere. We will endeavour to keep you updated via the Facebook Group and I will try and do a new weekly schedule each week for you to track his progress.

Thanks for all your messages of support, we all really enjoy reading them! Keep em coming!

The Route So Far

Perth to Kellerberrin
Matargarup to Kellerberrin is 199kms in one week!

Matargarup to Kellerberrin timesheet

Next Week…

Merredin to Kalgoorlie
Kellerberrin to Kalgoorlie is 389kms! That’s almost double week one!

As you can see, we’ve been extremely generous for the next week or so and it is most likely that this will take longer than we think. Please stay tuned for updates!

– Admin Gee

Day 5: Northam to Meckering


14264965_1856404501249404_3060160420459394523_n“Goodmorning all it is a beautiful morning 🙂 I never seen i beautiful photo like this it feel like something in this photo that show some angle showing it self to me this morning. But is the sun rising. It is a beautiful picture. I’m ready to start the walk to the next town meckering is the next stop. The I well start the walk at 8:00am all people from Northam are welcomes to walk with me today if you like. I hope this walk i’m I doing is inspired people to believe in them self to stand for want they believe in. So I leave the park today at 8:00am all are welcome to join.”


14322375_1856438914579296_6529631923011759069_n“I have start the walk to Meckering and left Northam. This picture of me looking at the river connect all the way back to Matagarup Heirisson Island Perth. I filling the song line and a walking in the foot step of my old people. It also make think about home and ever one back in Perth. Put the People of Perth well tell me keep on going.”


14322363_1856458301244024_3087009564594002218_n“Guess who pulled up and wanted to take a photo with 🙂 Leon davis AFL Super Star from Collingwood Football team. He said to me that I’m doing a good think and it going little brother. He going to help me out by telling all his football mate want I doing 🙂 Also say that he not happy with the media and why they not coving this good think I’m doing, but the media well only show bad think on the news. But not good think. Just wanted to say thank you leon davis for believe want I doing big brother.”


Just pulling over change my shoe to new ones :)
Just pulling over change my shoe to new ones 🙂


14265081_1856636944559493_7493360239616939555_n“I have made it to Meckering town at the park across from the petrol station. To set up camp and have a nice hot shower from the petrol station. The lady at the petrol station say we can use the hot shower and camp across at the park. All my people and local people from Meckering town are welcome to come down to have a talk with me and ask questions why i’m walking to Canberra for justice. Beside that it been 5 day without having a nice hot shower. So I looking forward of having a nice hot shower Aaaarrrrr”


“That was the bestest hot shower 🙂 and I sat in that show for one hour. I’m off to bed to rest up to start the next walk to Tammin town. I’m leaving Meckering town tomorrow at 8:00am and people are welcome to join me on this walk i’m doing. Soon down the track people i well start speaking the true so you many understand what man i’m and why I’m doing this walk for Justice. I know people don’t want to hear the truth but the truth is the truth and it is the only way for you to learn and get more educate. I well start speaking the truth soon but for now I going to bed and I well see you all tomorrow”


Day 4: Rest Day – Northam

14238102_1855952837961237_4316760431766731731_n“Goodmorning family, goodmorning friends, goodmorning australia and goodmoring the world. I just woken up and going to have a cup of coffee and breakfast. I well be resting all day in Northam at Bernard park. People are welcome to come down and join us. I leave Northam tomorrow morning to start the walk to Meckering town and well get around there by 6:00pm. It the same distance of the walk I did yesterday.

I well be answering message today. I apologize to people if I did get back to you on message so I be reading them now and message you back now. Also I just wanted to say thank you to the local kids and parents for helping by pushing me to finish the walk yesterday I really preciate it.”

14317375_687138578103281_4789864873616221359_n“Taking photo to say with my people and family. Best think i hear yesterday that touch my heart was from a young generation Aboriginal little brother who was 8 year old. Said to me that I was his hero and said one day he want to do the walk across Australia when he grow up. I told him when you do the walk. I well walk with you and be your support team to make sure your o.k 🙂

Also today I have ask some of the local that I want to meet the elders in this town to have a talk with them about some think and talk about issues about in Northam. On top asking them what they want me to say for them when I reach Canberra.”

Clinton with Trevor and Nancy Davis in Northam.
“I’m riding to Kalgoorlie tomorrow on my steel horse like a warrior. You there which way to Canberra haha lol I think alot of people ride this steel horse in Northam.”









“Police came down and said we can be here until 9:00pm and then we have to move. So we going to move to the Northam Aboriginal Reserve and camp there. This will not stop me marching on to Canberra. We have to deal with think on the way of this journey I doing. I ain’t going to let that get to me because tomorrow i well be coming back to this park and start the journey walk on to the next town.”

Day 3: To Northam…


14322418_686527231497749_1503788620039143712_n“Good morning all I’m up early and ready to go. I had 12 hours sleep last night and I’m on fire yyyyeeeee 🙂 ready to finish this leg walk to Northam and get there about 3:00pm this afternoon. It is nice and beautiful our in country nonethink more better than waking up in the morning to listing to the bird’s singing. Well better start the walk to Northam.”


“Wooo 15km out of Northam well get there before sun down. Also it so beautiful up on top of the hill looking down at the amazing landscape.”


Local kids, (from Goomaling) Naomi, Cyril and Ashley joined Clinton for the last kilometre of the walk into Northam.

“Hey all just letting you know I have made it to Northam yeee and now setting up camp. It being a amazing day today. When I was walking there being alot of people stoping taking photo with me, other people being driving by yelling go Clinton, also people being beeping they car when they driving by, one guy jump out of his car and run over to be give me a cold Coke cole and said your hero mate.

When I reach Northam local kids with they parents walk with me to finish the walk to the next camp site. Also i just letting you know I’m resting all day tomorrow so there no walking until monday. Then I well start the walk to the next town.”