(pics) These guys… Part 4

Day 221: Port Pearce

Day 221: 3am

We have finish the day in Port Wakefield, carm water and a peaceful end to another great day and meeting more good people, on an incredible journey. – Noonie

Day 221: 5am

I was up all night trying to find out about why there was noise in my tent. I couldn’t go to sleep last might because I was thinking what it running around in my tent trying make a lot of noise.

So I stayed still for a bit wild I was laying in bed. Then I felt some thing running on my legs. So i move it jump and run of underneath my clothes and hide. So I said that it I got up and had a look underneath my clothes and guise what I find in my tent and who was making a lot of noise yep a Mouse.

He was trying to get out of my tent so I got up and giving him a helping hand by catching him and letting him out of my tent  haha lol i dont know how he got in my tent the first place and good morning everyone  you got to love the wild life out here

Day 221: 7.30am

Hey guys quick update just letting you know before we get into Adelaide we going for a ride to Port Pearce quick. We just left now at 9:00am end we on our way to port peace we getting there sound 10:00am. I well do a live video when I get there to give people an update

Day 221: 11.30am

OMG mmmmmmm it good seeing😌 the ocean again after 7 month of not seeing the ocean I feel at peace right now

Day 221: 3.30pm

Hey guys quick update please share this event. This is for the march into Adelaide this Monday coming for the walk for justice  so please share it and let get it out there. It time justice come into Adelaide. Join the walk with me and my team to Adelaide City on Monday 24th of April at Gepps Cross 9:30 AM or North Adelaide Parklands (Aquatic Centre) at 11:00 AM to the community BBQ and entertainment event being planned at Victoria Square Tarndanyangga. I well be going live tonight. But not on my personal page but the first time on my walk for justice page. So please listen in because it time a speak out what on my mind to you guys Please share share and share this events.

Day 221: 4.30pm

Hello guys how are we. First time doing a video on this page