Day 33: Leonora



crowdfund-finalHey all quick update. We are now in Leonora town and going to rest for the next three days. We have raise a far bit from the crowfunding page. Thank you to all for donating and helping by knowing that I need to finish this walk for justice off.

14606348_1127447210679715_603161354655576449_n“Roadside frog before Menzies been there for years” – Garry


When we got to Leonora town just outside from the town. The police drop off all the kids where we were to walk with us into town. Thank you to the Leonora police for doing that for the kids.


14572410_1787010394888362_6997199956764648367_n“On the road to Leonora.” – Noonie



Hey guys quick update. Just letting you all know that those who have pledged to donated you well get an email from the crow funding page to let you know that the money well be with draw from your account. Also if you have no money and you pledged it well give you a options to pay your donations to my account other than that I like to that all of you who have pledge to donated to my walk for justice page so that you guys.

Day 32: Between Menzies and Leonora

16-10-09-matargarup-to-menzies[ADMIN] In case you missed the Facebook post…. TIMESHEETS have been updated!


14523104_1786614431594625_8314045699480153110_n-1Hello all quick update just letting you all know we are about 20km out from Leonora town. We decided to set camp out off the town. That tomorrow morning I well start the walk again and reach Leonora town around lunch time at 12:00.

Fundraiser is CLOSED!

Thank you all SO Mcrowdfund-finalUCH! We have massively exceeded our original goal of $6,500. Extra funds mean we can get supplies such as a SAT phone and fuel for a second vehicle. YOU GUYS made that happen!

We will be going through the donors and sorting through rewards over the next few months, please be aware some may take longer to get to than others, but we will be in contact.

Posting has slowed down a bit over the last few days due to Clinton being out of WiFi range, but we have a few special posts ready to go for you, so keep checking in and following the Walk for Justice.

Again, thank you all!

The Support Team

Please have a read guys:


Do you know we have a MEDIA PAGE where we keep track of media mentions? Seen some media we haven’t? Let us know on the Facebook Page!

[Admin Post] StartSomeGood Fundraiser – 23 HOURS LEFT!

23 HOURS left on the fundraiser!

23hrs-startsomegoodThose who have pledged a donation should get an email in the next couple of days advising them that funds will be withdrawn from their nominated accounts.

Thank you SO MUCH you guys! We have exceeded our original goal and funds will be used to buy much needed resources for the Walk for Justice.

[Admin Post] StartSomeGood Fundraiser – 7 DAYS LEFT!

14479728_697554520395020_4792654910786091647_nHey Justice Team!

This post is just a quick reminder to let you know that the StartSomeGood fundraiser will end in one week on the 10th October!

startsomegoodIf you haven’t made a donation, get in quick! If you have, the StartSomeGood people will send you an email after the 10th letting you know that funds will be withdrawn from your nominated account.

We will give you guys another warning when we are 3 days out so you’re extra prepared.

Once the fundraiser has closed, the Support Team will make a start on sorting out your rewards. Please be aware that this may take some time, we are only a small team and Clinton is, of course, walking.

Thank you all so much! We have all been blown away by all your messages and support! We appreciate every single one of you!

–  The Support Team


(Admin Post) StartSomeGood funds much needed equipment!

DSCN0134A warm welcome to all our new followers and a huge thank you to everyone that has messaged, shared and donated. We really appreciate this support.

Things are starting to get serious now for Clinton and his Walk for Justice. The fundraising project was carefully budgeted to ensure that we can have all that is required to keep Clinton and the support crew safe, dry, warm, fed and watered.

7-779Behind the scenes we have a small team responding to queries, keeping The Website and Facebook updated and generating the amazing support that you are all offering but now we need your help.

It wont be long before Clinton is out of phone range and we are very keen to purchase a satellite phone to ensure that we are able to communicate with Clinton at all times. As you can imagine, knowing they are all safe and well is vital.

Our target is $6500 and we have been pledged $4030, which is absolutely amazing and we thank you !!!

This painting is for sale! Check the StartSomeGood fundraiser if you're interested in buying it!
This painting is for sale! Check the StartSomeGood fundraiser if you’re interested in buying it!

If you haven’t already, please consider donating, even $5 takes us that bit closer to achieving our target. Take a look at the StartSomeGood and see what rewards you can get for your donation. Most of us have our eye on Clinton’s incredible painting, it wont be long before that one is snapped up.

Many thanks again, keep cheering Clinton on, keep sharing, keep up the support, we are so grateful 🙂

The Support Team

The Walk has begun!

DSCN0134Guys! Clinton is on his way! He left Matagurup with the blessings of his Elders this afternoon and will be camping in Midland tonight, leaving from there tomorrow morning. Please see the Schedule post for dates (NOTE: dates have been pushed back by one week!) and places. If you would like to join him along the way for a part of the walk, a chat, drop off some food, water, etc. Clinton would welcome the company. Please contact the Facebook admins for more info.

Also, please note that the StartSomeGood has just over ONE MONTH left to reach it’s goal! All donations are appreciated.


– Georgia.

StartSomeGood – $1000 Art Reward

14141975_1853321741557680_2735268317951226338_nThis piece of art has been created by Clinton and is on the StartSomeGood as a $1000 reward. Clinton is taking this piece with him so it will be a part of the walk too.

If you would like this piece in your home, please go purchase it from the StartSomeGood.

Start Some Good Crowd Funding – Now Live!

Good morning all

Just letting you all know that my crowdfunding page has being approve and now on line for those who want to donate and sponsor my walk across Australia from Perth to Canberra.

Please share and help me make this trip.

I only have 3 week left before I leave Perth and start the journey and walk for justice for the force closer of remote community in western Australia.

So spread the message and let every one know in this country that there a First Nation man traveling from the West to Canberra.

– Clinton

Please consider making a donation and/or sharing the link.