Day 313: No Justice

Day 313: 7am

Here this morning with uncle Ossie at the radio station going live over here around the Eden area to talk to the walk for justice and the injustice towards everyone from the government.

[Admin Gee] Podcast here.

Day 313: 8.30am

Jigamy farm lovely place lovely people. – Jack

Day 313

From Eden to Jigamy. Friday. – Noonie

Day 313: 11am

At the end of the day we a all aboriginal people because we all from the earth. It just some government bull crape naming an title on a group of people to cause division in society. When we should all know we are one because we come from the earth.

Day 313: 11.30am

[Admin Toby] The Larrakia petition followed an earlier 6-point petition from the Larrakia people and their supporters in March 1972, calling for the McMahon government to establish a commission to negotiate treaties with Indigenous language groups. This appeal was described by Judith Wright as, ‘the first move in the direction of the demand for treaties’.

The wording of the petition were in response to the reply from Prime Minister McMahon in June, 1972, rejecting the call for treaties with Aboriginal people, and stating that it was not appropriate to negotiate with British subjects as though they were foreign powers.

According to the National Archives of Australia, in their publication Memory of a Nation ‘The petition was forwarded to the Queen’s representative in Australia, the Governor-General [Sir Paul Hasluck], and was deposited in the National Archives in 1975.’ The complete document is available on-line on the National Archives website (NAA 1973c).

Day 313: 12.30pm

The walk from Eden to Pambula. – Jack

Day 313

We were at Pambula school today, a good family gathering and then we gathered to do some walking. – Noonie

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Day 313: 1pm

I’m disappointed and piss at the failuring of the justice system in this country that allowed a man find not guilty for manslaughter after killing young Elijah.

Day 313: 1.30pm

No justice, no peace justice need to be served before this country get divided into two group and we well be back at square one again. Justice system has failed the people of Kalgoorlie and Elijah family.

Please like and share the facebook page: Justice for Elijah

Day 313: 2pm

It go to show how much the justice system work in this country.

Day 313

Our walk Friday from Pambula school to Merimbula. 21st July. – Noonie

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Day 313: 3pm

Day 313: 6.30pm

[Admin Post] Admin Gee and Luke are here in Perth for E and his family #NoJusticeNoPeace

Day 313: 10.30pm

– Garry

Day 312: Eden

Day 312: 10am

It a other beautiful morning to do some walking again. I see non-think but a beautiful ocean in front of me and it feel good to be back at the beach for a bit before getting back in to walk again.

Day 312: 10am

Day 312

From camp, the start of the walk Thursday 20th of July. To the Eden Public School. – Noonie

Day 312: 11am

We have now reporter and documentary people from Germany and France. They be travelling with us the next couple day filming our walk for justice to get the story out to Paris 🇫🇷 and Berlin 🇩🇪 where we came look at international community support.

Day 312: 11.30pm

Jigamy farm people oysters for lunch – Jack

Day 312: 2pm

Doing a smoking ceremony.

Day 312: 2pm

Lunch with Jiggamy community – Jack

Day 312

From leaving one School to go to the High School, more of the walk then to meet the Elders back at the Community. Then a smoking. – Noonie

Day 312: 2.30pm

Day 312

The smoking, an enjoyable time and day. Thursday. 20th of July. – Noonie

Bonus Video

Day 312

Had a look at the Bundian Way Story Trail, then the end of another great day, with wonderful people. – Noonie

Day 312: 7pm

Welcome to country smoking ceremony. – Jack

Days 309 & 310: Towamba

Day 309: 7am

I was walking this morning and i came a cross a section of the Forrest has been cut down from login. I when out to the open and sat down and think about this place was once a Forrest with beautiful wild life but now it non-thinking but dead land.

This section of the Forrest opened my eyes and made me release what destination can do to the nature it self and greed of man can do to mother earth. We as a human race must change our way or we well live in a world of non think but polited land and what live on this earth with us well be gone an I mean the wild life it self.

I know in my heart we can change our way’s and I believe we can to help mother earth real health it self and not a loud greed to get the best of us.

My people live here for over 100,000 year something and we managed to take care of mother earth. But technology in the last 200 year has destroyed a lot of the earth it self. It time for the world an world leader need to listen to first people around the world who know how the land work, it time for everyone to listen to us or everything well be lost because of greed.

Day 309: 8.30am

Hey guys help donate and every donations help us get to Sydney, Canberra and back home to Perth. We a still walking an all donations help us get food, fuel and other think we need to continue our walk to Canberra.

Please share this go fund page with your family, friend and other to ask to donate an help so we can continue our walk.

Day 309

From our starting point to the top of the mountain at Letts Mountain Road. – Noonie

Bonus Video: Logging Trucks

Day 309: 5pm

Day 309: 5.30pm

From Letts Mountain Road to the Towamba turnoff. – Noonie

Day 309: 6pm

We have stop at the Two Mile Road were we have deen picked up today. We will be starting from their tomorrow to finish the walk into Towamba. – Noonie

Day 309

Imlay Rd to the turnoff to Towamba. – Noonie

Day 310: 8am

Here a story from the New York Time about the walk. This is the Australia New York Time version but it also go to United state The New York Time for the American people can read about the walk to. They be meeting me on the road before I reach Sydney to write a story than they well publish the story online so Australia people can read it and also United States people can read it to.

Day 310: 10.30am

Hey guys this is for tomorrow. We be getting into Eden town by town afternoon. Please share so all the mob in Eden an around the area can see what we doing on Thursday an Friday cheers.

Day 310: 12.30pm

Day 310: 1pm

Day 310

From Two Mile Road to Towamba – Noonie

Day 310: 3pm

Clinton arriving in Towomba and been greeted by Towamba Public School group. – Noonie

Bonus Video: Walking into the School. 

Day 310

From Two Mile Road to were we are camped. – Noonie

Day 229 & 230: More Adelaide Visits

Day 229: 8.30am

Yesterday at university of Adelaide with the students and staff telling them about our amazing walk from Perth to Adelaide and giving them a inside of how many think need to be still done to make think right for our people and Australia it self.

[Admin Gee] University of Adelaide:

Day 229: 9.30am

I just wanted to thank Mr Karrl Smith from the Living Kaurna Culture Centre for showing us and teaching us the culture from Kaurna people country area. The team and I enjoy the tour and also thank you for telling us the history of this country pass.

Thank you Mr Karrl Smith for having the time to see us and showing us around the Living Kaurna Culture Centre

[Admin Gee] More on the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre

Day 229: 10.30am

– Garry

Day 229: 1pm

Here with Matt Morrison and Corey Theatre the other day at the homeless anglicare. I just wanted to than this two for playing a song for us with we had lunch with the homeless.

Day 229: 3pm

Today with elder Dookie O’Loughlin who telling me story about the Dreaming story of the Kaurna – Tjilbruke, the water holes, animals and lore, and it’s connection from north to south. I just wanted to thank elder cookie newchurch for taking his time to see us and to talk with about some thing

[Guest Post] The man that Brotha Clinton is seated next too has spent the most part of his life, dedicated his life in fact to the restoration of Narungga and Kaurna culture and language.
He was a lecture at Tauondi for almost 30 years, ran his own classes teaching language and culture to his people. He did this with Mission School education. Not only did he teach it at Tauondi but took it out to our children in the schools, worked collaboratively with Councils around the Adelaide plains area to keep cultural/sacred sites safe and protected while also including the importance of these sites to the Kaurna and Narungga peoples. He laid our claim to this land with whites by protecting those sites, that we have been here thousands of years. He protected the proof of our existence and connection to dispel white myths.
He was the nucleus in establishing the Kaurna Cultural Living Centre which also includes Tjilburke Dreaming Story, Buthera’s Rock on Narungga land, Walk the York. All the language programs, and knowledge of how our lands was formed, plus many more programs to do with culture to many to name. This man, who is the only Narungga/Kaurna man alive today who is walking cultural library for Kaurna and Narungga. When our cultures was almost on the brink of extinction He gave its back its life. All those others that teach culture today can only teach because of him.
After all his dedication and commitment this year my father Kevin (Dookie) O’Loughlin will receive his Doctorate in Education and he deserves recognition for his life long endeavors. Although he is 70 he continues not only to promote our culture but also fights in the background for justice for his people. My family and I thank you for coming/passing through our country. My father said he is very proud of you and what your doing. – Ky Ky

Day 230: 11.30pm

Brett being Brett – Garry

Day 230: 5.30pm

[Admin Toby] Ill Starred Captain perform ‘Skin too few’ at Victoria Square for Clinton’s arrival in Adelaide. The guys also met up with Clinton on the road to show their support for the walk. Thanks for sending it in Justin and Scott – this is a great song!!

Days 193 – 196: Schools in Port Augusta

Day 193: 7.30pm

The sun rise at Port Augusta the hill behind has a golden look at sun rise, clouds moving over the hill top. A lookout over looking Port Augusta, a good view over Port Augusta and a sun set to end the day. – Noonie

Day 194: 8.30am

None thing more proud than I can be is telling story to kids about the walk I’m doing. The most amazing think when you tell kids a story about what your doing and about how they can do it to is that when i tell my story. I ask the kids what they want to be and what they dream when they grow up. The kids tell me they story and what they want to be. I tell them how they can do it and how they can have they dream to. The walk inspired kids who I have see and make them think if he can do it I can do it to

Day 195: 12pm

At the youth centre with the high school children. – Noonie

Day 196: 10am

Caught only 1 pan size,talked to a old local guy he Say’s don’t get much big fish here now because the prawn trawlers down port perie way dragging every thing. – Garry

[pic by Noonie from the other side of the bridge]

Day 196: 6.30am

Good morning all !! I’ve meant to be walking today to finish the walk of into port Augusta. But I woke up yesterday morning with a sore neck, block nose and a headache. So it mean I’m getting a cold 😷 so today i’m resting until I get better 😞 I hope I feel better tomorrow so I can finish the walk of into port Augusta.

Day 196: 12pm

The sun was setting so I climb a hill to go up in the lookout for the photos, this was Saturday. – Noonie

Day 196: 4pm

I was wondering why this boat skeleton was here. It was left when is was finished with. The Port Augusta Shire had an offer of $100.00 if it is there you can come and get it for $100.00. No rushing ok. – Noonie

Day 192: Harmony Day

Day 192: 10am

Well today it going be busy again after seeing the kids at Carlton primary school at 12:30pm to1:30pm. Than after 1:30pm I be meeting up with state minister of indigenous affairs for a cup of coffee. He what to meet up and have a talk with me. Yes we going to play it cool and see what he going to say about this treaty he trying to push thought for South Australia Mob.

But at the same time I going to give him a bit of a hard time asking him question about this treaty they trying to push though and have a look at this paper work they organizing this treaty between south Australia government and the first nation people of south Australia.

Day 192: 2pm

Just setting here with the state Minister of indigenous affair Maher from south Australia. I have been asking him question about this treaty the south Australia government is offering the south Australia people. He have told me there going to be 40treaty all up that going to be done in south Australia. But the treaty that going to be written down are all different for each different country group.

I have ask him is this treaty has been written down and can i have a look at it. He told me that the south Australia government has not yet written down this treaty because none of them don’t know how this treaty going to be written down and how the first nation mob in South Australia and state government going to agree on with each other on how this treaty going to be written down. They only starting of this treaty work. But treaty work has not be start yet.

I have told him up front that you need to invited the grass root mob, people from the APYL and other country area who live in south Australia that has the right to be a part of this treaty agreement in south Australia. Also told him that it cannot be all the time blackfulla who are in government and those who are sell out when it come to aboriginal affairs can speak for us and agreed on think for us when they don’t speak for us or don’t have the power to agreed on think for us. I said you must have the grass root mob there, APLY mob and other country group there to because they have the right to have a say to and need to be party of this treaty agreement.

I have told him that are you black fulla and him said yes well other think to our people do not what this recognise think that this federal government trying to push though. We do not what this recognise because it take away our sovereignty right. He look at me and agreement with on that to. But he said it the federal issue not state issue. I said o.k mate.

But I told the minister to keep up the amazing job he doing for South Australia people. We well meet again when I’m in Adelaide to talk more about this treaty stuff that they going to do for south Australia people. I well make sure that he have to go and see all the traditional own of south Australia.

Day 192: 4pm

At Carlton School today at Port Augusta. Another good day with children. – Noonie

Day 191: Still walking!

Day 191: 5.30am

Good morning all time to get up it is anther beautiful day guys. Get up you need to take your kids to school, get to work or do your personal thing but get up and don’t sleep in. I’m up early and ready to get into the walk. So that i can get back down to Port Augusta fast as I can. P.S I love my big bushy hair

Day 191: 12pm

Just letting everyone know that I’m glad to be here on Clinton’s walk for Justice, thanks to Clinton for asking me to come along with him and Garry and most of all, the people that support Clinton on his walk to Canberra. I get to thank everyone. I truly Thankyou everyone. – Noonie

Day 191: 2.30pm

Hey all quick update just letting you know we made it not far from ranger view 85km out from Port Augusta. As you may know that tomorrow at 12:30pm I have to be at Carlton primary school to see the kids and they parents for Harmony Day. So today because we only 85km out from Port Augusta. We going to drive in so we can set up camp, to have a rest and have a shower to fresh up. That when it come tomorrow we be at the school all day for the afternoon with the kids and they parent’s.

But when it come to Thursday the next day we going to head back out to do other 50 to 60km walk so I can knock it down to 25km out from Port Augusta. Than Friday come we mute be going to see anther primary school to see the kids. That when it come to Saturday it rest day, than Sunday come we finish the walk of into Port Augusta yyyyeeeeee After Sunday finishing the walk of into Port Augusta. We going to rest until Thursday and resupply our self for the long journey down south towards Adelaide way. So next week on Thursday we leave Port Augusta to head towards Adelaide.

It well take us about 14 days top to get to Adelaide way because Adelaide is only 309km from port Augusta. I can do 40, 50 or 60km walk a day. But why I said 14 days is because I need to have some days of rest. So i can rest my body and mind cheers !!!

Day 191: 8.30pm

We are going to a Wednesday so this is from from the morning to the drive into Port Augusta. – Noonie

Day 179: The day after…

Day 179: 8am

Just thought I would look at the sun rise this morning. – Noonie

Day 179: 11am

Roseanne on my left is one very Awesome lady, given free accommodation in air conned dongers on her block Thank You ROSEANNE – Garry

Day 179: 3pm

Wwwwwoooo what a great pictures. Please have a read guys

Day 179: 3.30pm

At Port Augusta Secondary School, Clinton talking to students from the high school. – Noonie

[Guest Post] FB follower, Lavene: Walking for Justice with Clinton Pryor in Port Augusta 8th March 2017.

Thank you Lavene! 

Day 170: Resuming The Walk!

Day 170: 10am

Hey all before I get out of signal I just wanted to post this up. This amazing painting I got yesterday from the post office was send to me from North Albany SHS kids. The kids from North Albany SHS did a amazing painting for me and wanted me to have it. They have been following my journey from start the day I left Perth and have been following me ever since. I just wanted to thank North Albany SHS kids for this beautiful and touching painting you guys did for me. I also just wanted to thank they teach Mrs Julie who is teaching the kids and showing them about my walk. Thank you North Albany SHS for this beautiful gift

Day 170: 3.30pm

Garry Car is still over heating, Harry has given us the use of a four X four, for now till we finish the walk to Port Augusta, once again good people help out, thankyou Harry. – Noonie

Day 170: 5.30pm

Just watching the sun set  it good to be back out here  let get back into the walk and march out way down south towards Port Augusta

Day 170: 6.30pm

We are heading out to camp and start walking in the morning, when in contact range will update. – Noonie

Day 170: 10pm

We are at Glendambo all is well contact in two days. – Noonie

Days 164 & 165: Visiting Port Augusta

Day 164: 8.30am

Here today with the mayor of Port Augusta Sam Johnson to see if the council can support the walk and support the march over the bridge when I get into Port Augusta. The best thing is the council of Port Augusta is going to support the walk and support the walk over the bridge. Also the mayor told me that him and the council group will be joining us and going to walk with us when we march over the bridge

Day 164: 5.30pm

Had a busy day as well at the Port Augusta police station to talk to them about supporting our walk and help out by escorting us when we march over the bridge in Port Augusta. The Port Augusta police have said yes and would love to help us out and would love to help escorts us over the bridge. They said to us that some of they police officer would love to walk over the bridge with us to. Having police office marching with us over the bridge when we march how cool is that  this walk get better and better

Day 165: 8am

Noonie, Brett, Clinton and Garry

[Admin Luke] REMINDER: This round of Clinton’s Walk T-shirt orders must be in by close of business Friday if you want yours to be shipped with the next batch, to arrive in homes during March!

Support the walk and spread the word at the same time!

Shirts now say 2016-17 and contain a little something else on them too.

Day 165: 10am

Here today at the Port Augusta high school to see the high school kids and talk to them about my walk. Also talk to them about if they what to be some think in this world you can be it. It only talk you to believe that all

Day 165: 2.30pm

Enjoying the day at the Port Augusta high school. Talking with the kids and talking with the teacher  on top having a big lunch with everyone to.

Day 165: 5pm

Chilling this after noon at the radio station Umeewarra radio 89.1fm talking about the walk and how much I learn and seeing sin being on the walk  I see if they can play a song for me this afternoon  But I like to say to all you mob out there stay deadly👍

Day 165: 6pm

When I look at my self I cannot believe how much of a strong and proud Aboriginal man that is walking across this country right now for justice. I well stand up for my people, my culture and my country. I well fight for any one who live here on my ancients land. I want to see change for our future as a multicultural country. I’m not a shame for who i’m, but I get worry about the future for my people and my people culture an lore.

The time for change need to happen but right now with a corporate government who run this country. They well keep on stopping us for what we want. If we ever going to save our culture, we must unity with other culture people who not original inhabitants. The more number we got they well fear that and they cannot stop us. When we come together as one, we can get want we what. Unity has come forward and time for change is here and now. Let make this happen together we can do this.