(pics) These guys… Part 4

Day 213: Crystal Brook

Day 213: 8am

Good morning guys before we leave Port Pirie I just wanted to thank Elaine Crombie and the owner of Port Pirie Beach Caravan Park, Meg. So thank you Elaine Crombie and Meg for organizing us a place to stay in Port Pirie. We it time we head to the next town

[Admin] Port Pirie Beach Caravan Park: http://www.portpiriebeachcaravanpark.com.au/

Day 213: 8.30am

Walking out of Port Pirie Caravan Park and meeting people from Adelaide. – Noonie

Day 213: 11am

Leaving Port Pirie and now on my way towards Crystal Brook town. Where is our next camping spot will be  we be arriving into Crystal Brook today this afternoon around 4 to 5 clock pm

Day 213: 12.30pm

[Guest Post] Janette: Stopped on the Rd home to yarn with this bloke….Family also got meet Clinton and Noonie.

When the people from Adelaide stop, out of the back pop out a Walk for Justice T-shirt and a big smile welcome us. If this is what Adelaide will be like, a good warm welcome. – Noonie

Day 213: 3.30pm

Finley made it to Crystal Brook  time to go and setup camp to get some rest and have something to eat. We leave tomorrow from Crystal Brook to head to the next town call Redhill

Day 213: 6.30pm

Trying to get us a feed for tonight. But he standing up on the tree, look like he ready to fight to the death and saying to me I ain’t going to be easy to get ¬†and I won’t go down with out a fight. So I made the choice to back of and let him go back to sleep on his tree

Day 213: 8pm

At the Port Pirie Caravan Park this morning befor the walk started some visitors came to see Clinton. Thanks to the owner of the Port Pirie Caravan Park giving us a Cabin for the night, thankyou – Noonie

Day 213: 8.30pm

Every day we get closer and closer to our first city ever seen leaving from Perth. I do not know what it going to be like in Adelaide because I never being there it my first time this way over east and walking into Adelaide. But I do know is that to let everyone know my self, Garry , Noonie and my admin team is ready for what lines a head for us when we hit our first city.

We know when we hit Adelaide it going to be full on for us all, headache and the walk is going to get big. But we ready for it because the one think my self, my team and my admin know is this we know that we came this far from where we started up to now and that we going to keep going until we finish this walk of into Canberra to get justice for everyone.

Day 213: 9.30pm

A change of land scapes to crop now the Rangers and the Ocean water is soon in the distance. – Noonie

Day 213: 9.30pm

A fiberglass goanna. – Noonie

Day 212: Port Pirie

Day 212: 9.30am

Good morning all it another beautiful day of doing what you need to do today  just a quick update just letting you know that we are about 20km out from Port Pirie. We be getting into Port Pirie town around about 2:00pm today. If anyone who like to meet us or have a yarn. Please come out and see us walk into your town to say hello or come and meet us when we have settled our camp up this afternoon  I well be putting up a location letting people know where we settled up our camp in Port Pirie

Day 212: 12pm

Finely made it to Port Pirie we going to be here for one night and than we going to push it to the next town

Day 212: 5.30pm

Hey guys ¬†just enjoying my night here in Port Pirie. The owner’s of a caravan park and motel in Port Pirie was very nice to give us a place to stay for free with the help of Elaine Crombie who have organize this for us. Thank you Elaine Crombie and Port Pirie owners of caravan park for this. THANK YOU

Day 212: 8.30pm

From the camp to Port Pirie. – Noonie

[Admin Gee Post]

Introducing Pablo and Reuben!

Pablo messaged the team a few months back wanting to join the walk all the way from Perth! He and Reuben have since been enjoying the trip of a lifetime, sometimes with the team, sometimes ranging ahead of them. Keep an eye out for pics and features from the Adventures of Pablo and Reuben, they plan to go the entire distance to Canberra!

Great having you with us guys!

Day 212: 9pm

I had spent this day with Anne, this is going up into the Range and later in the day coming down the Range, had a good day. – Noonie

[Guest Post] Anne: Port Germaine Gorge. Nature’s wonderland.