(Guest Post) David-Anthony Gunter


Had the pleasure of spending the day walking with Clinton Pryor who has quickly become one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. I’ve been following Clintons journey the last 14 days as he walks from WA to Canberra to meet with the PM to seek treaty and justice for First Nation people’s.

This walk will be studied by my kids in time to come and will be up there with Mabo. I feel honoured that myself and one of my boys had this opportunity to be apart of history to join Clinton on this journey and I certainly will be by his side when he reaches Alice Springs and Canberra.

14457424_10210261048312432_6799792572986103732_n 14462788_10210261048792444_7816724139247088569_n 14446145_10210261047592414_6131963520068522212_n

With all the media publicity, I find it hard to believe that no one has offered to purchase him shoes! Hopefully the new shoes I got him will get a few miles.

14470556_10210261048192429_3153396744645782651_nClinton will be addressing the town of Kalgoorlie on Tuesday and calling for calm, and reminding the town what reconciliation is all about.

One of my favourite parts of the day was sitting around on the side of the highway in the middle of the desert, drinking tea and reciting parts of Forrest Gump!

– David-Anthony Gunter


*Originally posted on David’s Facebook page, 25th September 2016

(Pics) Gallery Post

Please enjoy this series of photos taken that we’ve been hoarding. If you have photos of Clinton that you’d like to share, please post them to the Facebook Group! We love seeing your pictures! 

Photo credit to: Laura, Lime HoneyGeorgiaChristieSamanthaPaige, Noonie & Garry.

Please check with us if you’d like to use photographs for media purposes.

Day 33: Leonora



crowdfund-finalHey all quick update. We are now in Leonora town and going to rest for the next three days. We have raise a far bit from the crowfunding page. Thank you to all for donating and helping by knowing that I need to finish this walk for justice off.

14606348_1127447210679715_603161354655576449_n“Roadside frog before Menzies been there for years” – Garry


When we got to Leonora town just outside from the town. The police drop off all the kids where we were to walk with us into town. Thank you to the Leonora police for doing that for the kids.


14572410_1787010394888362_6997199956764648367_n“On the road to Leonora.” – Noonie



Hey guys quick update. Just letting you all know that those who have pledged to donated you well get an email from the crow funding page to let you know that the money well be with draw from your account. Also if you have no money and you pledged it well give you a options to pay your donations to my account other than that I like to that all of you who have pledge to donated to my walk for justice page so that you guys.

Day 31: From Menzies


14590474_701452446671894_9076507929603280049_nGood morning all quick update. Firstly I just wanted to thank Garry tucker and Menzies aboriginal corporation from Menzies for letting us stay for the night at they culture centre and also for doing a BBQ last night for us so thank you guys from Menzies. Now i ‘m 14606334_701452426671896_4102236401743829273_ngetting ready to leave Menzies to make my way to Leonora town. I well be about 2 or 3 day out from Leonora town. So that mean I well have no signal for this afternoon or tomorrow morning until I get closer to Leonora. But the walk for justice is going well and I’m starting to learn more an more and understand from elders and local about want being going on. Also want need to be done for my people. I still got a long way but we getting closer to the hard bit of the walk soon. But I’m ready for it. I hope you all have a amazing day today.


“Picking up and dropping Clinton off to walk through Menzies heading out of Menzies.

Hopefully we can post on the way out each night, if not when we can.” – Noonie


14590309_701482290002243_4196858839437524281_nNow I’m leaving Menzies and now on my way to Leonora.


14519738_701506239999848_2424199825181564463_nWelcome to the Western centre desert country. Cannot wait to get to Leonora than laverton. To start the walk from laverton on to Warburton town.


14484796_701648496652289_549078656699190724_nJust setting on top of the trailer getting signal out here where we camping for the night. Now I know how to get signal.


14519701_1786108898311845_327748545672103612_n“At our campsite for tonight a shed for shelter from the wind and maybe some rain, a cool day it was, a good day on the road.” – Noonie

Day 29: To Menzies

“Camp this morning, the morning are getting warmer.” – Noonie


“A number of trucks passing both ways sometimes the wind pushes you backwards.” – Noonie


Hey all quick update. Just letting you know we made it Menzies town and going to rest all day tomorrow before heading off to Leonora town on Saturday morning. Also just wanted to thank Jum Ashwin, Garry Ashwin brother who join us and going to be a support vehicle to help us through the desert area on to Uluru. If people from Menzies town wanted to have a talk or meet us we here all day tomorrow resting up. But first we going to the pub in Menzies to have a beer and have something to eat before setting camp up tonight. I notice that it getting hot now so I be starting the walk in the morning around 6:00am and rest up for 1 hour at lunchtime before walking again in the afternoon.


14568039_1868312516725269_5424834801306891772_nI don’t need money to be rich. All I need is to listen to my heart and let it tell me what I need to do.

Day 28: From Broad Arrow


14462712_1867685660121288_5467669352978576324_nGood morning from me and the team. It going to be a other beautiful day today. This morning I decided to go on top of the hill at Broad Arrow to take some photo, and also try get signal like lion king way haha. But I going try do 60 km today so that tomorrow afternoon get to Menzies town than.


14590291_1784506091805459_3393928378958002504_n“A warm morning at Broad Arrow Tavern” – Noonie



14520436_1867772760112578_7589407447288100177_nIt starting to get hot. So need to start getting use to it

14492517_1210386982351175_871955712845231825_n“Hi all 😊 first nights camp 80ks north of Kalgoorlie lots of stars an the fire is crackling 🔥 I have joined Clinton PryorGarry AshwinNoonie Raymond on the walk for justice . I will be going thru to Uluru with them as a support vehicle . I’m looking forwards to meeting my people along the way and to see our country . The fellas are walking about 40ks a day so it will take about 6-8 weeks to get to Uluru through the central desert hi way 🐪🐕 . I’m looking forward to the challenges along the way”
– Jum Ashwin

Day 27: Broad Arrow Tavern


This my number one song. I be playing it when I leave Laverton to walking thought the desert area on to Warburton. Before hitting the N.T border. I well look back and see how far I walk from home. I have never being to Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney . But i have being to Canberra. At less I well know that I walk it there and not run it, fly over, driver are car or ride a bike there.If I ever going to make the history book I well walk it there. All well know I walk it to Canberra and never giving up on seen change in this country and world we live in.



I’m about two or 3 days top from Menzies town and other 3 day from Leonora town. This walk going to be good.


14581536_1867398030150051_3531640497945508474_nAt the pub in Broad Arrow tabbing. Also we setting up camp here to. This pub look so cool and old. But what I can say I love it.

Day 26: Leaving Kalgoorlie


Good morning all first I just wanted to thank Geoffrey Stoke for letting us stay at his place in Kalgoorlie to rest up thank you Geoffrey. As you may know I leave Kalgoorlie town today at 12:00 lunchtime from Elijah memorial to start the journey north to Menzies and Leonora town. The walk from Kalgoorlie to Menzies town well take me about 3 days before I head off to Leonora and that well take me about other 3 day.

I wanted to thank the elders and the local around Kalgoorlie for welcome me in and showing me area the place also tell me about this town back round. I’m getting close to the hardest part of the walk for justice. After I leave Leonora than I well make my way to Laverton town that well take me other 3 days.

After leaving Laverton i well make my way on a road that no one walk on since the old time towards Warburton town. The old centre road get up to 50degrees at day time and negative 7 degrees at night. No one as never walk on that road since 230 years ago from the old time. The centre road well be the hardest part of the walk for justice. But I’m ready and I believed in my self that I can do it and make my family, my people, my friend, my followers and whole Australia proud.

But other than that I need to get ready for today before I leave Kalgoorlie town and say goodbye to Everyone.


14494846_1120639944693775_4437280897183378757_nUs three are on a mission for the people and make a change. This walk well be something to remember when I get old and tell my grand kid’s. I well settled down after this walk is finish and find the girl of my dream to live my life with and have a family together. I until than I need to keep my mind on the walk and worry about the girl of my dream when I finish.


14470397_1866893640200490_486107778880040090_nI’m just at Elijah doughty memorial saying goodbye to the young brother. Before I leave Kalgoorlie town. Being in Kalgoorlie has being the hardiest part of the walk so far. I know that this walk I’m doing. I well hear a lot of sad story and that i must be strong and finish this walk to get justice for young Elijah and everyone else who never got justice for they love one.

Day 23: Coolgardie to Kalgoorlie


Quick update. We getting ready to leave Coolgardie town this morning at 8:30am. Then we make our way to Kalgoorlie where we be setting up camp at Elijah memorial at 3:00pm today. Also I just wanted to say thank you to Sylvia Tucker at Coolgardie town for helping us by letting us stay at her other house and resting up. Thank you Sylvia for helping us out for letting us have a shower at your house and showing us where was the funeral being held for Elijah on Tuesdays.


14502876_697022097114929_6362702166272688255_nI’m on my way to Kalgoorlie now. The team well catch up within a hour wild I’m walking. So I be walking a lone for 1 hour because the team need to finish packing up everything. So that mean I need to watch both side of the road car’s coming in front of me and behind me because I walking in to a town that has full of hatred and full of racism.


I just wanted to say thank you to Sarah Vasey from GWN 7 news for coming out this morning and doing a interview with me 🙂 guys watch GWN 7news tonight if you want to see the interview today.

14502943_697079683775837_8903613856293583069_n 14479770_697080350442437_8662745938725078719_n


Hey guys quick update just letting you know we made it to Kalgoorlie and we are now at Elijah memorial setting up camp. But we here for the weekend to spread time with the elders and the locals in Kalgoorlie. Everyone is welcome to come down and set around the fire with us and welcome to join us tonight