(pics) Clinton’s Walk Supporter Tees!

Get your Clinton’s Walk Supporter Tee today from the shop! Many thanks go to Lifewear who print these shirts at cost price with all proceeds going to Clinton’s Walk.

Please note that we bulk order and so shirts are sent out on approx. a monthly basis. If you have any queries please contact the Team via the Twitter or Facebook and we will assist.

Don’t forget to send in your pics, we love seeing them!

(Pics) These guys!

Local kids, (from Goomaling) Naomi, Cyril and Ashley joined Clinton for the last kilometre of the walk into Northam.

We just want to do a special post in thanks of all those people who have stopped to chat or walk with Clinton along the way. Thanks to all those who have beeped, yelled encouragement and stopped to drop off snacks. Clinton loves meeting you all! And to all those who message the Facebook Group with encouragement, we love reading all your messages of support.

Always was and Always will be Aboriginal land. Took the colours to the top of Bluff Knoll Clinton Pryor for you mob….every step seemed treacherous however came off the mountain without injury except sore legs a bit…so here’s “cheers” to your journey to be safe too. – Mary Ann Rath

We are even getting youtube videos!

If you have pictures, send them to the Facebook Group! We love seeing them!

Thank You All!