Day 150 & 151: Hellish Heat

Day 150: 4pm

I choose not to be a warrior, a king, a Prince or a leader. I choose the path of being a Wise man. Being a wise man with wisdom is more powerful than being the person who well educated. Wisdom is about thinking for all of humanity and life on this earth. It is the path to think be on than other that cannot see the future.

Day 150: 5pm

Time to have some thing to eat mmmmmm😋 after a good day of walking. Waiting on dinner to be cook and having a cup of tea around the fire out in nature is way more better than being in the city.

Day 150: 9pm

Canberra is were the end of journey be for the walk for justice. Before I enter this building. I’m going to paint my self up looking like my ancients, than I’m going to walk in. I what to paint my self up in honor for my ancients and do it for my people. I’m not going to walk in this building looking like a man with a suits on that not me. I’m going to walk in looking like my ancients and tell this people how it is. That I’m here to make a stand against you all because I had a none what going on and how thinks a being done in this country towards my people and for everyone else.

Day 150: 10pm

I remember coming a cross this quote about Ghandi and started to learn a bit more about him though hi teaching. Though he teaching I learn more and started to stand up for what i believe in. Every sin than I never stop believing on what I’m doing. Before this walk happen I remember back in 2015 with force closer of community was going on.

I said to my self that I’m not going to stand by and let this Western Australia government closer down 180 remote community. That’s when I went to Heirisson Island to start my first protecting and stand up for what I believe in. I stood on a island for 16month for closure of community and for the homeless. I have organize a rally for the homeless thought the city of Perth in 2015. I have organize a rally to march thought Australia day in 2016 with 300 people and i have organize a rally for Dylan voller when he was in don dale. Now I’m walking cross Australia for justice.

But I forgotten the way of Ghandi teaching and followed the way of Dr King teaching. It is now that i’m thinking. It is the time that I go back to teaching of Ghandi way. I never going this far on what I believe in, if it was not for Ghandi teaching to follow my dream. So there for I’m going back to Ghandi teaching and going to start following his civil right movement because he was the one who started this civil right and protect thought non violence and stand for the truth.

Day 151: 4.30am

Next four days of walking thought hell. If I have to walk thought hell just to get to Port Augusta, than bring it. I have walk to far now to back down on this walk and I’m not going to let mother nature beat me on this. She is testing me out for the last couple day of the hard bit of this hard walk before getting into Port Augusta. When think well start cooling down for us.

Day 151: 10am

Just had a very good meal for lunch, on a warm day there is only one way to make a perfect ending to the meal, for me it is. – Noonie

Day 151: 6pm

Yyyyyyyeeeeeesssss I been waiting for a call all day today from a good person in Port Augusta on about seen if they find a hall for my assembly meeting with the people of Port Augusta. Well today I got my call from this amazing person and they have told me they have organize a hall for the assembly meeting when I’m at Port Augusta. The assembly meeting is going to be held at a hall in the local high school.

The assembly meeting is to speak to the people about think that being going on for the last 98year when the crown of england left Australia and about bring out the truth so the people of Port Augusta know what being going on and why the South Australia people should not sign a treaty with the south Australia government. The think is how can a sovereign people treated with a corporate identity.

Only sovereign people can treaty with a other sovereign people but cannot treaty with a corporate government why because it never been done before. We need to look thought how other treated being done a cross the world from the pass and how the government this days don’t follow the rule’s of treaty than be done in the past.

I have also be told that the people of south Australia a split into two group. One group want the treaty and other group don’t want the treaty and want to keep the land to look after it. I need to bring out the truth and speak with the people on not going a head with this treaty and try bring them together on this new idea we got that can be done to make think right for all off us.

This assembly meeting is also for other people to come because they only way this new idea can be done is thought unity. I well explain more when i have this assembly meeting at the hall. We see how this go when we have our first assembly meeting.

Day 151: 9pm

– Garry

Day 151: 11pm

– Garry

Days 100-107: (Rest) Alice Springs – XMAS

Day 100: 5.30am

15665699_1824346987821369_1980621446749926900_nGood morning all just letting you know we are up early and getting ready to head towards Alice Springs to have our break and enjoy our self wild we in Alice. We a leaving soon and going to be in Alice Spring around about 8:30am or 9:00am. It time we head to Alice Springs.

Day 100: 9.30am

Hey all just letting you know we just gotten into Alice Springs town. We are pack next to the Yeperenye centre. We just waiting on some one to come and lead us to the central land council office. So I can organized a place for the team and I a place to stay for the week until Monday when we get back into the walk again. Wild we a in Alice Springs we are here to spend time with the local, Traditional owner of this area and to rest up. If you what to meet up with me or what to see me the people of Alice Springs you can message me on Facebook or come up to me when you see me walking area town

Day 101: 8.30am

15621828_1909195159303671_140512010345354377_nGood morning all. I got this picture send to me the other day to walk for justice page from a young lady. She draw a picture of my face and think she didn’t do a great job of it. Well Let show her by seen how many like we can get on this amazing drawing she did. So she can see it and say to her self that she did a great job of drawing my face.

Day 101: 4.30pm

15578891_1909329172623603_6063884163421953892_nI like to thank Mt. Ebenezer Roadhouse Outback the Owner Steven Starken his worker Carol Rutherford and Tarwin Goncalves for helping by donating money and some food. Also I just wanted to thank Imanpa community for they warm welcome and support for the walk for justice. Thank you Imanpa community.

Day 101: 7.30pm


Alice Springs tonight. – Garry

Day 102: 10.30am

[Admin Luke] Hi all, Admin Luke here with a quick follow up to thank everyone who has responded to yesterdays post calling for donations direct to Clinton’s account.

For those who still want to donate, here are Clinton’s bank details:

Bank name: westpac
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You are all wonderful!

Day 102: 10.30am

15665940_1909677645922089_3755521600428314430_nThe other day meet up with Reggie Uluru two grand son not far from Uluru. The Uluru family and the people of Uluru a very friendly and Nice people and I’m always welcome to come to they community anytime after when the walk is finish.

Day 102: 6pm

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Day 103: 7am

15621894_1824251104497624_8604547632371671951_nThis is the view from a hill at the back of were we are staying not far from Alice Springs. – Noonie

Day 103: 12pm

15697621_1824346647821403_2461530103476646419_nAs we were leaving Uluru there saw a number of sand dunes, small to larger hills, good place to take some photos from. – Noonie

Day 104: 8.30am

15621984_1910496255840228_5094177208683346567_nI don’t know how I can walk all this way from Perth to center of Australia. Unbelievable I can say. But I do know how I did it and it got to do with believing in your self. Sometime there a lot of people out in this world don’t believed in they self because it got to do with saying I don’t know if I can do it. But once you believed in your self it well show you, you can do it. This world we live in need good people to make a difference so be that person and make that change.

Day 104: 12pm

15727335_1206699332754502_1603304331941575689_n– Garry

Day 105: 9am

abcFinely made the ABC news on Christmas day. Please have a read guys and also Merry Christmas to my family, friends and follower’s. I hope you all have a amazing day on Christmas.

Day 105: 5pm

15726231_1911093219113865_1566140898877139211_nI just got away from the team today. Just to set down on my own in the bush to have a think and talk with the spirit of the land what they need me to do. But I Also bring with me wild I set in the bush the piece of Uluru. To ask question to the spirit what need to be done to help me on this journey. There none thing more better than setting in the bush with the spirit of the land an the wild life singing away. Next year is a new year and we need our time to think.

Day 105: 6pm

Merry Christmas from myself at Alice Springs, light rain falling, cool weather, have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the day for we live for a better future, we just have to work at it. – Noonie

Day 106: 5.30pm

15727167_1911526345737219_285322097206849520_nThis what one person said about me on a comment on the ABC page: This is a man. A man with purpose. A man with courage. A man with a vision. A man to respect. A man to listen to. A man with a future.

Day 107: 5.30am

15698330_1826089144313820_6292235177093084166_nWere we are staying near Alice Springs there are hill all around, at the back these shots are from the second sets of hill these are higher than the first set, stronger wind on this climb. The rain has been heavier over night and wind stronger, no climbing today to wet. – Noonie

Day 107: 8am

15726341_1208983999192702_8689269972340939899_nWell don’t look like we’re going anywhere soon and we’re up hill. – Garry

Day 107: 10.30am

Good morning all please have a look at this video. We have a hard road head off us if we going to see think get better for all of us. But it can be done. If we want to see the change in this world for our future.

Day 107: 11.30am

15740742_1911874305702423_5032320308562616828_nFollow your vision and chance your dream. When you follower your vision and chance your dream. You well become more than anyone else on this earth.

Day 107: 3pm

15726716_1911932242363296_5713663439345284560_n-1Just at Kirra Voller and Joanna Voller house in Alice Springs having a cup of tea and having a talk with them about Dylan Voller and how think are going with the Royal commission. Well they have told me every thing about how Dylan been miss treated and still is being miss treated because he spoken out the truth about how young kids in don dale detention center are not being look after. Thank you Kirra Ashleigh Skye and Joanna voller for having the time to speak to us about Dylan and how think being going for him. keep up the amazing fight with Dylan. You guys have my full support all the way to get justice for him.

Day 107: 6.30pm


[Admin] Timesheets have been updated! Over 2200kms from Perth to Erldunda!

Day 107: 7pm

15747508_1826340534288681_8890359551814457525_nOur last sun set at Alice Springs, as the light disappears from the sky. – Noonie

Day 107: 9.30pm

15732285_1912071209016066_5701334813259319295_o-1There amazing lady from American has being doing painting of me. This is one of her painting she did of me and she just finish it. Her friend that I been talking to over Facebook have told me she be doing a lot more painting of me because she like what I’m doing in Australia. I have ask her friend about when is the right time to put her name up so people can know who she is. But her friend said she want her friend name unknown until the right time. I ready like this painting and I cannot wait to see more of them.

Have also had a talk with a other Friend of my who I know very well. He know a lady from London England who what to write a book about the walk for justice. I have told my Friend that when the walk is finish than it be o.k to have a talk with her and see about writing a book about the walk for justice. There well be a book write up about the walk and it well start after the walk is finish. They say once a book is writing and it mute reach Hollywood if a movie dictator have a read of it and he or she mute what to make a movie about the walk for justice. But we have to wait and see how this walk play out.

[Admin] From FB Follower Carol: Clinton, I am the artist, my name is Carol Mackay Wheat. I don’t mind you giving my name. I have not signed the painting yet as I wanted to work on the eyes and lips for you. I am actually Australian, I live in USA. I was raised in Bowraville, N.S. W.
Good luck with your journey. I am honored that you like the painting.