Day 287 & 288: From Traralgon

Day 287: 7.30am

Day 287: 9.30am

Good mroning guys it a other beautiful day of walking  We leave Traralgon town and we be walking on A1 hwy towards Rosedale town. We be getting into Rosedale this afternoon

Day 287: 11.30am

On our way out today we stop at a small tin van takeaway, good food and another happy person. At wicked brew coffee. – Noonie

Day 287: 12pm

Keep an eye out on the road for the spirit walk. He might be walking around in your area. He follows the song lines and walks in the footsteps of the old people. They call this man the spirit Walker.

The spirit Walker who’s walking across this country for Justice, unity and for change.

Day 287

From Traralgon to our food stop. – Noonie

Day 287: 6pm

Hey guys history lesson tonight. I meant to load up these videos every Sunday. But tonight I’m going to load this one up. These videos are call the first Australians.

The first Australians Episode 4: No other law.


Day 287: 7pm

Powerful just powered picture.

Day 287: 9.30pm

From lunch to our camp, just out side Kilmany. – Noonie

Day 288: 7am

When people draw amazing picture of you. When I was just a young warrior on Heirisson Island Matargarup fighting for justice and for change. I won’t back down because i knew i have to make a Stand for my people community and for all homeless people. I well never give up until my people community are saved and homeless people get a home.

Thank you Vicki Bennet

Day 288: 10am

Just having interview with channel 9 out in Gippsland. Also on top getting the team involved with interview so that they can explain about what they have seen sin been on the walk.

Day 288: 12pm

We have left camp, Channel Nine has droped in and had a chat and taken some videos of Clinton on the road. – Noonie

Day 288

Photos from along the road. – Noonie

Day 288: 4.30pm

Day 288: 6pm

Made it on 9 news Gippsland. But didn’t watch the news has anyone seen and video record it if you did can upload to my page.

Day 288: 6.30pm

The end of the day at Sale. – Noonie

Day 288: 9pm

So little help for the homeless and when there is some place good.
The Government shut them down!!! – Brett

[Admin] Community Response Video.

Day 275 & 276: Melbourne; Rest & Yarns

Day 275: 9am

How far I walk now from Perth to Melbourne, then I be saying from Perth to Sydney and then I be saying from Perth to Canberraaaaaaaa.

Day 275: 3.30pm

I just wanted to thank mr Sunny Brar from Face Exhibition for taking this photo of me and going to use my face for expo event that is coming up in Redfern. The exhition is about showing face of first nation hero.

[Admin] Sunny Brar Photography:

Day 276: 7am

[Admin Toby] Across the airwaves and social media – GMan reppin #Clintonswalk shirt this morning on his radio show 😄👍
Big shout out to Victoria’s 3KND ‘Kool n Deadly’ for their interview with Clinton on approach to Melbourne 👣

Send us your selfies in the supporters shirt with the hashtag #Clintonswalk

Day 276: 11.30am

Just setting here with Nova Peris next to the melbourne Zoo  talking about think. We leave melbourne tomorrow morning to head towards Sydney

Day 276: 2.30pm

Day 276: 4.30pm

I just wanted to thank Nova Peris and Courtenay Dempsey from Essendon Football for having they time to see me today and have a yarn about think  We been talking about and seeing if we can get support from celebrity like Hugh Jackman and other celebrities to support the walk. I hope in time that this celebrity we talk about today well help and support the walk for justice.

Thank you Nova Peris and Countenay Dempsey for today talk