(Pics) Gallery Post

Please enjoy this series of photos taken that we’ve been hoarding. If you have photos of Clinton that you’d like to share, please post them to the Facebook Group! We love seeing your pictures! 

Photo credit to: Laura, Lime HoneyGeorgiaChristieSamanthaPaige, Noonie & Garry.

Please check with us if you’d like to use photographs for media purposes.

Heirisson Island – Matagarup – Update!

11874996_528276297322844_8216268666354933821_oHey all, just got a phone call from the law for our injunction to camp back on Matagarup. Elders Aunty Bella is in court at 10:30am this Thursday to hear the final decision. So please head to the federal court to support Elder Aunty Bella. If we get out injunction we be setting camp back up on Matagarup Heirisson Island. But I won’t be camping on Matagarup because the walk across Australia. So I’m holding back the walk until 1:30pm. The walk well start from the island to Midland train station at 1:30pm. I just want to hear the final decision at the federal court before I start the walk on Thursdays afternoon. See you all at the federal court and then head to the island to send me off or join me by walking with me to Midland train station

StartSomeGood – $1000 Art Reward

14141975_1853321741557680_2735268317951226338_nThis piece of art has been created by Clinton and is on the StartSomeGood as a $1000 reward. Clinton is taking this piece with him so it will be a part of the walk too.

If you would like this piece in your home, please go purchase it from the StartSomeGood.