Who is Clinton Pryor?

13924912_671438356339970_7467222932877518953_nWho are you? My Name is Clinton Pryor.

Where do you come from? I’m a Wajuk, Balardung, Kija and a Yulparitja man from the west.

Where were you born? I was born in King Edward Hospital Subiaco

Where did you grow up? When I was a young boy from a new born to 7 years old. I grow up in Carnarvon, Halls Creek, Kununurra, Mulan Community before I moved to Perth. Then after 7 years old I grow up in Perth.

Where do you live these days? I live now in Rivervale in Belmont area.

What was the hardest part of your life? The hardest part of my life when my father passed away when I was 16 years old. It was the day my life change for ever. I remember when I was sitting next to his body in hospital in Armadale. I put my hand on his head and promise him three things and that was to help my people, look after my family and keep our peoples culture alive. After that I lose my job, my girlfriend left me and I left home to live on the street for 2 year before I got myself together and back on track again because I knew if I didn’t move on with life and not believe in myself I was not going nowhere with life.

13179466_629713877179085_2316993749475860290_nWhat was the most best part of your life? My best part of my life was when I was in high school. I playing football I was captain of the footy team in Thornlie, had a girlfriend, a job and I was surfing at the beach all the time on the weekend.

What makes you feel most proud? When I was in year 7. I was not the cool kid in primary. I was one of them kids who sat in the library reading book. I remember it was graduation day. Before graduation night the kids at our school have to perform and sing for graduation day. One day the teacher said to us kid’s does anyone want to perform in the front of the group. So my friend told me to get up and do my dance I was showing them what I was practicing at home in front of the mirror. So I got up did the moon walk in front of the class and ever one was screaming and saying yeeee you go Clinton. After that day I was cool kids and the girls like me after that day haha.

What do you most look forward to? I look forward to being a dad one day and having my own little family and live the dream I always dream about when I was a little kid and that is making a change in this world.

11182202_481507961999678_4167696125672343603_n (1)What is your experience with homelessness? The hardest thing when I was homeless not having no money, no home and no one caring for me or asking me how I being. It was like no one cared about me and it feels like I was alone.

What are your experiences with remote Aboriginal communities? Well I know how the community life is. I was growing up in a community with my mother before she passed on. Community life is very in important because it keep my people out of town or out of the city because in town and in the city there drug, alcohol and violence. Community life is very under control by the Elder in the old traditional way by our own law we been living off for 60,000 year and our law keep our people in line.

13873084_668492239967915_6197156404384917825_nHow strongly connected to your peoples spirituality are you? I very connected to all living life around me. I’m connected in a way of feeling the Great Spirit in the air. I can tell what is right and what is not right. Its is a sense in my heart that I can tell something is good or something is bad and tell by the animal around me if it is going to be a great day or not.

What can you tell us about your spirituality? I see the land and animal I see this world in a different way. It like Star Wars like the force. But I get mine strength from the land. It very hard to explain sometime. The land gives me strength and I give her the love and care for what she need from me by looking after her and trying to protect her from this mining company. My people we believe that when we die we come back and be a part of the tree, animal, rock, river, the air and the land itself. That why I very connected to the land because I know that those who pass on before me always with me and around me. The great energy of life.

Who do you care most about in this world? What I care the most in this world is my family, friends and my culture. Trying to not let this world get destroy by this rich billion because of money and greed.


What are some of the good things you have been involved in recently? I being in protesting for the forced closure of community, for the homeless and organising rally.

What are some of the challenges you face in trying to do these good things? Getting watched all the time by the police on Facebook and not giving up on belief that one day we will win our fight for our rights as First Nation people of this land we stand on.

What are some of your fears regarding the defunding of Aboriginal communities in WA? The most thing I worry is see a lot of my people living homeless, watching the land being destroy and my culture dying out.

What sacred knowledge, rituals, customs are at risk if communities are closed? If community a closing down the sacred site, cave art and the song lines are under threat and can be lost forever without the young generation knowing their culture and about their people and how we live on this land.

12742557_10207526532656409_5386994803711288788_nWhat will happen to people in communities, if the services are shut off? I seen a lot of my people living homeless and around town around feeling lost.

What are the 3 main reasons you are doing this walk? I doing this walk to give my people hope. To show my people not to give up and keep on fighting no matter want happen.

What do you want to make clear to the Prime Minister? I want to tell the Prime Minister to give elders the full control over the community and they live without the interference of the government.

What do you want the Government to actually do? Give my people what they want and that is give us a treaty and let us live our life how we always have done.

Tell us more about your walk? This walk is about bring people from different culture back together and showing that if there any hope for this country we must work together.

Will you be following songlines or roads? Yes I well be and also I be following the roads as well.

Do the roads follow songlines? Some do and some don’t.13537784_650454155105057_7611794165838566636_n

What do you expect to learn from communities as you pass through them? To know the truth about how my people are living and understand the different law and dreamtime story.

Why did you decide to go walking in particular? Because some think need to be done and walking across the country for my people home just to speak to the prime minister will create something big and it has never being done before.

Who are you hoping to meet along the way? I do not know but one thing for sure once people starting hearing about me doing this walk across the country and will be meeting a lot of people.

Who is supporting you in this journey in Perth? I have good family, friends and my people are behind me all the way and I have good friends who helping on this walk.

12643011_584410055042801_567978619766107897_nHave you got the blessing of local elders? Yes and my elder said do what you believe in.

Have local elders given you any specific messages to take to Canberra? They said that I will know what to say after I walk across community and the country.

What else do you want people to know about this walk? The government is going to close community and I need your help to make a stand against the government. As a younger indigenous man and my people it is our duty to look after the planet. Community life, our elders fought so hard to get this community built. That community is very important to us. I do not want to see community close down and see my people lose their home because a government has decide not fund services. It is not right and this why I doing this walk to save my people from losing they home and they country.

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